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I expected my record to be beaten, like, a long time ago.

But since nobody did I'm putting something to incentivize people. A bounty if you will


And if you know me then you know how much I love my Don't starve together clothes.


But on the bright side! Now nobody knows about my route :)

I initially disliked this new layout, BUT I found a really good path that is relatively consistent

also, my gif button is not working, but I think It's my pc since the screenshot button kinda works(but only on the chrome version) 
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that's a great thing

actually, forget it, garbing the dirt wasn't the hard part, the hard part was grabbing the ice

somehow I grabbed the ice at a specific angle that allowed me to fly straight to the right, but when I tried to recreate it I found out that instead of flying right I flew up

this game stopped being a fun dinosaur game and became an almost pixel-perfect speedrun game

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what I did in my 10:33 shouldn't have been possible, since when you grab a wall and you ungrab right next to it you get sent flying

I don't know if I'm able to recreate it 

since there isn't a best time thing I'm gonna post this here

It's like your run but fast :)

Idk if I beat you or not, but here it is

after probably 100 attempts I concluded that my 6:24 will stay for some time, maybe 2 hours instead of just 1.

But it's certainly possible to achieve a better time

Got it after like 3 attempts. ngl, I'm a god at this game UwU

I almost got W.R. like 3 times. I can do batter.

I almost got W.R. like 3 time. I can do batter

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Tomorrow I'll try to get the 7+ hearths in picamor like I promised

Challenge accepted

finished the game with all characters with 7 hearths

anyway, my mom came inside my room and said that if I keep up like this I'll die a virgin and I still don't know why????

I'm happy to have worked on this :)

Yes, I am interested, I'll enter in contact soon since I'm busy at the moment.

I can make decent art, if you want my help just say it.


Hi! I'm an artist, I started programming since I was 7, but I stopped for some time and I came back like, 2 months ago.

the only thing that I can't do is music, so if you're a composer that can make some simple 8-bit pieces of music and you want a team, contact me.

Yes, it is!

Hi, I'm an artist that started programming 1 month ago, and I'm looking for a composer.

you don't need to be the best, you just need to be able to make simple pieces of music.

if you're interested please contact me.