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The Virtual Reality God Simulator · By Myron

AppLab Version Crashes on Start

A topic by n.ivanov created Apr 24, 2021 Views: 353 Replies: 4
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Has anyone else had issues with the AppLab version crashing on start?

I redeemed my code successfully and was able to install through the AppLab store. However, when I try to boot the game, it crashes immediately on boot and puts me back in my Oculus home screen.

Also might be worth calling out that I cannot load the details page on the Quest 2 either. It crashes and displays a "Something went wrong screen".

Save me Myron. :o I was super hyped to try out the new update.


You are the only person reporting this issue so far. Try to uninstall and reinstall the game maybe? on which firmware version is your Quest 2?

I am on OS version

I tried a couple re-installs and initially it didn't help. However, after launching another game in my library and then coming back to Deisim, it was able to load. Not sure why it worked out that way, but I'm just glad it was able to launch.

Thanks for your help Myron. Loving the game and looking forward to future updates.


Ho very wierd but I'm glad you issue is now solved :)