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A dynamic overlay for streamers that integrates Discord voice with Twitch chat · By DiVeR

​OVERLAYZ Beta Update 0.24

A topic by DiVeR created Oct 27, 2016 Views: 392 Replies: 4
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  • FIXED: A bug that would make your screen go white when you double clicked the Font Style drop down list .
  • ADDED: "Reset Layout" button that resets a sprite and its text legend to its original default position (size and styles coming soon)
  • ADDED: "Restart Application" button , lets you restart the application with the mouse without leaving the full screen mode
  • ADDED: Selection boxes to apply each effect separately via the "apply " button only.
  • REMOVED: "apply Fonts Style" button as now the "apply" button and the check boxes take care of it all.

I would really love a video demonstrating exactly what this does. While the description is detailed, its still doesn't say exactly what it does.

Also, it's a bit complex to install, a tutorial vid would be amazing!


Will work on that pretty soon Indie, thanks for the feedback!

I would love to use this tool, I registered everything as instructed but just get invalid parameters.

I'm usually around this discord


Hey there, sorry for the late reply and thank you for the interest. I haven't used this software recently and will look into your issue, can you tell me where you got stuck exactly first?