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Write your own game music? I have a quick way I have used for years to create music in any style: epic, ambient, piano music, any style.

It's a 6-step method that is proven to work. Check the video for examples of music written using number grids. There is no music theory. You won't believe it when you hear the music, but again, there is no music theory, just numbers.

Listen to music examples here on the page on

I don't see any instructions on how to put a thumbnail on the left end of my listing in release announcements. So my account image is there (a music symbol) which I don't want. Can someone help me out? My listing is  The name of the game is Earth Wind Fire Water

Hello, this is my first game here. It's a fun little text-based game I hope you enjoy.

You play against the computer to figure out how you can both succeed. It's an all-or-nothing game.

You can find it here

Interesting, it seems to be fixed now ... it wasn't a couple of hours ago.

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Yes that helps. The cover art is actually that box that says "Ambient Loops." For some reason, it wasn't picked up automatically. Instead, my profile image is being used. My profile image is the image on this post.

The thumbnail for my new release "Ambient Loops" doesn't have the image I embedded in the body. I embedded an image because it was required in order to post, and I assumed this image would be the thumbnail for the list, but it isn't. Instead, my profile image, very small, is next to the listing and doesn't look very good. You can see how the listing looks here, it's on the second page of release announcements

How do I make my thumbnail not be my profile image but the one that is currently in the body?

Thanks for your help!

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If you're looking for music for your game, and you want ambient or rhythmic, check out these loops. This is a pack of six loops, with very different textures. One of these might be what you're looking for. More details here:

Hi, I fixed the link to the demo video.

The sounds you hear on the demo are included in the package. 

The way it works is, you add the music maker to the game code. Then you can turn it on, and it creates the background track in real time, as your game is running. Turn off the music maker whenever you want. 

The instructions are simple, only 700 words.

You can use your own .mp3 files if you want. I include tips on how to do that.

It doesn't export to .mp3. The ambient background is generated in real time, as your game is running.

You can use the music maker and the music it generates in your game completely royalty free in your commercial projects.  

Message me if you have any questions.

I've just posted an updated package. I don't know what coding language people will be using, but I included very simple pseudo-code. I also posted a demo, and the packet includes all the sound files for the backgrounds in the demo. You can use your own sound files to create your own backgrounds, if you want. Just message me if you have any questions.

Update: I'm in process of: 
1) putting together a video demo of the range of different background sounds that can be achieved
2) adding more sound files to the package so you can have a choice of sounds right away (you can also use your own sound files)
3) including pre-formatted code (in addition to the pseudo-code) to save you time adding this code to your game

In a few more days I should have the demo up and an updated package.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll prepare that and post a link in the description above.

This ambient music maker is like having a player piano inside your game that plays ambient music whenever you need it for your game.  Included in the kit is everything you need to add the player to your game. More info here