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Thanks for the update! I've been playing again and having a bit more luck. It's a fun game! However, I still think there are a few bugs; occasionally the blue line starts doing some diagonals which is a bit weird, and on one level (I think it's level 4 or 5) where there's a 7-right tucked in a corner, the square above that 7 seems to be a bit weird and doesn't let me move into it even when I have enough movement...

I think this game needs some work; the style is great, but I don't think it's explained well at all. You have to really dig around to work out what's happening and why, and even now it's not immediately clear to me. And as others have said, the time spent needs to be reset to 0 on resetting the game because at the moment that doesn't happen!

Thanks for the game. There's definitely an interesting concept there, but having played a few games, I can't see that there's anything more to it at the moment than 'play all your cards'? Like in the first round or 2 you have to pick one, but it very quickly gets to "You have enough mana, just can you click and drag all the cards in 6 seconds?" And like Olanti I think the timer might be a little TOO short.

Thanks for the game! It looks gorgeous!

A few pieces of feedback:

- I'd encourage you to think about prioritising the key elements during a game jam since you're on limited time; for example, since 'on a timer' is a limitation for this game jam, you really really needed to focus on getting a timer into the game, since it fails to meet the brief as things stand.

- A relatively small thing, but the lightning bolts are a little difficult to see. Also, they can spawn ANYWHERE, meaning sometimes they spawn in trees or behind the barrels and it's impossible to collect them, which is a little feel-bad as the player.

But I had fun walking around and picking stuff up (and looking good doing it) so good job!

I agree with others; the score in the middle is wrong. I actually think the issue with the hitboxes is that the tutorial is the wrong way around; the tutorial says hitting water will refill health and electric will shock you, but in fact the water damages you while electricity increases your score. And yeh, the speed is odd, sometimes batteries fly in and can't be collected at all, and the player movement is very slow and laggy.

Just did it in 136 seconds which I'm pretty happy with!

This is a fun game; no bells and whistles, just your classic 2D platformer. The battery mechanic has been used quite a bit this jam, but I think electricity + timer lends itself quite naturally to that.

Good job!

Thanks for the game! I almost got 24 in, but didn't quite manage it.

A couple of points of feedback:

- The tutorial needs ALOT of work. It's not at all clear how to play the game from the tutorial, and it doesn't at all mention the buttons to use.

- I found it got very laggy in browser after putting in one or two sets of energy.

- I'm not sure you need the shooting element; I found it's easier just to avoid them and conserve the battery.

- I don't think you need the cog element at all; it's just annoying as a player to have to find the cog first, which could spawn anywhere; the point of the game is to pump the machine with energy, and having to use up time (and more importantly battery!) just getting the machine to even work is just feel-bad.

- If you put energy into the machine and have the energy pick-up fired up, but then you pass through the machine again, it converts the energy you've picked up, but it doesn't create an extra energy refill pick-up, which is REALLY annoying as a player; you should add some code to the machine that checks if there's already an energy refill pick-up sitting there and, if it is, not allowing the conversion of energy bolts through the machine.

Thanks for making the game, and I hope you enjoyed the process!

Just played All On Timers and that feels like another contender.

Just completed the game.

This is a really fun submission; the movement feels smooth which is important for this kind of game since you need precision. And I really enjoyed the way timers were implemented. A few thoughts for feedback:

- I think you should use a different colour for the 'up' of the magnetic platforms. The first time they appear is in the second level with the deadzone. The level with the deadzone teaches the player loud and clearly that red background equals bad. So then when you come to the magnetic platforms, it feels weird that you are SUPPOSED to now enter a red area, because this red area is a different kind of red area but only the symbols express that.

- You have platforms that use the circle with 4 segments, and some with 2, to show the timers, I think as a '2 = fast, 4 = slow' approach, but I think I'm right in saying that there's no fixed time for a 2 and a 4? The level where the lower platform takes you across the spikes but the upper platform blocks your jump, I waited a little while and the platforms seem to be on slightly different timers as the gap rotates. That may be deliberate in terms of that particular obstacle approach, but I think if they are both 4, they should both be on the same timer. It's part of the contract between the game and the player that there's consistency in how the game communicates the timer. so I'd either think about using a different number of segments, or removing the segments entirely and having a timer on the platforms so you can see where there's a difference?

But overall a really fun game, thanks for making it!

This seems to have the makings of an interesting puzzle game, but is broken at the moment as the 'Run' button is unclickable on level 2.

There also seems to be a bug where sometimes I select a certain amount on the battery and the preview line is the right length but the battery shows 1 less...?

Managed to get 309 which I'm pretty pleased with!

This isn't a bad entry; the basic idea is good, and creates an enjoyable game A few thoughts for feedback/development:

- The camera seems to move slightly to follow the movement, for example if you have both the top left and top right points selected, the camera will pan up. But it's a very slow pan, which means if you then want to select a lower point, it's hard to see it and you have to click the middle one then slowly wait for the camera to pan. I'm not sure you need any panning at all.

- It's not very clear when enemies have or haven't been hit; I think they probably need to leave the game area when hit? Eventually I convinced myself that maybe enemies need to be hit 2 or 3 times, but it's still not easy to work out exactly what's going on.

- I'd suggest adding an extra point along the middle of the top and the middle of the bottom, so it becomes a rectangle with 9 points (1 in the middle, 1 at each corner, 1 at the midpoint of each line). I think this will really broaden out the list of options for the player in making shapes and make for a more interesting game.

Bulby, we hardly knew ye....

No but seriously, this is a solid idea implemented not badly, so great job! I'd recommend you check out Bulby's Afraid Of The Dark for a more polished version of the same idea, to get some inspiration. :)

This game makes me sad.

Because it's SOOO good! Feels really fun to play, simple idea that just grabs you as a player and makes you want to play. But I don't think it meets the limitation of the player being on a timer; of course timer's must be in the infrastructure of the game for things like spawning enemies and collectibles, but I don't think that meets the limitation in itself.

And also, I've had 3 or 4 game crashes in wave 4 now; if you make a big push with a full boost through lots of enemies, Unity seems to struggle to keep up and I just get a freeze and then a 'this page isn't responding' before an X face. :(

I'd love to see this game be developed to fix the freeze, because even if it doesn't fit the limitation of the timer it's so fun!

This is a really solid game; looks great, and puzzles are well designed! Good job!

I haven't played all of them so I can't say for sure who I WANT to win (apart from myself, of course ;) ), but Bulby would be a worthy winner for sure!

Thanks for taking the time to play and rate Pyro, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Haven't had a change to try out Ginger Power yet but it's on my list for today!

Thanks for playing, Nick (and congratulations again on a great game with Bulby!). And yeh, as I've said before, more levels would be great but jams are about limited time and that's the constraint. And yes, the other thing you've mentioned is something I'd considered (my 6yo daughter played it as a test and was having difficulty placing powerlines for this reason). It should be a fairly easy fix so I'll try and get to it soon but I probably won't load a new version within the voting period.

Thanks for this Pusio! I'd like to create more levels with an increase in difficulty to keep you a little busier! And yes, that's a known bug, I need to update the page to include it (I'll do that in a moment). I think I know how to fix it in Godot but I'm not going to have time to fix it before voting on the jam ends.

Glad to hear it! Thanks for taking the time to play!

Thanks for playing Mikey! And yeh, if we'd had more time I'd have made more levels; I have a young family so I'm not in the position to set aside the full 72 hours for game design, and had to just do the best I could with the time I had!

Thanks for taking the time to play (and hopefully rate!). This is something that I thought about as I was developing the later levels, but I didn't implement it because I didn't have time and also because the current codebase means it wouldn't be a simple change (I've learnt a lot about how to set up a robust workflow in Godot from this project). Also I don't hate that it makes it a little harder; there's a penalty for hitting the Submit button when wrong, and on later (non-existent) more difficult levels, I think not having the lights tell you exactly if you've got it wrong or right might be a good thing, rather than a bad thing.

This is an interesting game; a twist on the classic 'turn the pipes' puzzle, which usually requires you to connect one end to the other. I like that you've turned it into a Tetris style puzzle here!

It's a taste thing; some designers would tell me they don't care that I don't like it, and that'd be fair; it's their game!

Thanks! If anything, my personal feelings are that I spent TOO long on levels which teach the game; I would have liked to get to a few bigger levels at the end with a bit more complexity. But I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Just refreshed and tried with fullscreen and it worked! Sorry about that.

The game isn't bad; it's a fun experience, but I feel like the timer is almost TOO precision tight. Also the swear was a big eugh for me I'm afraid, I like playing games with my kids, and I don't want the f-bomb just popping up with no NFSW warning or anything.

No I don't mean it's zoomed OUT too far, I mean it's zoomed IN too far; as in, the window extends outside the realm of my screen and I can only see a quarter of the game. Full screen doesn't seem to work for me.

Both good games for sure! I'm not sure Faster Than Lightning is quite going to cut it though. :p

I also really like Bulby's Afraid Of The Dark. But if you like puzzle games NaiName, you should check out my game Powerline Express!

Do I know why the light bulb has a baseball cap that he can turn into a parachute? Absolutely not.

Do I care? Absolutely not!

This game is really fun; I feel like I almost completed/maybe did? I get to the difficult small platform jumping bit where you have to wall jump the small lit platforms surrounded by x's, and can see the next checkpoint, but when I get near it it resets me back?

Either way, great fun, well done!

I'm playing in browser (Microsoft Edge) on a laptop and the game is very difficult to see; it's zoomed in way too far. Makes it very difficult to play!

Outside of that, the artstyle is pretty limited but the gameplay seems interesting; I like the top-down 2d element with the clicking to jump obstacles, seems like there's a good game in there somewhere! :)

I agree that the art style is cool, and it's generally a very smooth gameplay experience; a very good showing for just a weekend's work!

Oh, and 1st place. :p

(1 edit)

I played your game, and I think it needs some work; for example, currently running into enemies doesn't seem to kill you or drain any kind of health, so you can just run into them until they disappear?

The collision for the end level portals is also a bit off, so you can sometimes collide from another platform, but that's a small thing.

The MAIN thing, however, is that annoying halting; I think from your description you're saying that this is a key mechanic, as in the player is on a timer that, every now and then when you get electrocuted, prevents you from moving? If that's right then that's going to get very annoying, very quickly! I think having this timer prevent you from being able to attack could work, but stopping the player from actually moving really takes the player out of the action, slows you down, and is just generally irritating, so I'd strongly recommend taking a different approach on that.

However, the artwork on the levels is GORGEOUS, and there's an interesting story in there somewhere!

Just tried again and it seemed to work, not sure what happened there!

In terms of feedback, the game's not bad; the art style is obviously very 'home-made' ( ;) ) but it has it's own unique charm, it's a bit Adventure Timey (especially Doctor Dooke).

The general idea with the timer is pretty sound, and a common theme this game jam (I guess Electric + Timer was always going to lead to a lot of battery drain games!). But I struggled a bit with knowing what I'm actually trying to do; like, some doors open, some don't, but it's not clear from looking at them before you get to them which will, and which won't. And the traffic jam puzzle, while a funny nod that I enjoyed, it wasn't clear what it was actually doing? I THINK it opens a door off to the bottom right, but the problem is that it doesn't mesh very well with the battery drain mechanic. This kind of 'walk around the 2d factory and explore' style game, like the old Pokemon style Team Rocket bases, work really well, but they rely on the ability for the player to explore the area thoroughly, understand how the base fits together, and then work through it; but I can't do that because it's 'find a battery soon or die'. I think the battery drain idea works much better in a game where it's immediately clear to the player what they should be doing, and then they have to do it quickly enough. Just my thoughts, others may disagree!

I'm on Edge. Worth noting that I think I typed it wrong then used backspace to delete, so it's possible that triggered some oddity.

Yeh, these things happen! And to be fair, the way you've applied the timer limitation is pretty similar to alot of other games in the jam. There are a few like yours that the 'timer' only applies on actions, and I've taken the same approach of reducing my rating since I think it's 'limited resource' really; there are other games where the drain is constantly there, and I think that's a fairer application of the timer idea.

Not a bad game! It's nice to see something that's not just 'platformer with player as electrical object with level timer'! :)

I struggled for the first few goes understanding that the aim is to OVERLOAD the enemy, since the loss condition for the player is running out of battery; feels like the loss condition should be to remove from the player too. I guess it's a thematic choice for the idea of 'transferring' the power, but it still sort of feels a bit weird.

But the idea of using the enemy dice which aren't used is really cool!

I love that you've done a 3D game for a limited game jam; really ambitious, and the game definitely seems like it has potential, but so far I've found it to be very frustrating; it just isn't clear to me what I should or shouldn't be doing, and the game will just suddenly end because the city has run out of power, with no sense for me of when that is going to happen or why...

Game seems to be broken; EBNY2 code isn't accepted, but you can't leave the enter code screen.

For one person's work, this is pretty impressive; I certainly wouldn't be able to program/code the game, create artwork AND music in one weekend!

As constructive feedback/thoughts for future development, there's not much here in terms of originality of gameplay; it's a pretty standard 'collect the thing' platformer with a level timer added to fit the limitation. I like that the platform appears once you've collected the battery; if you were going to create more levels, I'd lean into that element of a 'there and back again' game, where the level has changed in interesting ways on the way back.

16300; pretty happy with that! This game is not a bad submission; I like that you picked a piece of music that sounds very good fast, so it doesn't sound awful even if you do it quickly! It'd be nice to have a few extra levels though!

If you make an error (i.e. click Submit with the puzzle not solved) it takes 10 secs off (and if you have sound up it does a little buzz). But the levels here are pretty easy so I reckon people aren't really making mistakes...