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This is so fun!

Had a blast beating the snot out of our friends, and the ability to get up after being knocked-down was a great addition.

Overall, this game is simply great. Excellent job :)


What a nice thing to say!  Thank you!  Honestly,  I haven't been able to play test it with anyone,  so I'm tickled that It worked out okay for you all.

No problem, and yea it worked great [ although a little cramped on the keyboard but no biggie, kinda adds to the fun haha ]. Nice work on the punching animations, the upper-cut looks surprisingly fluid :)

I wish Pico-8 had better controls.  Apparently there is controller support,  I'll be looking into that soon.

if my understanding is correct, aren't you able to re-assign keys? or does it not take effect in html exports?