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'Crecer', en cualquier sentido

This simple game has given me ironic and non-ironic reflections, that it has achieved that is a merit worthy of recognition by the crab king (if there is one). Great job!

Creative game!

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      Well, quick update, I've edited the main post, adding percentages to the goals to accomplish, and also new goals to accomplish. Also, I managed to change the tag!

It's called AhOk, beautiful work. 

I know that thanks are given when the project is finished, but many thanks to my mom and dad for, among many other things, paying for my internet so I can work normally. To my cyber-friends for constantly asking about the project, and to myself for starting to overcome the shyness of publishing things to the world. When the project is finished, I will thank more special persons, that's all for now! 

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      Morning! I'm sorry to myself for coming to update after more than a month ago >.< I've made some progress, the development of Yellow Park is at 60%, but.... I realized late that you can't change the title tag, I'll try to see what I can do.    

      Alright, here's a small list of important things I've done.

  • I've designed almost every skill in the game, and along with half of the enemies done, I've constantly tested the balance of these. Yellow Park will be an easy-normal game with optional challenging challenges, these tests were mainly so that there would be no broken skills or anything like that. I have updated the original post because of this.
  • I've added several details to the tileset and therefore to the maps, I'm trying to give more details. 
  • There are a couple of new segments I've been encouraged to create, they're going to make it take longer, but now Yellow Park will have a bumper horse race! 
  • I've composed more songs than planned, initially the game was only going to have 6 songs... I'm really sorry, the game was supposed to be small, but it's overkill to this extent.

      And in general, advancing a little bit, not as fast as I would like... But at least I'm moving forward! :D From now on, the updates will be more frequent, and for every post I make, I'll leave a quick and funny picture!

Today's drawing is called "OldHumansMMMMMM", full name, "OhYeahOldHumansMMMMMM". To conmerorate that time Dan convinced Faz to visit a woman looking for a partner, in a demonic asylum, and they almost died from a demon grandmother's burning pipe.

See you soon!

1. If the game had save game feature, the update has high chance to break previous save game forcing players to replay the game again.

2. New bugs might appear after the update.

The game will be a web game, free, playable from the same page of, with this to be updated without the need to download the game again.

And there's nothing wrong with the first point, I have that part under control.

I don't intend to put the paid episodes, I'm a nobody at this and I'm not an expert either, so I want the few people who are going to try my projects to do it for free. What I would appreciate wholeheartedly would be optional donations on patreon 

Are you a fan of any episodic video game? Do you develop one? Do you find it profitable?

I plan to make my half-small project an episodic one where you can play on the web and that this is updated every so often. What do you think?

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I couldn't get past the Fortnite guys. I just i can't.

A really smart way to deliver strong emotions. Great job!

It was exciting because I literally stole an butt

Haha, it was fun to tease her

Good game

What a beautiful experience! I need to play more games with computer aesthetics with a story that takes place there. And the final message was nice, a friend told me it was from a book, thanks for making me more educated!

Wooow, it's been a long time since I played something like this. It was a nice experience, as someone who works with his projects to have a better life the message of the story stirred my mind a bit, I felt identified with the protagonist several times, yes I have become a bitter lately ahaha. Despite how short and super simple the game is, I appreciate it a lot, good job!

It's too much fun! It gives me the flash game vibes that you find hidden in a page and you are pleasantly surprised, too well done, I will play it on regularly

It was a nice little fun session. The sound of digging is extremely satisfying, and the final dialogue brought a smile to my face, it was fun

Fun jumper game! 

waaa, I really tried, but this is not my kind of game. I appreciate the invitation to have my name in the higchscore, but I just can't. Sorry for the late reply, I had a lot of things to do >.<

Aww cute BMO

Okay, I've played it a lot (a lot) more. Apart from being viciously, and incredibly difficult, it is an excellent work that has exceeded my expectations. I think it's because I don't play many FPS, but I haven't had this much fun with a game of this style in a long time. It's simple but its combos give it a lot of grace and dynamism, and its bizarre and spectacular art won me over (I love how the weakest enemies from far away look like goblins but up close they are cute green dogs).

I take this opportunity to say that I use a computer made more than 10 years ago. And the game, except for things like fire, works and works well, and with the 3D graphics it has is something that I appreciate a lot, Excellent optimization!

I'll play it from time to time to try to complete it, I can't get past the fourth span ahahaha.

I love it, this. I love this too much. I haven't finished it yet but that's because I'm farming a lot so I can progress smoothly, but I want to say once and for all, thank you so much for this project, I'm loving this demo so much, it's one of the best things I've played in a long time. I'm a fanboy of complex RPGs with their passive, active, buff, debuff. I'm also a fan of adventures like Undertale or Homestuck. This game has what I need, and I love it. I can't wait to give a full review when I finish the demo. 

The exploration is quite interesting, you've built a good atmosphere, I was left wanting more. Unfortunately I got stuck on a puzzle, sorry, but the result is decent!

Good small platform. It's too short for me and the physics made me die several times, but it's something I can't do so it's fine ahaha

Yes! I successfully put the cat to sleep!! Nice little game, loved the minimalist art and the cute cat design, it was nice to explore

Scary you scared me I played it in the wee hours of the morning and I think there is an animatronic in my house

You should add more variety and more fluidity when moving. Other than that, the idea is fine, the sound effects are great and overall it's well done, I'll wait for future updates!

I can't give an opinion of the game yet, but I tried to play it in browser, Opera GX in its latest version, and it comes out that it is outdated when my browser is in its latest version. Is there an explanation for that? Out of curiosity, in what program is the game made?

Excellent mini-game! It looks like one of mario party, it was entertaining. Maybe I could ask for more time per game, but other than that it was good

Wow, it's incredible. You are ingenious to turn a game into a poem, it was quite relaxing for me. Great job!

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Beta Screenshots

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Hello, I would like to introduce you to my little project, Yellow Park. The story is very simple-


Actually it went from being very simple to simple, but, there were quite a lot of changes. It is no longer the same game it was going to be several months ago.

I haven't abandoned it at all, it's just not going to be as much as it was initially going to be. But that's a good thing! It will be a better game, I hope. I will leave the 2 images I made about this project, but, keep in mind that although they have similarities with what will be in the future, they are still "beta" material.

I've been replaying it for a while now, I'm trying to complete it to give a complete opinion

It's an entertaining game, but I ran into several softlocks that forced me to restart the game, plus there are some bugs that made me pass the level without doing much, but the game entertained me from start to finish.

Excellent game!!! I was overwhelmed and confused by the complexity of everything related to the map, but everything else is beautiful!!! it's too vicious and frenetic! And the art so weird, along with those sound effects and interface.... Very nice job!

It should have a story or something.... I love the 2010 social network aesthetic, it's the reason I started playing it. The mechanics are fine, although "owning" the other inhabitants of the world is useless to me. Other than that, I really loved the vibes, good job!

The art and ideas are good, the music is GREAT and very very catchy. But it lacks to be clearer, a more fixed goal or at least less rodeo regarding the gameplay, it's confusing at the beginning and it costs a little bit to catch the vacuum mechanics. In everything else, good job!

Aseprite, I've been using it since I was 14 years old, and I'm quite familiar with it. It has everything I need in a pixel art program and image editor in general :D

As a kid I thought that only videogames could be made by companies, that if it didn't have a huge graphic finish it wasn't going to be pretty, or that only design professionals could make a decent gameplay, or that only alcolic writers with hairy and wrinkled faces were capable of making good stories.

In 2016, when I was 12 years old, mom loaded the internet so I could surf for a few days, and the whole internet was full of Undertale, a game that tries to reach your heart. I saw the trailer and I was quite surprised, on one hand I had thoughts of "how a game that looks so basic can be so popular?" but on the other hand I was delighted, everything had a personality that I had never seen before.  That's how I decided to play Undertale, Then...

The magic of the game happened, and Undertale is the best game I've ever played so far. I got into the world of indie games, I admired Toby Fox for how he managed to make the game alone with the help of many collaborations, I became a fanboy of RPG Maker and the games made in that engine, Oneshot and DDLC added to my fanaticism, I started using RPG Maker XP...

Basically, Undertale convinced me that you don't need the means of a company to make a masterpiece, intelligence is more important.