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We are finally ready to raise the curtain from our first BIG Game Jam: ADRENALINE RUSH!

We have:

  • Amazing Prizes with over 100k EUR prizepool
  • Top-notch partners such as AppsFlyer
  • A Webinars’program dedicated to the Jam hosted by Unity3D!

The theme will be announced on the 16th of May, but registrations are open RIGHT NOW!

For more information and registering visit:

Few days left to submit your creations to the most wholesome Jam around 💓

That’s a wonderful thing to say ❤️ Thank you so much, it means a lot

MyAppFree Team

Amazing! Met you during Milan Games Week and can’t wait to see more from you :)

We’ve just launched our brand new jam: New Horizons A team effort by MyAppfree + EventHorizon School of Digital Art, New Horizon is a Jam about new year’s resolutions and positivity.

Open to anyone and any platform, it features prizes in adv credit and amazing workshops.

Join us!

Hi! We’ll also announce the winner via Twitter and Itch email, no worries :) You can follow us here:

Hi Melvin, we’ve just sent you an email about this! :)

Hi! You can join the game with an already developed game. Of course, games developed specifically for this jam will get extra points in the final evaluation ;)

Hi Arekku, there’s no problem in submitting more than one game, but we had to remove Aisu because the link was broken and there was no way to try the game. Please try to upload it again and we will gladly try it! 🙌

Howdy! We are proud to welcome the Italian YouTuber/Streamer Christian Pulieri as an official host and partner in our Ice Cream Jam.

He’ll play your games on his channels and help us rate all of your amazing creations. There’s never been a better time to join this jam!

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Howdy! We are proud to welcome the Italian YouTuber/Streamer Christian Pulieri as an official host and partner in our Ice Cream Jam.

He’ll play your games on his channels and help us rate all of your amazing creations. There’s never been a better time to join this jam!

Really interesting, gonna try soon! The art style is very appealing

Love this style, congratulations on your launch!

Absolutely lovely, the aesthetic is amazing

Hey devs! We’ve just launched our second game jam: Ice Cream Jam 🍨 Join this sweet event, there are prizes for winner and for all submitters!

Remember to reach our official Discord server, too!

You can join other developers on our official Discord server here:

A lot of fine people are already there waiting for you! 🍨

Art is absolutely incredible. Planning a mobile store release too?

Congratulations! Great achievement :)

Love the mechanics and the “possibly horror theme” :) Consider submitting it in our Mobile Summer Jam 2021

Yes! We will surely host several Jams in the next months :)

Pep is adorable :)

Unique, and the OST is absolute FIRE. Everything has a slight vibe of first Wario Ware games and I love it. Please consider submitting this masterpiece in our Mobile Summer Jam. Thank you

Sorry but in order to participate in this Jam, your game must be available in one or both of the mobile app stores. We will surely make new jams in the upcoming months without this requirement, but for this one it’s the only prerequisite

These cats are wholesome indeed, we would love to see them on our Mobile Summer Jam 2021

This game looks so polished! Please consider submitting it in our Mobile Summer Jam 2021

Nice game! Consider participating in our Mobile Summer Jam!

Hey everyone! Two big industry magazines are talking about Mobile Summer Jam 2021! Check out this amazing articles from

Business of Apps:


Hi! The Jam is restricted to games published on Google Play, App Store, or both. If your game meets these requirements, you can submit it on the Jam!

ALSO… feel free to join us in our official Discord server to talk about your projects with us & other devs :)

This article is amazing, we love reading about game development backstories. It adds great value to the creative process and lets others understand more about the whole work. Thank you a lot for the quote, your game is amazing and it deserves visibility. Kudos my friend, keep up the great work We’ve just launched Arrow, a new FREE tool for mobile developers. Arrow lets you create a single link Redeem Page from a promocodes list, that automatically keeps track of used promocodes and always serves fresh ones to new users. A quick, nuisance-free way to easily share your promocodes.

Oh, darn :( Thank you for your feedback and help

Hi, I see that there are some posts about this argument, but they are all pretty old so I open a new one to see if something has changed.

We’ve recently created our first Jam and published it on the 24th of June. The Jam is still not listed in the calendar. I’ve tried to contact Support via email and social, but with no luck.

Someone else experiencing similar timings for indexing? Are there some standard waiting times? I’ve searched through FAQs and rules, but I can’t see particular info about this topic. Thank you all

Howdy! We’ve launched our first jam! It features prizes and a stretch goals system. Everyone’s welcome 😃 Mobile Summer Jam 2021

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Hey Jammers! If you are looking for the official Discord, here it is: MyAppFree Zone

You can find a dedicated channel for Mobile Summer Jam 2021, as well as a lot of other cool stuff ;) Waiting for you there!

Love this style! :D