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You should have received an email from with your download link when you purchased the game.
If not I suggest to ask support because I have no control over the payment system unfortunately.

This is normal to have homeless people. They are the one who will try to make new cities because their current one can sustain more population.
The population limit of the city expand with each tile where it can build houses and also a bit more when they start building skyscrappers

I suggest you to read that article. It describe the step by step process to sideload a game on your Quest.

With adb you need to use the -r argument to reinstall on top of the current install and not remove the files.
If you sideload it with SideQuest it will automatically use that argument.

Don't hesitate to backup the saves folder if you don't want to take any risk.

Done :)

Probably a bug yes thanks for your feedback :)


All versions including PC and Quest are still in early access yes.
The game is in a very playable state though and is enjoyed by a lot of people in it's current state.

Send me a mail on with the mail adress you used for the purchase and I will look if I can do something to help.

Glad your issue is solved. :)

Are you sure you are logged on itch with the account you used for purchase?

You should have received a mail with the download link too.

Unfortunately I have no access at all on the payment system everything is handled by so I suggest contacting them to fix that.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Your support is very appreciated :)

Deisim community · Posted in Demo?

The old version is still available here if you want to try it before your purchase :
Sorry for the delay I was in holliday with a very limited connection.

Deisim community · Posted in Free?

No unfortunately I can't afford to give it away for free while improving it anymore.
It was only free for the Quest to show to Oculus that the game had an audience but they refused it for their store twice so I choose to publish it here instead.

You don't need to delete the old version. Install it with adb install -r or with SideQuest to update your current installation and keep your old saves 

Thanks for your support :)
You will be glad to learn that a better pathfinding system preventing them to go trough mountains and making the world more believable is on my to do list for this year.

Yes exactly :) The free version will be replaced by this one when the next update is released (very soon) ands if you have the game on itch you will be able to update it via SideQuest

You are welcome. Thanks for your support :)

Currently both version are the same (except you also get a PC version with that purchase) but this paid verison will have all future updates and fixes. The next update is planned for next week but the date is not carved in store due to the COVID crisis that is impacting my schedule a lot)

The humans walking inside houses and mountain is "by design". There is no complex pathfinding in the game yet but it should be the case in the future.

Thanks for your support :) I still have plenty of work on this game but I am sure you will already enjoy it!

Both versions are still the same this is probably due to something on SideQuest side.

My plans have been ruined by the  COVID-19 crisis so the modern age update is not yet ready. I hope to release it during may but can't garantee it due to the situation. I am doing my best to reach that milestone. 

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your support :)

Glad you like it. Thank you for your support.

The next update is a bit delayed due to COVID-19 but I am still working on it so stay tuned for modern age :)

You can install it using the adb command : adb install -r deisim.apk or you can use SideQuest if you want a a more user friendly method.

Thank you for your support :)

It is the same at the moment but it will be released here before SideQuest when the next update is ready (Expected Q1 2020)