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Parallax BGs Bundle


Rhino Helmet Character

Papyrus Animated Scrolls (UI)

The «Loading Screens» Bundle

5 Ground Tilemaps (Pixel Art)

Autumn Ground Tilemaps (Pixel Art)

Wooden Animated Buttons (UI)
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Build your own Platform world here!

Included aseets:

2 Ground tilemaps (Frontground - Background).

2 Different ground textures (Stones & Dirt)

4 Parallax sky layers, looped seamless.

3 Different sky color palettes (Orange, Pink, Purple).

3 Types of plant decorations (4 sprites each plant type).

~ Five Matching Tilemaps ~

Check out the asset pack here!

Included assets:

  • Stone tilemap
  • Ground tilemap
  • Grass tilemap
  • Stone - Grass tilemap
  • Ground - Grass tilemap

32x32 hand drawn tiles formed in tilemaps for easy and quick use. They can apply pretty fast which makes the level design of your game much more efficient and easy. You can make separate bioms with each tilemap or you can add them all in one, they fit fine! In the screenshots i got some examples of how you can decorate your world with every deroration you like. I hope it will serve you well, have fun!

If you use them in your game please let me know, i would love to see it!

Also, if you have any suggestions for other tilemaps feel free to comment!

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Made for Ludum Dare 48

Play the Postjam version here !

Ludum Dare's submission

You are awesome, thank you very much for playing and rating our game, your positive feedback is overwhelming! We prepared a postjam build, for us mostly, to polish the rough edges and explore a little bit more of Crust's world, if you happen to play it let us know what you think.

Postjam build changelog:

- 3 new levels with tweaked enemies and a tweaked elements

- Controller support

- New menu and cursors

- Loads of improvements and fixes


wow, really beautiful aesthetics! The main idea is pretty interesting too! nice!

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Play our game here:

Ludum Dare 48 sbmission page

«We fell from the burning sky, on a sheet of water we landed. We may not have much of our thrusters, but we still trust our mighty Grapple!»


Alex Podaras - Programming [exopunk]

Theodore Moustakas - Sound design / Music [Mous]

Vasilis Kaminaris - Art [Kaminos]

Alex Kaminaris - Art [Nectanebo]

Send us a screenshot of your ending screen score!

It is handmade. Glad you like it though

The walking mechanic is kinda frustrating after a while.. very beautiful animations and the world in general though! Good game!

i really enjoyed it! you made me feel cool xD Good game!!

Thanks for playing our game! Really glad you liked the atmosphere! We are aware of the fact that the guidance isn't clear enough and the controls are kinda complicated, we will change a lot on the post-jam update. At the level you stuck, you were supposed to climb up the mountain with the middle part and head (jump and then up). There are three more levels to end the game. Again, thank you for your feedback we really appreciate it!

Haha you're the only only that mentioned the title xD We really appreciate your kind words!

Yup we're aware of the bug and we will  try to fix it on the postjam update. Thank you for the feedback, really glad you liked our game!

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Really appreciate it!

The art is awesome! Unfortunately, the gameplay is too easy and you can't do much as player.. Also, you should scale up the bamboos that are closer to the "camera" and scale down the ones that are "far away". The bigger ones should move faster and the others slower. That's just a tip if you want to consider.. Other than that, the game looks amazing!

I loved  the character and the animations! At the level where you climb up in two different areas, you forgot to "close" with collision the right wall, after the door. Nice job overall!

The concept is nice and i love the animations! The jump could be more "realistic" and heavy though. I can;t figure out what i'm supposed to do with the loot that enemies drop. Overall, good game!

I really like the graphics!! the gameplay is kinda tricky but the main idea is cool! Good game!

What can i say.. Storyline, retro art, music, mechanics, atmosphere, wonderful all of  them!!  I really love the fact that you become better til the end of the game since it's sooo challenging! I almost rage quitted 5 times xD Excellent work!!

Such a fun game! I loved the graphics, the sound effects and the music, but i wish i could have more levels than just one. The level is quiet challenging and the animations are very cool and cute! I'm not sure how it fits the theme but overall, this game is great! Well done!

Thanks for the feedback! You can see the video here if you want the solution of the first puzzle:

Also, you can assemble the parts of the character only when the middle part (the one with the hands) is selected. This part do all the attachments in general. The bug with the random deaths is something that we still trying to figure out, but, hopefully we will fix it in the update, after the votings. Thanks for your time and sorry for your frustration! We 're glad that you like the atmosprhere of it though!

Really glad you liked it! Thank you!

Thank you very much!! We really appreciate your kind words and your physically and mentally investment in our game! We hope that you come back to play it after the update is done, so you can enjoy it even more! :D

Thank you! Really glad you liked it!

Wow! Thanks for the detailed feedback, we 're really glad that you dig our game! We discovered this bug that you mentioned pretty late and we still trying to figure this out. It's kinda weird because it doesn't happen constantly. There's an update that will come after the votings so we will try to fix all the issues. The cave level can be solved in two ways, so you found both of them. Maybe we will keep it kinda linear, since we found out that the second - backtracking - way is a little bit distracting. Again, thank you very much for playing the game and for your great feedback!

it doesn't play in my setup for some reason

Thank you! I'm reallly glad you enjoyed our game!

Very cool submission! I can see the effort on the 3D design! I wish i could move the camera with the mouse, it would be so much enjoyable. Nice game overall!

The tiles, the character design and the animations are great!! The sound effects are too loud and it would be perfect if you added some music on it. Good work!

I really love the atmophere that you made!! I love the blury look on the lighting and the art design in general! Fun to play 5/5!

The design and the music are cool! You should add a death animation and mechanic so it can reset itself when you lose your main box. Overall, good game!

Aliright!! What a great game! The puzzles are completely fun to solve and the idea is amazing! The music is kinda spooky but it fits the atmosphere of the art perfectly! The only thing that detuned me in a way is the minor bug which connects the green creatures with a -one tile- gap between them. Other than that, the game is great!! Well done!!

I like the slide mechanic, although sometimes i found it difficult to connect under the planks (when i had more than 1 peanut). I really appreciate the effort you put on the 3D world and the character modeling! The music, the sound effects, the lighting and the 3D world in general is stunning!! Great submission!

Kinda classic but very interesting concept! I would like it more if you had some sound effects or music playing in the background. However, the puzzles are pretty challenging and fun to solve! Good work right there!

Really interesting concept but the levels are just too long and the movements too slow.. I love the minimal art! Good job!!

The art looks great! You should improve a little bit the character movements. Overall, it's a worth checking game! Cool submission!

The art looks fantastic! The mechanics need some improvement, such as coyote jump and character movements in general.. The main idea of the three modes are interesting. You should put some checkpoint there too, it would be very helpful! Overall, it's a cute game and quiet challenging! Great work, keep it up!

i love the "limbo style" of the art! Great job!

Beautiful music!! The artwork is great too! Nice game