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hi there! I'm getting an error.. :

The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing:
Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)
SharedArrayBuffer - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)

Nice mood, but I'm not sure what I have to do? Is there a goal to reach, or is it more something like a little playground?

Great! I've submitted my game! Thank you for this extra late window of opportunity :)

I'm trying to submit it now, but the choice for "Type" seems to be missing - which one should I choose? I made a digital game for the arcade cabinet.

Ohh that's great! Thank you so much :)

Damn.. I had a problem and the game wouldn't run on Itch in browser.. Fixed it, but 20 minutes too late... :/ here it is though:

Thank you! :)

thank you! this is my first ever Let's-play of a game I made :) it's also the first time I saw someone else play my game, I didn't have time for any playtesting, and I'm very happy to see you could play it well with the experimental controls - so thanks for that too!

Thank you :) it was a bit of a happy accident that I've been wanting to try do something with video in Unity and randomly picked this jam (which sounded nice) to do so, but you are right, it was very pleasing to work on, because video and horror games go really well together....! If I have an other go at this, I shall go for horror again^ thanks for the insight!    

Cool, thank you :) I haven't tried using crossfades, but for myself I like the harsh cuts, it adds to the esthetic somehow, but I agree that at some points it could use a little more polish. Thank you for the feedback!  

haha, glad you liked the worms :) yeah, the birds turned out the best, probably because they're moving within the image on the z-axis as well, I was planning on doing more of that, but had to simplify because of time.. I agree with you that the others look a little bit flat though, thanks for the feedback!

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Thank you :) glad you liked it

Thanks for playing and taking the time to reply :) yeah, the controls are a bit of an experiment too, there's an option in the settings menu to indicate sweep-moments with on-screen-arrows, but this is turned off by default because it takes away from the immersion a bit.. maybe I could indicate it with a sound or a colorshift or something, to make it more subtile and less immersion breaking.. something to look into, thank for the feedback! and happy to hear you enjoyed it apart from the sweeping^  

Nice work! :) - if you're open for suggestions: I would put some extra time in sound design next (maybe put a little variation in the shoot-sound, and some speedy noise during the speedup between levels,..), it will make your lovely design and artwork look and feel more pollished too!

whaa.. I couldn't do it... :/  hope you guys fared better! I'd love to try this again when work is a bit more slow (in summer maybe?) - thanks again for the organisation and support, and good luck in the next jam everyone!! 

whaa.. I couldn't do it... :/  hope you guys fared better! I'd love to try this again when work is a bit more slow (in summer maybe?) - thanks again for the organisation and support, and good luck in the next jam everyone!! 

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thank you sir! :) I hadn't heard of RealtimeCSG, but I just checked it out and it looks nice..! I didn't get very deep into ProBuilder yet, happy to drop that for this, your timing is perfect - thanks again!!


made a small devlog video today:

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check my daily devlogs under the devlog tab

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Day #01 - made this page :) ! - will post my devlogs under the devlog tab

Loved it! Thank you guys :)


I think I selected everything from android 5 upwards when I created it - what version are you on?

Thank you for your review! (my very first one on itch..!) :) And thanks for the feedback - I wanted the game to be a bit hard, but you are absolutely right that it is way too hard to control the character in it now.. I ran out of time to tune the gameplay (a wise lesson to learn probably..) Since the deadline I've played around it a bit more and made it easier to control but then it also instantly became less fun to play it as well..! It's all about finding that perfect balance I guess.

nice one!


can't open the RAR-file...