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Mystery Attic

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Thank you!

Thanks! Much appreciated 😊

Thank you, I hope you enjoy it! :)

Thanks, I'm happy you found them useful!

Good luck with your game :)

Thank you very much for playing :)

No problem bud, keep up the good work, excited to see how you progress with this!

This is actually a really neat concept, and I love the presentation of it all.

Very cool aesthetics, and a fun multiplayer game-flow. One thing that might make it more interesting is if modifiers gave bonuses for completion [ so, while normal patterns with no modifiers reward 1 point, adding a modifier might reward 2 points, etc. ].

Overall, great job on this entry, it was super charming and fun. Nice work :)

Cheers dude!

I agree with the alternatives to rolling dice. I was planning on creating an app that would help with that, but I do like your idea of a random table :)

Thanks for playing, and thanks for your feedback!

damn... the fact that the witch actually walks when you go to the ground shows how much care you put into this. I know it might be a weird thing to point out, but seriously, I love little details like that.

This is the first TIC game I've seen in a while, and it definitely did not disappoint, the graphics were great, the charming little diddy playing in the background was nice, and the fact that you don't just float on top of everything but actually have to avoid being 'squished' by the edge of the screen adds some nice layers of difficulty.

Also, the different attacks remind me of early Castlevania games where certain items were better for certain situations. Again, this adds a good bit of depth to your game. And the ability to use both at the same time was helpful.

Overall, I'm extremely impressed by this 'simple' looking game, and I love how much depth, charm, and down-right-goodness you put into it. Well done to the both of you. Excited to see what you're up to in the future :)

if my understanding is correct, aren't you able to re-assign keys? or does it not take effect in html exports?

duuuude, those damn physics took me sooooo long to get right, I had to put them into the game no matter how pointless haha, thank you very much for playing :)

haha, I was extremely close to just having the customers all be cats, glad they worked :)

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the helpful feedback. I definitely got a mobile feel from this while making it.

And I agree, I think 8 different colors [ which is the max the customers can ask for ] is a bit too much, especially when dealing with multiples like you said. Something I'll have to work on for the future.

Thanks for playing :)

thank you very much! happy you enjoyed it :)

No problem, and yea it worked great [ although a little cramped on the keyboard but no biggie, kinda adds to the fun haha ]. Nice work on the punching animations, the upper-cut looks surprisingly fluid :)

Agree with the other feedback, the controls definitely took some getting used to.

But, for what's it worth, the game was simply cool enough to make me keep playing until I got the hang of them, so there's that!

Game looks great, cool 'atmosphere' [ no pun intended ], and overall this is a pretty solid entry. Nice job on the warp effects, and great work overall :)

Gonna pretty much repeat what others are saying: "Cool!"

haha, seriously, this is a neat concept and I'd love to see you develop it further. Nice job :)

pshh, that AI is horrible! ;)

haha, kidding aside, I really liked the concept of this game. The controls were a bit difficult, but I suppose that only adds to the challenge.

Awesome job on the shooting effects. Nice work :)

This is so fun!

Had a blast beating the snot out of our friends, and the ability to get up after being knocked-down was a great addition.

Overall, this game is simply great. Excellent job :)

Damn, this was sick. I love the overall vibe to this, and the graphics are very creative.

Sound would have been cool [ I can only imagine what kind of crazy effects you'd create ], but, trust me, I understand not having enough time for it haha.

Really good job on this, I thought the controls were tight [ adding space to move slowly was a nice touch ], and the level select screen is so cool. Great work! :)

Wow, this is very impressive for a jam game!

I loved the look of it, and the gameplay was quite good.

Great job on the game, and I'm pretty excited to see you tackle a game like this outside of a jam. Good luck on any future projects :)

This was a very interesting game, and although you mention E3 distracting you, I can tell you put a lot of work into this!

I ran into a problem with the dialog, the second passages would only appear for roughly a second before disappearing.

Also, it would be nice to be able to shoot in whatever direction I'm facing, instead of having to hold down the arrow keys to shoot in a direction other than down.

Nice idea, interesting story, and cute art. Overall, well done :)

Nice concept, and well done using the colors in a way that clearly illustrates the gameplay [ having the walls be a different color showing you where to avoid them ].

Some music would be nice [ although considering my entry doesn't have any sound at all, I really shouldn't be talking haha ].

Overall, well done. Simple concept, but executed well and a nice fun experience. Good job :)

As with the other comments, I also share the feeling that the timer is a bit too fast. However, I also think restarting at the beginning each time is a little unfair, perhaps add lives so we can try each level multiple times before restarting?

Other than that, I really like the concept, and this is extremely impressive for a first game. Well done, you should be proud of this. Good luck with your future games, keep up the good work :)

The art is really stellar in this. One thing I would recommend is having multiple faces for the characters so it doesn't look the Sour is constantly screaming all her lines... although, that might be part of her character haha.

The attack animation is fucking sweet! I love seeing the bullets fly across the screen like that, followed by the funny dialog from the characters.

Also, the 'bad-translations' thing is amazing. Seriously, maybe you think it's a minor little thing, but it adds so much to the 'feel' of this, and really boosts the experience of this entire game by a lot, at least for me. Nice touch :)

Overall, it definitely feels like you put a lot of care and polish into this game, well done. I had a great deal of enjoyment from this one!

I love the graphics, having using pico-8 myself I know how difficult it can be to get across a coherent and nice-looking aesthetic, but I personally think you nailed it here.

The gameplay is pretty simple to be able to pick up and play right away which is nice, and it did manage to keep me engaged for a fair bit of time.

One thing I would add are borders at the top and bottom of the screen so you can't 'fly' the boat into the sky.

Overall, this was a solid little entry, and one that I should try on a pocket c.h.i.p. sometime, that seems like it would be a good fit. Nice work :)

While simple, it's still challenging enough to be fun.

The graphics are also very pleasing, feels like some type of 8-bit material design mashup.

I'm excited about the full release, keep up the good work :)

This is really great. One of the best visual novels I've seen in a long time, and a very unique and funny story as well.

The transitions! Holy shit were they good, even down to just changing the color palette in the options looked lovely.

And I love the addition of video [ or was it just a gif / spritesheet? ] when talking to people, that got me by surprise.

Sorry for gushing, but this is a truly fantastic entry, excellent work :)

Nice job, good choice of palette, really fits space well.

Two things about the graphics.

First, I love the design of them. The simplicity of the rocks are just right and provide a really good atmosphere. The planets as well. The explosions are very well done, and that floating head is truly creepy haha.

Second, I think the ship could use some work with the 'transitions' between the sprites. What I mean is, the design of the ship is fine, but it might look better if it returned to the side on view after letting go of a key rather than staying in it's 'movement' look. Also, it's a little weird that the thrusters would appear when you're moving backwards [ slowing down ], but turn off when moving forwards [ speeding up ]. This one is a total nitpick, but I think it'd help to flip that.

Overall, great job. Simple but fun to play, nice work :)

haha, I really like the concept of being called out for cheating, nice touch!

This game really does look like something you'd find on an old computer, even down to the dialog.

The only complaint is with the controls, it's a little annoying to have to switch between using 'Enter' and 'Left Click', it'd be better if I could just use enter / space for accepting things.

Other than that, excellent job on this entry, it was quite a bit of rootin-tootin-fun :)

thank you Jajaben and metalsnail for your kind reviews!

Glad you could enjoy the game :)

That was a fun little game.

It was sort of confusing, at first, remembering which combinations were right [ the reference was helpful though! ], but after a few play throughs it became more intuitive.

While simple, it was still enganging.

Overall, this was a charming game that was fun to play. Nice work :)

Fantastic idea, that was a very unique way to use the paper, and it was a lot of fun getting into your opponents head.

It is hard to keep yourself from counting the cells, so we decided to add a time limit to placing your missles which helped and made the game a lot more intense :)

Good job, and nice touch adding a cut-out die, it's helpful for those who might not have one on hand. Great work!

Welp, I'm gonna be sore for a month.

Excellent idea, a fun and challenging concept that makes for a fantastic party favor.

Loved the aesthetic as well, simple yet charming.

Great work, by the way, will you be paying for my chiropractic bills?


Well done on taking a simple premise and managing to turn it into a fun experience with friends.

It was quite stressful when your army began to run low and your opponent was near your valuable gold supply. That made for a fun environment to take part in.

I don't know if you had this intention in mind for players, but one thing I found to be helpful, was to fold a bit of the bottom of each army-man to allow them to stand up straight. This made maneuvering them a lot easier.

Good game, and well done on delivering an enjoyable piece of content. :)

This was a unique concept and overall I enjoyed the quick yet fun play-style.

I'd look forward to a version with even more cards as I suspect that would create some very interesting playthroughs, maybe even playing with more people.

Good job on the art, I thought the blue-shading tied it all together well, and nice work on the game.

I may have only been able to snag 1 artifact during my first run, but by god did I have found smuggling guns and trading manuscripts for larva.

The pixel-aesthetic works really well with this!

I really loved this game. Simple, fun, addicting, and strategic.

Excellent job! This was a stellar example of a one-page game :)