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It's a hard, but fun game.

Although the graphics are simple in comparison to the others, it has a lot of detail, thanks to the story, the bullet patterns and specially the soundtrack.

When playing it for the first time, dying is inevitable. Thankfully, retries are infinite, so it's possible to keep playing to gather skill until reaching the end. There's also a practice mode in case you just want to observe the patterns or watch the ending faster.

I only have a few issues:

  • The 45º rotation is a little bit annoying to aim and shoot, and sometimes you can get confused with which button will rotate left/right. This can be observed in the first level, when you're supposed to dodge bullets by moving around counter-clockwise. It would be cool to be able to aim directly with the mouse, or having a smooth rotation instead of the instant 45º switch.
  • Cutscenes can't be skipped after retrying. While it doesn't repeat literally everything from the start, it's still a little annoying to spam the skip button until you start over.

The game itself is pretty short, with only 3 bosses and 1 extra boss after the ending. But bullet patterns are pretty diverse and there are a plenty of them, so in order to master each one to defeat every boss can take some time. You can also try playing again for a faster time or for a no-damage run, which could add to replayability.

Very well designed overall!

Of all submissions, I think this is the most "natural" game in terms of graphics.

Minimalist puzzles are quite common these days, and are everywhere: from 2048 to Mini Motorways, these games embrace the flat design and a small quantity of colors. And this game does exactly this!

The low resolution and the pixel font gives a good mix between "retro" and "modern". It's easy to look past the minimalism and "see" the cities, parks and lakes.

The game is simple: you have to connect city blocks together while keeping a balance to keep the city "green", with parks and lakes. By dragging with the right mouse button, you can get more space and keep connecting more and more blocks until the green and blue indicators are full.

It would be an excelent game to play on the go, if not for just one little problem...

The right click! How are we supposed to right click on a touch screen? D:

It's a shame, really. Maybe we could have one button to alternate between a "place mode" and "drag mode"?

Overall, it's a great minigame to play!

A really good concept. It looks good, it plays good, and It's incredibly satisfying to punch stuff.

It's a shame that the game is unfinished, because it could easily be ranked way higher among other games, just for the gameplay alone. There's not much else to do in the game: enemies knock you back, but don't harm or kill you. Collecting hearts doesn't do anything, and map exits have no collision, which means it's possible to get out of bounds.

One thing to note: hearts do not despawn if you collect them, and enemies/pots respawn after you re-enter the same area. If you repeatedly hit pots in a certain way, it's possible to fill the screen with hearts until the game crash.

I must admit that I had a lot of fun trying to crash the game as fast as possible. :P

Overall, it's a  fun and well thought idea. Even for an unfinished game, the idea is so good that I think it might very well stand above other big submissions in presentation and gameplay.

The idea might be simple, but the presentation and overall pace is well made!

The storyline may not be as complex as other submissions, but it gives a good feeling of suspense due to the character's reactions and the robots chasing after you. These points, alongside the minimalist graphics, help to provide a sense of imagination that's easy for the player to follow.

Unfortunately, it's too short: the puzzles are too simple and there's only one single enemy to avoid. But the game does have a lot of potential!

Of all submissions, this is the most polished game in my opinion.

It has excelent graphics, a catchy music and a good highscore system. The Mode 7 effect and the coronas give a good sense of depth and perspective, and overall the game is very easy to pick up and play.

And although it doesn't look as advanced as the other 3D games, I still consider this to be above them for a few reasons:

  • Gameplay: it plays and feels like a proper game instead of just a tech demo.
  • Theme/Originality: the overall theme makes it very distinct: it's purple, cute, with a witch flying around. it's very unique in contrast with the usual space shooter theme, so recurrent among the other games.

My only criticism goes to the playtime: it's just too short. Apart from that, it's a good minigame to play!

That's a great game!

Good graphics and music, gameplay gives that fast-paced, retro arcade feel. Controls are fine, except maybe for spacebar to start the game (just clicking on screen would be enough).

Impressive work, specially considering how this was made in only 7 hours!

(2 edits)

Assets are inside "src" folder:


To run the game, all you need to do is move "sfx" folder to where your executable is. Assuming "debug" and "release" targets, you just have to copy and paste these assets there, and it should run with no problems:

│ ├─sfx (COPY...) 
│ └─sprites (included within executable, so it's not necessary)
  | ├─sfx (...PASTE)
  | └─game-winter (debug executable)
    ├─sfx (...PASTE) 
    └─game-winter (release executable)

The end result should be like this:

(game directory)
| ├─bgm_main.wav
| ├─sfx_fly.wav
| ├─sfx_hit.wav
| ├─sfx_play.wav
| └─sfx_rain.wav
└─game-winter (debug/release executable)

That's why there's a "pack-assets.bat" inside the project folder . I was thinking about using "", but it ended up being a lot easier to just use a batch file instead. :P

Sorry for the lenghty reply. I hope you can play the game! :D

Well... it's Sokoban!

Graphics looks good. Sound effects are fine. Gameplay is as simple as you can expect it to be. All levels were pretty challenging. It was really fun to solve all of them! :D

My only complaint, though, it's that, for some reason, arrow keys don't lock into the game. When you try to move up or down, the entire page scrolls. On the other hand, the game specifically teaches you how to play using WASD instead of arrow keys, so there's that. But still, I think it would be great if this problem with arrow keys could be fixed, since it seems to be a more natural choice for this type of game.

I hope I'm not being too picky in this review. But anyway... nice game! :P

It's a simple game, but it feels like it was a little rushed.

Graphics are quite simple, even considering the screen resolution. That doesn't affect gameplay itself that much, but the title screen, unfortunately, just doesn't leave a good first impression in terms of authenticity. I assume you were using Construct, right? I think the text would've been a lot better if you had used Sprite Fonts. Given the limitations, I think small fonts, like PICO-8 font, would be a nice fit here.

There's no soundtrack, just sound effects. Noisy, highly-pitched sound effects! I recommend to mute the tab if you want to try seeking for higher scores. Otherwise, it's kinda annoying to hear that everytime you get a new record.

Gameplay seemed hard to me at first, mostly because I assumed it would play just like any typical platformer, where you just move left/right and jump. Then, after getting my first "double spike" stairs, I ended up getting a little bit frustrated at that point...

...until I found that you can double jump! Doing so also shoots a laser down, making it possible to destroy spikes. After that, I found the game quite fun to play for a while! After 50 or 60 points, a monster will spawn. It will push the stairs and make it harder for you to climb up.

I think the game could be a lot better if it had just a little bit more of polishment, like fixing the title screen, giving a few improvements to graphics, etc. The game may look confusing at first, but becomes fun after you learn to double jump over spikes. That's what made me enjoy it!

That's a surprisingly fun minigame. Ended up making up to 10000 points.

The way the character walks is almost as funny as the music! :P

Quite hard, but pretty enjoyable to play.

Loved the graphics and specially the music, although I think it could be at least a little bit longer (so it doesn't get repetitive after a while). It only has 4 levels, but they're well sized and relatively long enough to provide a few minutes of gameplay, depending on how long you want to keep going.

Controls are fine, too: the rocket is pretty simple to control and everything seems to work fine. Gameplay is simple enough to start playing right after being loaded.

I only had two issues with the game:

  1. If you're on a corner and move your mouse around, the rocket will end up colliding with the wall/spike and being destroyed. This is annoying sometimes because there are some parts where you need to pass through a couple of spikes which are too nearby each other, and the only way to proceed is to navigate between them on a very tight spot. If you rotate between them, you may end up destroying the rocket.
  2. Level design may be fine for such a simple game with only 4 levels, but it could be a lot better. I would suggest reducing the amount of "tight spots" of spikes and adding some checkpoints throughout the level, so it gets less frustrating.

It has good visuals and music, but could be a lot better if it had more diverse, well-designed levels. Overall, I think it's a very well made game! :D

I wanted to give this game a try before, but for some reason, it wouldn't run on any of my browsers: it gets stuck and never loads. Thankfully, it worked on Edge. I have no idea why this happens, but some Unity games just seem work fine while others get stuck at the loading scren. :/

Good game! I like the simple mechanics and minimalist design.

There's just a few issues I would like to point it out:

  1. Although green and orange colors are easy to identify, their counterparts, lime and yellow, can be hard to see and differentiate between then. You could try making them brighter or using a different color.
  2. Early game is kinda slow, and difficulty doesn't seem to increase. It would be nice if objects became faster after each "level" (when the circle change colors) and had different movement patterns. That would definitely help making the game more challenging, and fun to play for longer periods of time.
  3. Not really a big issue, but... in addition to the "Play" button, having a key (like Enter) to press would be nice to have, too.

Other than that, the game itself is fine. Given the resolution, it's got a fair amount of visual effects, which helps to give that great "pixel art" feel!

(2 edits)

Althrough it does have a very interesting concept, the execution is a little bit flawed.

First, a quick description about the game: in order to reach the other side of the map, you need to rotate your character around and use your hands to "push" yourself towards the next part, which contains one green button. Touch it and... congratulations, "you win lol"!

The idea itself is nice! It moves kinda like 6DoF (Six Degrees of Freedom), and one example of game which does use this type of movement is Sublevel Zero Redux.

The real problem with your game, through, are the controls: it's very confusing to move where you want to, specially when you're trying to "fall" into the other side of the map. Gravity rotation doesn't feel fast enough to manuever properly, and disabling gravity with your hand feels more like you're "pushing" towards the other side.

After winning the game, I couldn't find a way to close the game either. I tried pressing Esc, but that didn't work.

Graphics-wise, it's very unfinished. The game only uses one single, repeated texture on the level, except for the "lava" section at the start. Player's hands are fine, and the green button is... well, it's green, at least! :P

And finally, the music is fine, but it would be nice if it did last just a little longer.

Althrough your game looks very early, it does have a good concept, and I think the idea itself could work a lot better if weren't for the controls. Overall, I think you made a good work on this one, specially considering it was made under 2 days! :)

Side note: if you manage to "fly" around the first section of the map, you'll find a statue of Christ the Redeemer and a message saying "GG NOOB". LOL!

The world is well made and overall looks nice, but unfortunately, due to the broken movement code, that's all I can say. I can't move around the map, only move the camera. Yet, at the same time, I really wanted to see how it actually plays.

I ended up having a funny feeling about this... It's like seeing something you really wanted to buy, but it's very expensive, so all you can do is look at it through a shop window.

Can you fix the movement code? I'm just kinda curious to see what I'm missing here. :P

(1 edit)

There's not much to say, to be honest... good graphics, good music and sound effects, good gameplay. Given the short time and all the resources you made, I'm impressed with the overall result. But even outside the jam, it still look very complete, to the point I would consider this to be an already finished game.

That's it, you managed to make a fully functional game in under 1 hour! That's really impressive!

These assets are from 2D Cave Platformer Tileset [16x16], by RottingPixels. It's licensed as CC0 (Public Domain).

Thanks for the comment! :D

It's an interesting idea, fits the theme very well. However, mostly due to the short time, the game still have a few problems.

I think WASD and Spacebar should be changed to just using Arrow Keys, this would be more intuitive in my opinion. The screen also needs to be resized, so it doesn't show that gray, empty area beyond the level area. There's music, but it's too short and after a can become a bit annoying after a few loops.

But apart from that, I still think this is a good result for the time you had to make it. You've managed to create some levels, add music, and finish the gameplay, all under 1 hour. Nice work!

Considering the tight deadline, it's a very good game. Just a platformer, nothing crazy, but works well, it has at least one music, and fits the theme.

My only complaint is that, when you reach the last screen, you can't get out of water/sewer after falling down. I think it should have at least one way to climb back to the left side or just kill the player so we don't have to wait until the game over screen to show. But other than that, it's a good game!

That's a cool game. Graphics are very simple, but fine.

The gameplay, however, needed some more work. You only have 3 seconds to react to anything, and if you lose, you go all the way back to the beginning of the game.

You gotta remember that none of us ever played your game before, and thus we don't know what each level look like. When going to a new level, people will try to stop and analyse what does it look like before doing anything... only to get punished by the "3 second time limit" and repeat the entire game all over again.

I think you can make your game a lot more accessible and fun if you remove the time limit and make people only retry the levels they currently failed instead of pushing them back to the start.

Althrough there's not much of gameplay, the presentation is very good (it even has voice acting). It has a lot of potential.

Cool game, with nice graphics and sounds! The level design makes good use of it's mechanics and the game itself has just the right amount of levels so it doesn't make it look repetitive. I got stuck a few times, but overall I really enjoyed it.

I think you should embed the web version (HTML5) directly on it's page instead of distributing a ZIP file. Change the "Kind of project" to "HTML" and upload the ZIP there so people can play your game from there. I'm sure it will be a lot more appreciated this way! :D

I really liked the graphics, they're so simple, but very well made.

The gameplay is good, but the controls are counter-intuitive and could be a lot better. Sure, they make the game feel more challenging, but at the same time, it severely limits what we can do in the game and forces every level to be passed on a very specific way. I wish I could just aim at any direction I want and look for unique ways of beating each stage.

Cool idea and gameplay! it just needed some better aiming controls.

I don't know if it was just me, but this game tends to get stuck on loading screen when trying to play. Refreshing and then immediately stopping the page seems to fix this problem.

It's very similar do Limbo, with great art and atmosphere. There are a few spikes which kill you, and one sign that says "Continue",  but there's nowhere to go after that. I was hoping to find a secret exit or something which would allow me to get further into the game, but after dying and playing for a few minutes, I gave up.

This game has a lot of potential, through!

There's not much to see here, unfortunately. The game is in a really unfinished state.

Your character is very bugged and can clip through the walls. Graphics are basically placeholders. Messing with the same traps again makes you lose the game. Everything seems very confusing to play.

The concept is cool and it can work well. I think it only needed some extra time to polish the game a bit more.

While the idea is good, it eventually affects the gameplay itself.

This game is fun for the first 5 minutes, when you're slowly spreading corpses to pass through the first rows of spikes and the doors. But after that, it starts to get repetitive, because when you die you go all the way back to the beginning and need to run through everything over and over again.

This could be resolved with checkpoints through each part of the level.

I really like the idea. The level design is very challenging, too.

Graphics are simple enough, but that CRT effect was unnecessary in my opinion (it makes everything stretched and blurry). Other than that, it's fine. That's a really good game!

This game is great! Controls are simple, the idea fits nicely with the theme, graphics are simple and it even has some cool visual effects (like shaking the screen and creating dust particles when something explodes).

One thing I noticed was that the game doesn't reset properly after the "game over", but apart from that, it's very stable.

Given the short development time, this is a really well made game!

A platformer game with a nice premise, but unfortunately, I couldn't get past the first level. I tried to climb on ramen in order to get past the end of the level, but my character keeps picking it up instead.

I feel it could be a lot better if wasn't for the time. I would like to have a way to gain points and move the "umbrella" with the mouse (or at least move a little faster). But still, the game seems very interesting!