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Ah thank you! Comments like this are really encouraging to me! Thanks :)

Amazing patch notes... felt almost like a personal blog at certain points, but with how this game intersects with real world issues, in a really really good way! Tells a whole story in itself!

Love love love this game. The balancing of the 3 aspects of school really pushed me into different narrative scenarios, and boy, they felt pretty real. Really felt soulcrushingly hard to get a win out of some days! Really felt like a relief when you can hang with people and lose some points somewhere. Clap clap clap

Love the use of the maze mechanic, really elegantly captures a lot of how hard it is to respond... 

Great game depicting about a special time in these characters's lives and how they found each other and can encourage each other. It's really a very special moment being depicted in this game.. The art, music, and interaction had really great direction as well, big fan of the stylized expanding text box and choice buttons.. Really great moments here !


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dang this game went absolutely everywhere... the part of the game with figuring out the cables was probably the most horrifying part lol

stumbled on this via searching - tags: web, comedy, and it caught my eye

wow screenshots look amazing already

this game is amazing! I told frank what to do to make a level. level design!

lol cool way to present your 2D visual design experiments, doing it in a 3D space. i fell into the Pit of Dissonance lol

lololol thank you so much :D

but yeah, let that be a lesson for all of us-- all game devs, especially really small ones on places like, are often very personally attached to their works, so we should be careful about what we say about their work~ gaming culture kinda de-sensitizes us from being careful about what we say to creators, especially online

lol i'm ok, it was me who voiced the characters. to be clear, i'm not actually crying. it's just kinda funny lol. sorry if i made you worry!

... it was me. I voiced the possibility zone. T_T the tears won’t stop coming :( 

thanks! (sorry, just saw this like 4 months later after school was so busy lol)

thanks! yeah the possibility zone is "inspiring" but a little extra lol

Play it here

Clyde The Artist is a mumblecore fully voice acted dialog based comedy game inspired by early 00's comedy such as Home Movies and Homestar Runner. Clyde is just your average awkward schoolkid in art school. An episode of Clyde's World, a narrative/voice over proof of concept.

Made in a week for NYU Game Center's Prototype Studio Spring 2020

The prompt was: Rainbows

Free Download, 10 minutes

Play it here

I don't think works on download. Can you send an export..?

Aww thanks so much for the kind words. It's been a long time since I've released this game, but I'm glad it's still having an impression on people. There are many things I would want to change about this game to this day, but I'm glad that my goal of encouraging self reflection is still working for people.

Thanks so much!!

lol awesome!

Whoa! Thank you so much for enjoying and sharing with your fans! Hearing that people enjoy my work means a lot to me! <3 <3 <3

I really like the full realization of the bar environment... feels very slice of life atmospheric even in just a week

I like the story and the flying was cool, the visual of seeing the city from above was nice.

lol thanks

I had to rename the data folder. Very intense themes in the audio

Thought it was a clever interaction to make the text a physics obstacle, fits the tone of the story

I like the mood. The mix between the poetry and the visuals set a tense tone.

very polished, feels like a fully realized strange snippet of a world. doesn't quite feel like it's lynchian or a specific genre, but it's own thing. is this supposed to be a similar space as your visual novel?

very polished, gameplay feels complete, feels like a very full vertical slice/proof of concept

character is having lots of intense emotions... very intense world... hope you're taking care

Thanks so much for playing :)

whoa lotta visual polish in this one... the dialog at the end was so enigmatic and brought up so many questions

excellent 5/5

very silly, gotta have some enya