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damn... the fact that the witch actually walks when you go to the ground shows how much care you put into this. I know it might be a weird thing to point out, but seriously, I love little details like that.

This is the first TIC game I've seen in a while, and it definitely did not disappoint, the graphics were great, the charming little diddy playing in the background was nice, and the fact that you don't just float on top of everything but actually have to avoid being 'squished' by the edge of the screen adds some nice layers of difficulty.

Also, the different attacks remind me of early Castlevania games where certain items were better for certain situations. Again, this adds a good bit of depth to your game. And the ability to use both at the same time was helpful.

Overall, I'm extremely impressed by this 'simple' looking game, and I love how much depth, charm, and down-right-goodness you put into it. Well done to the both of you. Excited to see what you're up to in the future :)


Thank you for your nice words! Glad that you liked this little game :)