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What's the difference between the 43.1 and 43.3 version? I have the 43.1 version already, so long as there isn't some game-breaking bug I'll just wait until the next big update occurs.

Before I forget: in Yama's love quest, the bitchy NPC that tries to manipulate things, it mentions since she's a named NPC you'll likely see her again later. I've seen her companion again, but not her. Is she just a one-off character or is there some secret plan to have her show up again so the PC can try to seduce her?

You've got to knock out her guards, even though they respawn. Eventually they will quit respawning, when that happens you are almost there. Attacking the queen will NOT work, someone will block the attack. When the queen is alone, you've won. (That's how I beat her, anyway.) 

I've seen a little kid, in the botanical garden, who looks around a little bit then heads off screen. What is his purpose?? There's got to be some reason he shows up...

Something else I've been curious on, I was borderline shocked when I got scrap metal at the mess hall, wasn't expecting that at all. Is there a chance that each is possible at a salvage point but the probability is higher for certain things in certain areas? I was surprised that I got 9 straight scrap metal in places where I wouldn't expect it much...

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Hiya! Been playing the game for a long time (couple years anyway) and wanted to let ya know I was blown away by the end of A debt to pay quest. I'm so used to Alina being a relative jerk to the hero (who, to be fair, is a pretty big jerk) so seeing the end of her love quest was really eye-opening. Alina's mentality takes a whole new level knowing why she acts the way she does, and seeing the MC act...more normal and caring surprised me! Very well done!! :) 

EDIT: I'm finding the 5 minute countdown in Stranger things to be impossible, given that the enemies respawn if you club them before the countdown, seem to be aggressive in going after you, and take awhile to beat (more so when an enemy does some spell that take 20 seconds to go through the animation, then the next enemy does the exact save thing). Is it intentional to be a difficult race against the clock? I'm lucky if I can get to the save point in running away because they all seem to want to chase after me and "running away" isn't an option...

It's mentioned the daughter of Lapis is a temporary character, does that mean that it will be somewhat easier down the road to get the various skills? I know you can get alchemy, mining, smithing, and athletics through goblins but the others (outside of waiting for Saturday) seems to be "off-chance a chest has (X) 101*. 

I ran into an interesting problem when fighting a wolf. I couldn't seem to bit the broad side of a barn with my attacks (double strike was *miss* or *evade* over and over, strike was miss/evade, didn't have much luck with regular attacks either) but the wolf kept doing maul (and missed roughly 2/3 of the time). I've seen the rat do skitter 6 times in a row too. Can monsters spam specials attacks at will? 

Given that werewolves have gangbang among the possible sexual skills, can werewolves gangbang you if you lose and I just haven't seen it yet or is that a voluntary thing that will be allowed in a future build? 


Actually two reports but maybe tied to the same problem. I was being a good host and showing Clara around. While she was with me, I couldn't use my weapon - it cooperated after I had fun with Clara and then returned her to Jessie. The other bug is since I was down to one hp (out of 5) I decided to use a med kit, but nothing appeared to happen. The med kit got used up but either nothing changed or it did fill up but didn't appear to (it still looked like I only had one HP left)

It also still occasionally quits showing the portait, but since it doesn't really affect anything not sure if this is "bizarre glitch" or what.

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I read in the notes for the 10.2 release that you decided against a Halloween theme in favor of new content. Does that mean that you will have a Halloween or Thanksgiving theme down the road? ZR's rather Halloween-ish already (unless you want to add Halloween costumes) but thinking either a Halloween or Thanksgiving theme (I can hear Rachel now "What have we got to be thankful for???") might be fun!

What's the Heart icon for, when changing weapons? Doesn't seem to do anything...

I like that when you get a Z-cola if you have someone with you they comment about how bad it is for you but the player doesn't care. Also find if interesting that, given it was Natasha's first time, she seemed to turn sex-crazed pretty quickly...

Think it was just a glitch on the save file - or maybe I just needed to wait a day, whatever caused the issue resolved itself.

I'm curious if the tent serves a purpose after the initial "there was someone here", because both it and the chest next to it just stay there, even after I've looted the chest. I guess the chest is coded in a way that it'll stay there (given that others of the same type stay put), but the tent just feels oddly empty, like I should be able to do something with it. 

Found it funny that the warden, after dealing with Furo one way or the other, apparently stays awake 24/7! Was that an oversight? (I was able to flirt with her at 2 in the morning!) Maybe after Furo is dealt with she starts drinking high-powered energy drinks!

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What can I say? (other than DUHHHHH) 

This i s a minor thing, and it may be RPG Maker related, but I have two saves, a backup (at the very beginning, before even meeting Lapis) and my "main save". For whatever reason it keeps wanting to load at the "backup" save, even if I've been using the main save repeatedly. Is there a chance you can fix it so that the last time saved it will go to that save and not the "I'm not using this save unless I wanna start over" save?

Didn't realize that the soldier looking for the thief was a quest, but given how much he wants for it, think it's be a great idea to find and capture that thief! Although, you said the thief is one of the toughest fights so far. If I capture the thief and don't send him to the brothel or to one of the goblins, does he just stay captured until I give him to the soldier?

Only took me 30 hours or so to realize there was a forge (forgot about the smith telling me, then wondering how the heck I would deal with iron and copper ore, then accidentally discovering the forge), makes me wonder what other "should be obvious" stuff I'm missed!

Does "rat uses skitter" stack? There's been times I'll see the rat use skitter 3 or 4 times in a row. 

Before I forget, are you intending Saffron's Mom to show up eventually (maybe in a different area)? Think it would be neat to meet her Mom somewhere down the road and depending on your relationship with Saffron depends on how the Mom acts! (Like, if you and Saffron are lovers she's way more friendly and helpful than if you are just an acquaintance).

Regarding the "gawking at the werewolf's body so I miss a turn", just make it so it doesn't appear TOO often, like maybe a 10-15% chance the hero will be staring at her body if he has the pervert flaw.  Also maybe make it possible that when she realizes the hero's staring at her body she does something like "shove the breasts into the hero's face" causing him to possibly miss a turn? Yanno, because the werewolf's a pervert too...

Curious what it is that causes the hero to successfully hit, as it's kind of annoying when I do a double slash and it's "miss", "miss"! It seems that the hero being affected with frail fever isn't dependent on "infected bite" by the rat - or it's that the bite is infected already, not sure. Does get annoying when I get hit by it though. When the werewolf hits me with lycanthropy  I lose the ability to decide what to do (everything is automatic) is that intentional? 

Be interesting to see the Goblin madam and Saffron yelling at each other at some point, given that Saffron doesn't seem terribly thrilled with the madam (having you steal, er, "borrow", the shoes and the dress). 

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If you get hit with paralysis, does that mean you won't be able to do anything for the rest of the fight? I was fighting a slime and got hit by paralysis - apparently the slime has a paralysis attack. She then kept doing things that weren't really doing any HP damage, but she seemed to spam the special attack that does a bunch of status ailments (including paralysis) and since I was by myself it was "reset, she can't really hurt me but I can't do anything at all...UGH* When fighting the slime/2 minions combo is there a preferred way to fight them? Werewolves aren't much of a problem anymore but the slime/minion combo is a royal pain. Honestly, if it was just the blue slime it would be fairly easy, but with two minions it's HARD, and I've only seen it with the three together.

Still can't grind seeds into regular oil, even though I should have more than enough (60 flax seeds and 45 forest seeds) it just says "back" when I want to grind the regular oil. Linseed oil I can do, just not the regular oil. 

Noticed something kind of funny, The werewolf has her hands by her breasts, maybe unintentionally causing me to look at them.  Maybe have the hero occasionally miss a turn because he's too busy gawking at her assets if he has the pervert flaw?

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Getting the spider eggs, is that in a chest (be a weird thing in a chest though!) or in the spiderwebs with a sufficient entomology score? I have 2 for both foraging and entomology, and one for husbandry (doubt that matters for this, but oh well) and I still can't find a spider egg. My spider farm is looking pretty pathetic at the moment! Maybe get the goblin kid to get me a spider egg? Goblin kids probably wouldn't be afraid of the mines, right?

Regarding the goblin kid and the odd bug I mentioned earlier, I think it's a time-related issue. From about 17-20  (so dinner to early evening) it shows as either what my current VP/WP is (like, [40], Hi [62]!) or some other figure (date and year I think). Giving her gifts nets me a colorful pebble (well, the footbags do, not sure about the others yet) and she occasionally gifts me a minor thing. 

Maybe it was the hair, but I was thinking "this looks a lot more like a swordsWOMAN than a swordsman".  Are there female travelers too, or was this just a swordsman with a bizarre hair color? Didn't want to match wits with him though. Even though I can now do OK with the werewolves (Iron scale mail plus wood shield negates a lot of their attack!) but fighting the slimes is still tough (be easier without the two minions that always seem to show up!)

I can't seem to grind seeds into oil. I have 64 flax seeds and about 50 forest seeds, so I should be able to grind it to oil, but it just says "back" and won't let me. Is it different kinds of seeds? Also noticing as my botany and foraging level grows getting more and more kinds of plants from "forest plants". Hoping I'll get that dandelion seed and maybe a rose seed eventually!

Now, to search for that elusive varnish and glue (just need one of each but it's random what the satchels will give). I've noticed that the "forest chest" has some really nice  items like various tables (I've gotten the artifice  and tailoring tables from it) and a few other high-end items. Are there items that will only show up in the forest chest, or will the goblin merchant sell whatever's in the chest? Kind of doubt she'll sell silk or wolf rugs...

I'll second this one. I have like 10 lockpicks, shouldn't I be able to pick the lock and find out if it is in fact empty, is it the Goblin's Secret Weapon (tm), or what?

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The kid was by the house. Happened again, roughly 6 pm, sun was shining. Might be a time-related issue.  When trying to gift her something it said I didn't have proper gifts. Are there specific gifts she is looking for, that are gift only? She didn't like the flower I offered her.

Good to know about the NPCs, because before that quest travelers were a pretty rare occurrence! 2 months in and there was...4 travelers I think. Merchant, a soldier looking for a thief, a mage, and an alchemy student. Before restarting I ran across a bandit too. Would the bandit have been the thief the soldier was looking for, or is there a thief too? (edit) If it's raining, does that scare the travelers away? Haven't seem them when it's even lightly raining...

I save before trying them too,. One question on the various traps, would having a higher magic resistance or more toughness limit how much the damage is? Factoring in armor my toughness is 6 and piercing damage still hurts a lot! 

Regarding gluttony,  I do know that it you eat too many unhealthy things in a row, or the same unhealthy thing over and over without mixing it up, you get the flaw. (Goblins have mentioned this on occasion when talking to them). 

I'll second wanting to know about transferring saves when a new version. I don't mind starting over but I'm close to 20 hours in!

Hey, found a bizarre bug. I have a goblin kid hanging around and she normally greets me with Hi Daddy! When it was super windy, it showed as [80] (my WP at the moment) saying Hi [71]! (my VP at the moment). Only seemed to happen at that time, when it's sunny it's always Your goblin kid and Hi Daddy!

Off to search for the cure for the curse...don't suppose that's something I can craft? I've seen 1 student traveler in 2 months (well before I needed to find one), and I haven't seen a priest traveler at all.

I've discovered the hard way that when a trap is sprung that it almost always is 20+ for damage (unless it's poison), making it somewhat dangerous to seek out a chest if I'm low on health. Once in a great while it will be under 20 (and once it was 7!) but it seems like 20+ is the norm, meaning having to redo over if I'm low on health. 

Keep up the good work! 

A few questions while I think about them. Fighting a werewolf (I STILL can't believe I won twice in a row) I noticed the only items to restore VP was the potions. I had more honey than potions so was planning to use that but it wouldn't let me. Is food disabled to eat during a fight? Some things make sense - if the average attack is 8, stupid to gobble a pine nut - but the honey and another food item that restored 100 VP wasn't available. On that subject, what's with the 2/2/2/2 on VP/WP restoring items? Not sure what that's about.

One thing I did find funny, the smith complains she's behind in her work so if I could find her 20 iron ingots she'd be appreciative. Bought 20 ingots and turned around and gave them to her. She said that I found them somewhere and then gave the reward. Goblin smith must have a very short memory! Given most of the quests take a fair amount of time or luck, it's nice to have an easy quest (if unintentionally so),

What is the chance of getting honey from the hives? Thinking at foraging level 2 it's pretty low, I get the "you failed, here's a fight" way more than getting it. I don't bother with shaking the hive, will that result in a fight or is there a slim chance of something else?

Looking forwards to seeing the heroine tengu and wondering if she (and the other heroines when you get to them) will have quests as well! Currently stuck on Saffron wanting a new bed, wondering if the merchant will have it before I can tailor a simple bed (or find in it a chest). 

Might as well ask this: is there a way to get glue outside of crafting it with the alchemy bench? I don't have that yet, and given what is required to get glue, thinking "it's gonna be a looooooooooong time to upgrade the house, just because I can't seem to get glue". Forgot to check if the traveling merchant carried it when I saw him, but I've only seen him once. Does the goblin merchant sometimes have glue? 

Will you be able to seek out slimes  and not have to fight them to have fun down the road? You mentioned it'll be that way for werewolves eventually, are friendly slimes planned too?

One thing I found odd, not sure what to make of it. Lost against a slime, it said she dissolved the headgear, and I'm thinking "I don't have any headgear for her to dissolve". She dissolved the cloak I had on. I would have put headgear and cloak as separate pieces, mostly because I don't think of a cloak as headgear. *shrug* 

Keep up the good work! :) 

Regarding Saffron, I was just showing up a little too early. Once if was officially night (when residents are asleep) everything was fine.

Regarding upgrading the house, where do I find Quartz? Everything else I can either craft, mine, or purchase, but I haven't seen quartz at all. Is it a level 2 crafting skill? (Still on level one so with smithing and artifice). Is it in just one spot to mine?

Sorry if you think I'm being a bit of a pest, just really like the game!

Really appreciate how fast you respond to questions/concerns!

After giving Saffron the Red Dress and wanting a sexual relationship with her, when I show up it just says "never mind" with no other options. Do I need to learn more sex skills, learn a given trait, increase affections,  or what? I want to have sex with the hot goblin! 

Is it better to fix the bridge yourself, or have the goblin smith do it? Both seem like it would take a few weeks to get everything needed.

Best thing so far (besides losing BAD to a werewolf and thinking it's not too bad) is figuring out what works best for "goblin virgin" "goblin" "goblin MILF" and "group of goblins" when whoring myself out. Just curious, can you have a little fun with the smith, merchant, or other "important" goblins? 

There's a chest that requires a forest key. I had one, but the chest showed up again unopened, and the forest key isn't in the same place as before. Are the special forest key chests supposed to respawn? I'm only aware of one spot for the key, but that didn't respawn when the chest did, where else do they show up besides the one by the house? 

Another question when selling stuff to the merchant, a few things have no value (I can unload it but won't get any money for it). Given that, shouldn't I be able to give her juniper seeds? She won't accept them and as a result I have waaaaaaaaaaay more juniper seeds than I need.

Are some things only available if you rob a place? Gotten a few items that way I haven't seen anywhere else. I know if lowers how much the goblins like you but if there's some good stuff unavailable any other way...

Does increasing how much the goblins like you decrease how much WP is needed to talk/flirt with them? It started off as 10 but is now 9 to talk to them. Did I do something to lower it and just didn't realize it?

Very much looking forwards to seeing what's in the caves (right now it just saying not implemented yet) and wondering if knocking a rock into the water will result in something or not (or is it just a funny little thing, knocking a rock into the water when it's raining?)

I know you can craft ingots (iron ones, anyway) if you have the smithing skill. You'll need the proper materials to make it though. If you don't have that skill, you can always buy them from the smith at 10 gold a pop (second story of where you go to the mine)

Thanks for the quick response! I haven't gotten as far as the red dress yet for Saffron, she wants the  garnet amulet, that I sold immediately...not realizing that I would need it for something (SIGH). No anvil yet so can't craft the amulet (assuming I need an anvil to craft the artifice stuff). I've noticed that the rat sometimes does "bite" and sometimes does "infected bite", but being affected with the frail fever seems to happen with either, is that intentional?

Funniest thing so far, when the merchant says they have dye for sale. She mentions it's rather useless to them, so if I don't buy any, do they just throw it all away?

I do like that everyone is friendly to the ex-hero immediately (maybe because they've been whining about not getting anyone for awhile). On the "rain weather", can do you anything with the (puddles?) or it is just for show?

Hey! I stumbled onto your game and LOVE it! I do have a few questions though, after messing with it for a little bit and testing things out...

1) Are there ways to permanently increase attributes after the initial "pick what's most important"? I want to start with a bunch of skills which leaves very little for attributes. Athletics, Agriculture, Mining, Guile,  and Smithing almost seem like requirements which means I have 3 left, and want to add Cooking, add pervert to get one more and add Artifice (useful) so outside of the one added for STR to allow athletics, all the attributes are one. At least I can do lots of stuff at the outset!

2) It seems a lot harder to level up battle exp than craft exp. Even with more things tied to craft than battle, I seem to get 1 battle exp (MAYBE as much as 5, but that's uncommon) and I might get as much as 10 craft exp for stuff. Is it intended for Battle exp to be tougher? Fine if it is, it's just very hard to level up jumping and climbing as a result, to mention nothing of perception...

3) Some of the traps seem to be excessive for damage. Traps go anywhere from zero-but-poisoned to upwards of 30-40 for damage - the highest I've seen is 37. I've gotten some good stuff from chests occasionally (10 bags of coins? YES please!! A new and better bed? Sweet!) but the upper range of the trap damage seems a bit severe!

4) I'm not sure what the ratio is for successfully picking an easy lock but it seems a bit low. There's times I can pick it right away and times it might take 5+ for an easy lock. Same for being sneaky and trying to rob those poor goblins, I might pick the lock on the first try but fail to be sneaky, resulting in "paying with the body because 10 silver is way too much" 

5) At what point can I have fun times with Saffron? I'm up to 41 so far and she still says "I'm about to hit the sack, please leave". Least I know she likes jewels! 

6) Are there weapons beyond the first few you can forge? The iron sword does pitiful damage to wolves attacking (the skills do OK though) and fighting the slimes is "can't win with a sword".  

7) In spite of all the issues I have (most of which is  "figuring out what works best") this is a wonderful game!! 

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Get your minds out of the gutter!  :P

Restarting to see if there's a few things I can do better, and I noticed once that when I was using the saw, it said that I got some bonus wood. I wasn't paying attention to how much I had beforehand, but it usually just says "you got some wood" with an occasional 2 or 3 afterwards, to say I got 2 or 3 scrap wood. So, not sure if the bonus wood means 4 total, or if that means something else.

I did notice when I was looking at the various quests I could mark the stars, but have absolutely no clue what that means, if anything.  

Kind of wonder if Serena is going to be the big bad or tied to the big bad somehow, given what's happened with her so far.  Also, I can only find 2 HP power ups right now, is the third not available yet, or is it just someplace I've overlooked?  EDIT:  Found a funny error, the first time you have sex with your maid. She should say "what is wrong with me" but it said "what is wrong me with", Maybe it was just the alcohol? Another odd error, if you decide to have sex with Cherry after the first time (you know, because she's so hot and all) what time it is disappears. By that, I mean that I went in the morning, had wild sex with Cherry, and when I went out I didn't know if it was still morning or went to midday. Minor thing, but mildly annoying.

Hey, I'm just curious if the main difference between LD and LD+ is more kinks or if you have more story added as well. If it's more kinks I will probably just stick with LD, but if there is added content or new characters I'll probably give LD+ a whirl too. I'm not huge on graphics so "increased graphics" by itself won't be enough to look at Lust Doll +.

Accidentally, I discovered that there either is (eventually) going to be something at the back of the library, or there was going to be at one time. The MC says that he sees an entrance but doesn't have the right key. I discovered this when wondering what looked like the path continued on from the flower shop to the back of the library, but I'm missing a key. The key found from the costume book wasn't the right one. Is this something that will eventually become available, was this something that was planned and was scrapped, or what?

Also a minor bug of sorts, to get to the upper part of the house you need 2 agility. The initial attempt states this, but if you try again (before getting the 2 agility) it says you need 3 agility. Minor thing, just inconsistent.

And I can't help wandering if the MC and Ragash are going to eventually have a relationship. Mostly because the MC is pretty much banging every other female there is...

I'm curious as to what purpose the car has (or will have), in Old Town. It's way too out of the ordinary to not have some use, even though it looks like I can't do anything with it now. Also wondering what purpose the locked door that's inaccessible in the Lake View area is going to be. I'm assuming it's something for a later build? The "gotta explore everything" part of me is wanting to find out what's behind there. Same with the area in the Old Town, but that's probably the final area.

The annoyance piece is that sometimes the character portraits just disappear, no idea what causes it or how to get it back. It doesn't seem to affect anything as far as gameplay goes, but it does get a bit annoying when the portraits suddenly disappear. I use Windows 7 64 bit if it matters.

I really do love this though, it's hard to saw whether I like this or Town of Passion more. ToP is more exploration and figure things out (which I like), but there's something about beating the tar out of zombies... of all the bosses so far the vampire is far and away the toughest, the others aren't too bad. Do wonder if the MC will eventually be able to have more fun with Natasha and Talia, hoping so :)

OK that was weird, I apparently just needed to have the metal-cutting saw in my possession because Rachel made the comment that started things up again.  Guess I just didn't realize that it had to be in my possession at night for her to make the comment about the crack in the wall. (Either that, or needed to do a little more on Ashley's quest first or have a little fun with Cherry, but those don't seem likely)

Hello! I'm not sure if I messed up or just missed a step, but if I "talk" to Rachel  she just brushes me off, rather rudely.  I've already done the Rec center blowjob scene,, and she comments that she can't seem to break the lock at the "Welcome to camp!" spot. She's talked about starting to date a boy too. According to the guide I need the metal-cutting saw, which I have, but Rachel seems annoyed with me still. Did I miss a step and Rachel's questline got stalled? Either there's a step I'm missing or I somehow glitched up so Rachel will forever just stay annoyed with me.

For bugs, the face sometimes disappears during conversations, or stays on one character when it's a different character talking.  The other bug was I had Rachel for my partner but because I had fancied up Caroline's room before heading off, when I returned (with Rachel), the dialogue was with Caroline commenting about the improved and wanting me to visit.

Love the game otherwise, it's a lot of fun!

Love the game, hoping there will be a new public release before too long (I hate being poor). Biggest question is whether it's better to cooperate with Vera (when you have the option to) or to corrupt her and her friends because Vera forced your hand first. I usually corrupt her because I want an actual relationship with Emma, and want payback for when Vera forced me to cooperate with her earlier...

Hello! I found what I suspect is an oversight, but still wanted to let you know.  Minerva says that Ella won't show up at night because she needs her beauty sleep. Maybe so (she clearly DOESN'T need beauty sleep in my mind) but, she was willing to talk to me and do business at late night. Possibly because it was first time, but it seemed weird that she would be unavailable at "night" and available at "late night". I did it just excepting there to be a message "return tomorrow" and she just treated it as normal. She did say "shouldn't you be asleep by now?" before letting me craft a couple of charms so...not sure what's going on with that.

When I went through saving Evelynn after DL the latest patches the uncaught error about missing a header didn't show, so hopefully you found that bug and squashed it!

Hello! I've been a fan of Town of Passion for awhile, enjoying the craziness that happens. The most recent download has a screwball error, when I'm saving Evelynn after the MC discovers Evelynn's gone off on her own. The minigame to get to Evelynn (and ignoring the mother that says GO NO FURTHER) has an issue, it froze up repeatedly with "Uncaught error: missing a header" and the only way out was shut the game down. Saving repeatedly got me past it but it was fairly irritating having to save after each section. I'm using Windows 7 64 bit if that makes any difference. This error didn't happen in earlier versions so not sure what's going on.