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Jarod de Cleen

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Glad you finished it! You were right about all the colors except red. The red one is on the note, since the blood on it is red. You can see the order of the code in de painting and what colors you should be looking for. The colors would initially be on the door itself, but I wanted to make it more challening. Turns out that I made it too challenging now xd. 

Ty ty! Yes I've made the assets myself, both pixel and line art :D

Thank you! :D

Great game, love the pixel art! Also liked how every chest was different, with either a candy or a spook, like a trick or treat.

Nice jazzy game! Loved how all the ghost played something different with their mechanics. Really fits with the background music as well.

Very cute horror game. Loved all the different haunt options.

Really fun game! Loved the aesthetics, and the random events that happened in the background.

Nice game! The pixel art works very well with the sound, and the puzzles were nicely done.

Cool game! Love the story and the twist in the end. Really made me curious to what I've actually done xd

haha nice, maybe I've made the last puzzle a little too difficult xd

Very nice game, looks very nice with the post processing! Love the level design, the difficulty scaling was nicely done. The levels after you introduced the gate were very challening, but I had to complete it, my sanity didn't like that xd

Funny conept, also very trippy xd

Fun concept, the scaling in difficulty was also nicely done.

Would've loved to have more puzzles, but overal great concept! :D

Very fun and challenging concept! I did have moments that when jumping from a gear, I instantly get back on the gear, but nothing game breaking.

Nice game! The leaderboard is a nice touch :D

Love the idea and the puzzle designs :D

Very nicely done. Love the different combos you can make!