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Welcome to New Horizons Game Jam

A Jam about good resolutions and positivity, hosted by MyAppFree and Event Horizon School of Digital Art.

Join MyAppFree and EventHorizon Discord servers to be up-to-date on everything about this jam!

You can also use the server to ask for more info and find crew members to join the jam as a team.

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This jam is so amazing that we even have Special Guests participating in the Judges' Panel!

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Well, now it's your chance!
The amazing folks @ GameZebo decided to join us in this game dev party as part of a special judging theme!

  • after submissions close, GameZebo team will choose up to 10 GAMES from the submissions list
  • GameZebo will write a dedicated article with mini-reviews of those games to celebrate together the New Horizons Game Jam

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So, you need more excuses to join New Horizons? 🤓

MyAppFree and EventHorizon School of Digital Art have partnered up to bring you this amazing new game jam: New Horizons.

We are near the end of the year, and we hope to meet a bright and encouraging 2022 for everyone.

This jam is about Good Resolutions and positivity.

What do you see in your 2022?🔮
An adventure in the mountains, space discoveries, or a new business idea maybe.
We would love to enjoy your positivity and energy for the upcoming year, translated into a game.

Sounds like a pretty broad theme🤔
Yep, and it is!
This jam is more about what we DON'T WANT to see:

  • Horror, bloody games
  • Depressing and sad atmospheres
  • Bad endings and negativity
  • Low amount of wholesomeness

These past two years have been hard for everyone. Let's try to start a new one with a smile😊

Nothing strange, just the usual stuff

  • Join MyAppFree and EventHorizon Discord servers
  • Follow MyAppFree's Twitter and EventHorizon Facebook pages
  • No NSFW content allowed
  • Stick to the Jam's theme
  • ONLY games developed for this jam. YOU CAN'T enter with already developed games.
  • More than 1 submit per user is permitted, but we suggest focusing on one game
  • YOU CAN enter as a team!
  • YOU CAN join from everywhere in the world
  • Game submissions only for promotional purposes, with no adherence whatsoever with the Jam's theme are not allowed and will be removed

There two categories of prizes.

1) Public Ranking Prizes

These prizes will be assigned "automatically" based on the results of public votes.
You can use these credits to run campaigns on MyAppFree Platform to bring premium users to iOs/Android games and apps through MyAppFree's reliable publisher network.

2) Judges' Picks Prizes

These prizes will be assigned to 3 participants chosen manually by Jam's judges.
You can use these credits to enter some of Event Horizon's amazing courses about Game Dev, Cinema 3D VFX, Digital Art and Communication.

3) Stickermule's Prizes

As Special Guest, Stickermule is offering some amazing prizes as well.

  • A reserved promo of 10 Custom Stickers for 1$ (shipping included) for EVERYONE who will submit and eligible game
  • 50$ of store credit for the first three ranked games in Public Ranking

And yes, your game can be a winner in ALL categories!🚀

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Event Horizon School is the biggest Italian school teaching game development and VFX for cinema, with more than 800 enrolled students and sites in 7 Italian cities (Turin, Milan, Padua, Florence, Rome, Jesi, and Pescara). In 2022 a new site will open in Bologna.
Event Horizon School was born in 2013 and its learning offer with teachers coming directly from the industry aims to create professionals who can work in it since the end of their school journey


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A short story of an artist and her habits in the year that changed her life.
Play in browser
Eat uwu fruits, dodge saws, upgrade your character and get the highest score.
Help Santa Claus keep presents in eggcelent condition by catching them on your sombrero before they hit the ground.
Christmas Themed Drag and Drop crafter game
Play in browser
Procrastinate now, there's always tomorrow
Play in browser
Training game to pack faster before traveling
Bunny goes YES, also he's nice and give presents to the children. Like Santa, but in speedrun mode.
Wholesome Christmas Stealth Game [New Horizons Game Jam]
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A Platform game for New Horizons Jam
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Play in browser
Top Down Car Racing Game
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