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Cool pigs and boppin' soundtrack, wonder who composed those beautiful 2 songs.

This game added spice to my cinnamon latte. Christmas isn't so boring after all


I should've listened to your warning on Twitter, this game made me cry haha! Awesome job.

I can't really explain the feeling I got when playing this game but I definitely got so much more adrenaline than I needed. It's like an animated artistic SAW expression with rock paper scissors thrown in as one of the horrible games you have to go through. The only thing remaining is to allow players to bet the actual years of their lives in a competitive multiplayer ranked setting. 31/10 very spooki

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This game is a very realistic simulation of stealth, it surpassed all other so called "tactical" games like Metal Gear, Splinter Cell and so on. This game has taught me to be the next Solid Snake and now I'm going to apply to the CIA and it's all thanks to you for making this ultimate simulation. Thus, to express my gratitude, I made a let's play video which most of whatever I was talking about didn't have anything to do with the game at all.

Jokes aside, this was a really cute looking game with a unique concept and fluid gameplay. I also really liked the stage design and the difficulty was just right.

Wow, that's big brain.

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lel yup it's me hi

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I saw your game and thought it was interesting so I made a short video about it, hope you don't mind hehe.

a true competative fighting experience

wet outta ten would play again

Great soundtrack, superior graphic and character design. This is simply the best game on this planet. 1,000,000 pancakes/10

I see, thanks for making such an awesome game!

This game was sick! It was able to keep me on my toes the throughout entire game. Few things tho, during the scene with blue doors and a cabinet, I can't move sideways into the cabinet. I think most player will look at what's on the cabinet and think that they could sidestep to line themselves up. And when the "No Fate" door opened, I kinda have to touch it the second time for it to work. Other than that, the game was amazing with many good scares. Can't wait to play more.

[just gonna shamelessly plug my vid there...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]