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The Virtual Reality God Simulator · By Myron

Building tiles

A topic by TyRW created Jul 23, 2021 Views: 404 Replies: 1
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I have been loving the game so far and have a few biggish cities, but when I try to expand my land it just says I have reached the max land or something along those lines. Is it because I need to upgrade the cities more and work on those, is it because the quest only offers a small land mass to reduce lag, or is it just because the game doesn’t want you to build any bigger, if so will that be changed in later updates? Still love the game but I had so many more ideas for land areas that aren’t possible if this build cap was permanent.


the tile limit is what the Quest can handle before it start to have serious performance issues. There is no limit on the PC version as every PC is different and most can handle bigger worlds than the Quest