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Thank you!  AI is on the way but it has been very challenging!  Soon I also hope to add combo attack bonuses.

Cute as heck!  I like it.

Nice illustrations!  

Wow, just wow.  This game is awesome.   I'm really impressed at the shading and texturing achieved with only the 4 colors.

I wish Pico-8 had better controls.  Apparently there is controller support,  I'll be looking into that soon.

What a nice thing to say!  Thank you!  Honestly,  I haven't been able to play test it with anyone,  so I'm tickled that It worked out okay for you all.

You'll nail it next time!

Those physics are so smooth!  Sometimes,  I can cheat a little and double jump if I land on the blocks just right;  it's really hard to pull off though.  Great game!  Add some music and It'd be da bomb.

I think my boy Andy made the comment about the music, but I wanted compliment you on that too.  It's something that a lot of devs put off (myself included) but is super important to the final project.

I beat it! Yay!  It's kinda hard,  and it did something awful to my eyes after a while lol.  Great game.

There is something very nostalgic about the shrill sound of an IBM internal PC speaker-- you captured that pretty well!  The graphics were on point,  I was watching very closely to see if you cheated on the colors,  but it looks like you pulled it off perfectly!  Hat's off to you, sir!

Which file do I run?

Dang, that music is so good.  I can't believe that's the Pico-8!

Pico-8 games all have these controls:  x,z, arrow keys for player 1.  Q, w, ESDF for player 2.  I'll admit they are unusual.  The html5 version may first need to be clicked on with the mouse to obtain focus.

It's a charming game; very good use of the palette.

I'm sure I didn't give this game a fair shake,  but I don't have a touchscreen device to play this thing on,  but it still works pretty well with a mouse,  you just gotta get used to it.  The sprites are nice and clean looking,  almost like glyphicons or something;  I really like it. 

I dig the graphics,  it's nice and clean.

It's not fair how good this game is.

This game is hard,  but once I figured out the controls,  it was a snap.  I finally beat it after about 20 minutes of getting the timing just right for the bubbles.  The only thing I would change would be to add just a little bit of movement control while in the air.

My antivirus doesn't seem to trust your game very much!

Pretty swag game you got here, my dude.  Not that I'm surprised :)  I managed to finally beat it,  and I'm proud as heck!

This game gets hard fast!  Lol I love it.  The art is so goofy.

Awesome game!  Needs more hooch!  :)

I really like this game.  It's pretty intense when you get faster,  but that music is so soothing ( and it changed?  cool).  I got 240ish  points!

"Young punks, get off my lawn!"  8/10 broken iPhones.

I am a rock magnet!  Grrrr!  

Good game!  I love Pico-8 stuff.

Pretty good game.  The shooting animation is  fluid and the music is pretty darn good for a jam project!  I was expecting Indians to come out and attack,  but then I realized how much trouble you'd get in for that lol.  Oh, the times we live in.  Good job!