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Hobi <3

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I really, really enjoy this! I haven't finished yet (I'm doing Reksa's route currently) but I am very sad about it ending. It's hard to come by a really good VN such as this one! Though I'm definitely going to be here for your future work! Do you think you will make anything else about these particular characters? 

1. Reksa; He's not a big, muscly man and kind of resembles the kind of person that I would like to be (minus the extra aggression lol). Also, his character design is just cool!

2. I usually don't read otome, I'm a otoge guy myself (obviously lol). I originally chose Nusantara because... well, bird boys..? Who doesn't love some Avian and Lizard cuties? 

3. I think the writing is absolutely amazing. How you managed to create this story with the many different routes and outcomes is beyond me. The amoung of effort put into this is visible just from the minute I first started playing. One thing I did find a little off was the stars in the moon. When the moon is in crescent, there are no stars before it or behind it that are visible lol. Though that's a very minor detail. 

4. :D so happy you're creating this kind of stuff! I'll be here to support you! ^W^

Once I finish The Winged Ones I'll do this demo! Just wondering, will any of the characters (Tamara, etc.) have an appearence in this ;) 

;^; okay good because I have a knack for getting the bad endings

I've done two of the endings so far, so I'll answer the questions!

1. Yes, I did. 

2. Me, obviously ;))

3. I feel like the story should be longer. With the two endings I've gotten so far, I did feel dissatisfied and wanting more. I loved Alto and I wish there was more. To be honest, I thought there was going to be more, but it ended. Nonetheless, still glad I read it!

4. The end :C

Absolutely love this story! 

If it has a sad ending I will forever be sad, but no matter what it'll always hold a special place in my heart <3

:D Yay! I'm so excited!

Ohh, that's so cool! 

Yeah, I basically worm around on works and ask if they're inspired by stuff. The one guy with the buzz cut and dislike for main character reminded me of Crixus from Spartacus lol. 

The people who post their works on this app, do they get paid? Or do their supporters pay them? Depending on the popularity of their work, do they get an income? 

Asking for a friend <3

I ended up just changing the install location for the games and everything seems to be working fine now. Thank you, though!

Ah, okay! Thank you, I'll try to look into it a bit more! I can't wait for the game to be released, the demo was so interesting!

I finished this is one sitting, and I have to say; it was amazing. From the memes to that good good Diamond ;) 

Will you ever be creating any after stories or perhaps writing anything similar to this? I know I'm not the only one who'd be here for it. 

Thank you so much for creating something so amazing!

Windows 10

I am able to install the game from the browser, but I cannot install it inside of the Itch app.

C: space is filling up, so I've tried moving the game into my D: instead (which has more space than it should). I ended up deleting the file more times than I remember, and after I deleted it off of my C:, I thought it would work fine on my D:. Though when I opened Itch it reinstalled and went back into my C:. So I just went with moving the game files installation (the VN's that I download) to the Itch file that I moved to D:. 

So now I have two Itch files, one in C: one in D:

Is there a way I can permanently move it to only D:? The games took up 2 GBs, and even after I moved them to D: it's still not showing the GBs back. 

I'm not very intelligent when it comes to computers and how to work everything (as you can tell, I probably just messed everything up ;=;) so if someone could help me I'd appreciate that!

For the sequel, Singles, are KP and James together? 

I did, but I did it on the same save. I suppose I will try again! :D 

I'm trying to download that game for Windows but it's saying no compatible uploads were found for it. Help?

Hello I am back at it again; Was this inspired by Spartacus? 

I only got to the point of Leslie and Meyer deciding that they were going to meet in a hotel. My screen just qent black and then said to do Leslie's route. Is that the ending of the game?

So I got to a point where it says I have to play Leslie's route or go back to the first choice, and I'm confused. Help, please?

Oh okay yeah that clears things up for me. I plan on doing every route seperately, and in one of them I want Ezra all to myself ;> 

You should definitely read it. Honestly, I was reading this and thinking "Wow, this is decently similar to Captive Prince"! Which i'm happy about because I need my gay romances ;-; 

I have high expectations and I'm excited to read more :)

Oo so if I went Finn or Ezra I'd get them both? Nice two-in-one there ;)

Was this inspired by Captive Prince?

Is Ezra poly?