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I really, really enjoy this! I haven't finished yet (I'm doing Reksa's route currently) but I am very sad about it ending. It's hard to come by a really good VN such as this one! Though I'm definitely going to be here for your future work! Do you think you will make anything else about these particular characters? 

1. Reksa; He's not a big, muscly man and kind of resembles the kind of person that I would like to be (minus the extra aggression lol). Also, his character design is just cool!

2. I usually don't read otome, I'm a otoge guy myself (obviously lol). I originally chose Nusantara because... well, bird boys..? Who doesn't love some Avian and Lizard cuties? 

3. I think the writing is absolutely amazing. How you managed to create this story with the many different routes and outcomes is beyond me. The amoung of effort put into this is visible just from the minute I first started playing. One thing I did find a little off was the stars in the moon. When the moon is in crescent, there are no stars before it or behind it that are visible lol. Though that's a very minor detail. 

4. :D so happy you're creating this kind of stuff! I'll be here to support you! ^W^

Hi, Hobi <3!
Thanks for stopping by and dropping me a review! 

It's rare for a guy to read my VN, so I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed reading Winged Ones! I'm still busy with my second project, Bermuda, so I'll consider making an additional epilogue/short after-story after I'm done with it ^.^

1. Aww thanks! Reksa is one of the early reasons why I decided to try my luck in making VNs, so seeing him getting loved by so many people makes me happy ^///^

2. Lol, I guess we both agree that we need more novels with bird boys/girls? x'D 

3. Thank you so much! It's only through so much polishing and my proofreaders, that I'm able to create this story Q_Q my proofreaders played a big part as I'm having trouble with grammar and unseen plotholes! They're amazing and I doubt Winged Ones will be this good without them >< 

4. Aww thank you for the warm support! *hugs

I still have much to learn but I'll do my best to make more interesting stories for you to read! >:3 
Stay tuned with my weekly updates!