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This was really fun, lotsa polish, scoped well, yet i want to see more now, hope you keep on working on it.

Hey there, sorry for the late reply and thank you for the interest. I haven't used this software recently and will look into your issue, can you tell me where you got stuck exactly first?

I played it again and now am busting rocks with my upgrades and this game is just too good! Love the mechanics, the art and the general feel! The only complain I would have, and it isn't one really, is that I feel like I would like being able to pull more on the rope to go down a bit faster at times, could be a consumable item but I think it would add a little more interaction with inputs and would allow some creative visual feedback on the game. But do not get me wrong, I am deeply impressed by your game...what am I saying... DEEPLY HOOKED! Also you get my vote for making such good art with

I loved that final scene at the end of the game! I think this game would be perfect for you to make more pixel art assets as you have a working game loop! About the game mechanic, I found it a bit hard and needed the map at the end because, first, I suck, but also because if you took the wrong path once, you were pretty much done. So instead of being a game of luck until you remember the path completely, I would offer a littlemore  air time, or time it in a way that it allows you barely to make it back to the previous source of air if you spotted early enough that you were on the wrong path. Thank you for surviving DiveJam! You made it, you made a game! 

Thank you so much for letting me choose the levels at first. I had to go back to it as that one level was really obsessing me hahaha.  Amazing work for 7 hours! The music, the graphics, the game mechanic. The only thing I would add is a little guidance on the first level to clearly state the mechanics, but you get it after a couple deaths :P. Like Trent said, an undo button that you could use only a few times per level would be an interesting addition? I also loved the level of polish on the UI and intro, simple and efficient. Thanks you for submitting! Great entry!

It really threw me off at first, that I was trying to die and feel completely hopeless thinking " how do I do that in a video game?". I really like the concept, I think you should push it further. My only comment would be that many times, I need to "die" and try to understand what does what. I think it helps the purpose of the game, but a little more colors coding or visual indicating the role of each item you can interact with would help a long way for me to pass that damn level 5!!!!! :P Thanks for making a game Crunch! You getting better at this!

Hahaha, amazing concept, name and background art! Got some good laughs playing it! I would definitely add some tutorial elements in regards to what pickups do what in game, because once you get it, you start having a lot of fun! Thanks for submitting this cool game! Good job on the fast modeling skills! Hope to see more!

Hey Rainbow, thanks for submitting your game! The feel of panic was definitely there, as someone mentioned, it got accentuated by the fact that some hitboxes were a little bit off! :)

I was not able to try the multiplayer, but great job for implementing that in the time of the jam! Loved the art and the palette used, what did you use to make it? This game is really well made for the time given, I really liked the fact that you got a pretty cool UI going as well. I hope to see more done on this game! As a scuba diver, I gotta tell you that my first reflex when the "tank failure" message kicked in, was to reach the surface, hahaha Thanks a lot for submitting this cool entry!

I really liked this entry, I got a lucky first run and then all the other ones were quite challenging. A few comments: I wished that the acceleration would feel like a real burst of propulsion , that would give us the slight chance to avoid the light turning suddenly. Another suggestion would be to kill your divers one by one if they overlap the light sprites, not all of them at once, allowing for scores at the end of a level? I really see a great game coming out of this, like someone said, has the splinter cell vibe, bu also reminded me of the old commando games, for which placing mines and explosives would work in this game as well? Awesome game and thanks for submitting, I followed you and hope to see progress made further along!

Nice! It fell like a real novelty game, the transitions were fluid and made sense. I better get the ending of that story haha , thanks for submitting!

so much laughing.... nice polish, and great way to turn the end of the game into a gamejam apocalypse, or was it the other way around? ggwp Trent

Loved the polish on the art and the fish wobbly animation physics. I know that you are working on a a version with better controls, so I will wait to play the next version, looking forward to it! Thanks for submitting this gem!

good job crunch, you did it, now to nerf this game so I can get da BURGER pls

I didn't get it at first, but once I did, I had fun playing this game, nice idea and execution!

Died more than in Dark Souls, Good job!

really screwed with my mind, really cool game and idea here! Great job!

Man, that credit page! Loved the indie feel

Pretty good job, couple things: I would suggest that you increase the difficulty over time (ie: rate or speed increases) . Another cool mechanic would be to have things you HAVE to reach for, forcing the player to dogde the incoming projectiles. Right now I didn't feel like I had to visit every part of the screen and coould get away with staying in the middle, making it a bit too easy. Cool UI and graphics!

cool game, sadly I didn't have someone to play with me but I really liked the strategy aspect, good job!

Cool music!, just wished there was a little more guidance at first, good job!

Man, amazing work, love the visual feedback along with the music. Music is very oppressing in a good way. I was by myself but next time imma gonna back to come kill yall online, great job!

Pretty cool man, really liked the lighting coming out of the windows!

Well, where to start? I had the most laughs I didn't get in a long time playing this game. Great work on the polish. Way to turn the end of the game in a gamejam apocalypse hahaha

DiveJam community · Created a new topic DiveJam Day#3

Hey all, got some good progress made today, got the enemy mechanic in, more to add, the intro scene is almost done, and more graphic updates!

DiveJam community · Created a new topic DiveJam Day#2

Hey all, had to work half the day but I was able to get to finish the controls, fixed some things that were not feeling good and worked on the game loop (health and death), Tomorrow I work on art I promise. How is everyone doing so far?

DiveJam community · Created a new topic DiveJam, Day#1

Hey all, here is my progress, at the end of day #1! got all the controller moves in, cameras and game loop designed and mostly in place. Will work on art tomorrow. Cannot wait to see everyone's game! Cheers!

Hey there, I forwarded your post in our discord server, if you want to join it to ask artists personally, here it is, looking forward to see your game!

man, that game, I dunno why but it remains as the hardest game I played in a while and something keeps reminding me to try to beat it :)

Will work on that pretty soon Indie, thanks for the feedback!

  • FIXED: A bug that would make your screen go white when you double clicked the Font Style drop down list .
  • ADDED: "Reset Layout" button that resets a sprite and its text legend to its original default position (size and styles coming soon)
  • ADDED: "Restart Application" button , lets you restart the application with the mouse without leaving the full screen mode
  • ADDED: Selection boxes to apply each effect separately via the "apply " button only.
  • REMOVED: "apply Fonts Style" button as now the "apply" button and the check boxes take care of it all.

Thank you for the feedback. Yeah, the difficulty curve is very steep. I only had one day to make this game and wanted both easy for introduction and hard for the last level. I will add more content in between. In regards to the lag, could you define it? was it throughout the whole game? I didn't have that myself except a couple times I had to refresh the browser page. Thank you for playing it!

Hey there, I used shadowcasting with the player being the light source :P

Cool game, quite hard, would have liked a charging bar fro my firing, as well as maybe a shadow on the ground or something to help with the perspective of aiming angles. Looking forward to seeing more of this game! Good job!

Really enjoyed playing this, you did a greast job for the time given, complete loop, fun, repetitiva and addicting, awesome! Looking forward to playing this on the phone!

Hey man, great job, I enjoed the few runs, just the one with the pillar in front of the jumps are super tricky. I can see this on mobile being pretty addicting. Awesome entry!

Hey man, great job! These mouth sounds came out pretty good, wished these was a lot more of them :P I didn;t find it too easy like you said!

Haha, thank you Trent, Cannot wait to see your game!