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Thank you, works on my machine :) I wonder if the emulator speed might be tied to vsync/monitor refresh rate, maybe?

Thank you! :)

Thank you for the kind words :) Knocking the bear down is just an easter egg for the wicked!


i hope you don't get sued, that would be nuts

I agree!

thank you

Awesome! I glad you like enjoyed it :)

nice game

No problem, and thanks for the update!

Performance is probably bottlenecked by your embedded GPU, but I'm also aware that the game is not as well-optimized as it could be. I know about the sound-related error messages – audio should work fine regardless, it's just a result of somewhat sloppy programming for a jam game in an engine I had never previously used :)

Hello, my best guess is the problem occurs because you're running a 32-bit application on a 64-bit Linux install (see my reply to Monty's comment below). I have now uploaded an additional 64-bit Linux build, so if you're still interested in the game, please try that instead and let me know if it works! :)

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Hello, sorry for not replying sooner. I suspect your problem  occurs because I've only provided a 32-bit build but you have a 64-bit system. It should be possible to get it to run regardless with some fiddling (you could try this from Askubuntu, iirc that's what I did to make it run on a 64-bit Mint install), but I will try to upload a 64-bit linux build ASAP. When I made the game I didn't realize that 32-bit backwards compatibility wasn't as seamless on Linux as it is on Windows, and I have sadly neglected this game lately.

EDIT: I have published a 64-bit build of the game, completely untested so far. Please let me know if it works! :)

Congratulations! :D

Nope, no errors.

However, I've narrowed the issue down to the CRT shader. Disabling that makes the game work. It' odd, though, I've never had problems with shaders before (in Godot or anywhere else), and it displays fine in the editor. Anyway, I was able to play the game now... You should probably have dropped that countdown, it just adds to the frustration of a game over having to wait so long before you can try again, with such a difficult game. I'd probably had the patience to try a little harder if it wasn't for that :P

Pressing space it *sounds* like I've started the game, but all I see is a noisy line near the bottom of the screen.

It doesn't seem to work...? I only get a black screen + audio, with both the (Windows) binary and the source (with Godot 2.1)

Great game! Slightly annoying how you have to go through the intro animation again every time you die, though.

Is that Star Wars music played on game over? :D

@pigdev Thanks for the feedback. Very happy to hear you could learn something from my messy code! ^_^ As for the walkspeed... it's intentionally slow initially since it's one of the things you'll find upgrades for during the game. But you have a point, it's not very fun to walk around the dungeon in the beginning when you're so slow.

That was a close call! :)

Really? That's really nice to here, thank you!

Thanks! This wasn't my very first game, though, only my first using the Godot engine =) I sure learned a lot, though!

Superpowers looks really nice, indeed! Just a quick question, since I'm not all too familiar with Three.js... It Three used for 2d as well? And, more importantly, will Superpowers games (created with the "default" engine or whatever you'd call it) run without WebGL, using only canvas?