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Thanks so much for playing :)

whoa lotta visual polish in this one... the dialog at the end was so enigmatic and brought up so many questions

excellent 5/5

I like how I turned out in the end :D

very silly, gotta have some enya


glad to hear :)

haha, indeed it was! 

Haha, yeah, i thought about cult classic movies and cult classic novels and thought it’d be funny if the dialog got mashed up. After that I played around with the aesthetic and the interactions. Thanks! 🙏 

aw thanks :)

thanks! The Pee Wee voice and bike were a lot of fun to make :)

nice i can leave a comment on my own blog post and like my own blog post

well, they say you should be your own best friend

lol there's comments

This is the main thread for the online event: Together at Sunset for June 20th, 2017 8 PM EST. 

Feel free to share your thoughts here.

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Hi all,

My friend and I participated in Global Game Jam this weekend and wanted to react to the news of the inauguration and protests and everything so we made this game.

We had lots of discussion and detours along the way (including a game involving hermit crabs), but we're happy we ended up where we did.

In "The Chat" your child asks you questions about whether violence is okay or not and you explore different answers through your choices.

It's text-based, requires the mouse, and your eyes to read (English only, sorry!) and only takes 5 minutes to play!

Let me know what you guys think!

Hi everyone!

Clyde's World is a series of comedic vignettes about a hapless schoolboy for whom nothing seems to go right.

It's basically a bunch of joke minigames about being a relatable awkward kid like messing up a high five or not quite being good at sports.

It's a cute little game (plays in a few minutes) that my friend and I made for the Super Love Jam 2016 in NYC.

It got a ton of laughs at the presentation and we had a lot laughs making it. We hope you'll laugh too.

Check it out and let us know what you think!


I had the idea that choices in games don't have to necessarily be choices by an avatar but a choice by the player themselves and could be more personal.

I didn't have the text entry at first, but when I found Twine supported it, it seemed like a natural way to make players' choices become more personal.

I also realized realized that meditation is kind of an interactive exercise (for me at least) so when I was thinking of this game concept, I drew from those experiences.

Thanks for the comment :D

Thanks! I tried making it work together and I'm glad you noticed!

Thanks very much for the comment! :D

Hi everyone,

I've made this introspective game called "Reflections at Sunset". I'm proud of the things it explores and would be happy if you played it.

In it, you enjoy watching the sunset, listen to the sound of the waves, and allow your thoughts to wander towards the things in your life. It was inspired by my experiences while meditating and the process of going from innocuous thoughts to more personal ones.

As such, there are multiple different conclusions you may reach in your thoughts. Will you think of past pain? Great joy? Love? Loss?

There is no single answer. There's only you and your thoughts.

Feel free to reach out with any questions on development or of any feedback you'd like to give.

And remember, your thoughts are yours and yours alone.