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Thanks for your feedback and wow thats a huge coincidence

They used this once

#Bad Timing

We are a bunch of developers who comprise of 3 coders,1 musician  and a writer Our time zone is IST

Thats the only reason why i choose unity over other engines Lol :)

Unity has a huge community so i would prefer unity over the other 2 engines

mac version please

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Need a visual artist discord Nebular Gaming#0386

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You need to accept the terms and agreements and that where it says that you need to be 13 yrs old to use

Any 3D Modeller wanna team up

This is my 10th jam

I don't think so

Any coders wanna team up

Nice Advice

It looks so weird to see the man walk sideways and backwards

This game graphics is terrible and how does the man walk sidways and backwards 

Thanks for your feedback will make sure to do that :)

Nice game its audio is really good and nice ui

Thanks for your feedback

Wow this is like the first 3d game i am seeing in this jam overall really unique and good game

Really like the inpretation of the limitation

Cool Graphics and a really catchy title

Really good game

45  th

The graphics look ok. Overall according to me this game should have more levels. Advancing from easy to medium to hard. I think that this game has more potenial and try changing the graphics 

ok sure thanks

Walking, sprinting and even the jumping

The jumping feels to low and walking is kinda slow as well

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Lost World The movements are really slow. The game contols are kinda bad

Then could you try replicating this game


Newest Update available for Windows

make it for mac plz

got already

i got already


we  need artists

2d artist needed

pixel artist needed

can you do pixela art for my team