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It worked now, but after dying, I got the same error reported by mokalux , the libpng error.

I got this error:

Oops, something went wrong...

Browser not supported

Your browser doesn't support one or more functionalities required for this application. More details below.

There was an issue with your browser's WebAssembly support:
failed to asynchronously prepare wasm: LinkError: imported Memory with incompatible size

The background sprites are used for the map editor, the map only uses sprites from index 0 to 255. The foreground is an extra sprite layer that can be used with spr() function. With spr() you can show sprites from 0 to 511, which 0 to 255 are from background and 256 to 511 are from foreground.

Not sure what you want, but maybe this can help

--create a table


--add attributes



--create table with default attributes


Nice! Thanks :)

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic No more banks?

I just read that there is no more code banks in beta 0.80. Is that just for the beta? Or code banks will be removed entirely in future releases? What about sprite and map banks?

No-Image Jam community · Created a new topic 3D games?

What about 3D games, can we use untextured 3D models? Or for 3D game we should use primitives as well, like cubes, cylinders and spheres?

The problem is that you are actually using the same object, not creating a new one.

Quick solution would be to clone your template bullet object

Add this function on the top:

--clone table
function clone(t)
local r={}
for k,v in pairs(t) do r[k]=v end
return r

Then, in your function, instead of doing:

local obj = {} 
obj = bullet


local obj = clone(bullet)
Pure.JS community · Created a new topic Libraries?

Are we allowed to use js libraries, like three.js? Or that also counts as using engines?

Nice game!

Thank you for your nice words! Glad that you liked this little game :)

Very cool game! I love it!

Oh, I see :P

Well, I will do that then. Thanks!

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I tried that, but it didn't work.
This is what I do:
In the config, I change: "PALETTE = PICO8" and save.
Later in the console, I type "new" (for create new cartridge), then go to the sprite editor, and the palette didn't change. I tested with all other predefined palettes too, and it didn't work.
I'm doing something wrong?

In previous versions, when I changed the palette in the config file, and save, it changed immediately. But now it seems that changing the palette that way doesn't works any more.
So now the only way to change the palette is in the sprite editor?

Oh, nice! Thanks!

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic Music volume control

Is there a way to change the playing music volume? I would like to make music fade in/out transitions between different songs, like when a boss fight is approaching.

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Yes, that's how TIC80 works. Not sure if there is a way to export it, with the edit part disabled.

Well, to tell the truth, I'm not very interested in Brainf*ck, but thank to this post, I got to see how moonscript looks like, and I like it a lot! It seems that you can save a lot of code using it.

Hi! First I want to say that this project is really nice! I like the way this is going!

Just posted a bug on the issue tracker

As I said in the issue, when I play a sound on the web version, it starts to lag, and the lag is increased everytime a play a sound. This happens to me on Chrome, Firefox and Opera, with windows 7.

I'm posting this here, because I think it is strange that nobody had the same problem, and maybe is just me?