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Anyone want to team up for the jam?

A topic by Wheezenog808 created Jan 14, 2021 Views: 355 Replies: 15
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I can make a pretty good game but I suck at art and music so could I get 2 people to team up with me? One for each.

Deleted 1 year ago

yes I do. So we're a team now with you as environment designer and maybe characters too?

you can collab with me on my discord

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hey, I am  a Programmer u definitely need 2 to 3 programmer for the jam. 

let's team  up and create some stuff.

if u need to know anything mail me

great! I was looking for a programmer. You can chat with me at my discord

sry, but the Discord link is expired. u can add me to your group.

it's my discord name send me an invitation for the group or resend the invitation



Sure, was anyway gonna look for a team for the jam and make some fun things

Im a C# programmer, can make menus, gameplay etc

discord id- dabcord#5540


if you want to join you would be our third programmer. You can chat with the rest of the team here

all discord links are expired 

I specialize in sound and music if anyone needs my skills...let me know!

Any coders wanna team up

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discord - dabcord#5540

I can make decent art, if you want my help just say it.


Hi! My team is looking for artists. You can send me a message on discord (SharpDock21#0165) if you're interested

Yes, I am interested, I'll enter in contact soon since I'm busy at the moment.

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can we work together???

I can do your job as a Programmer

if Yes

Join my Discord :-