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Great job, I saw your devlog on the new pirate game you're working on which lead me here. Love the atmosphere!

Great job, very polished!

Great job, atmosphere was spot on!

Great job, thanks for sharing!

Great job, the atmosphere was spot on.

Great job, very spooky!

Great game, short and sweet but very polished

Great job, atmosphere was spot on!

Great job, well implemented

Great job, I love the overworld progression slitting into individual levels. Thanks for sharing!

Great job, love the block sprites you put together!

Great foundation, would love to see more post-jam

Great job! The purple one was my favorite

Great job, I love the world toggling at will and feel like this would make a great basis for a full game.

Love the humor and bear friend!

Very original and lots of fine touches of polish make it stand out!

Great job, quite the undertaking for a jam!

Great game, very polished and I love the art

Great job, just wanna get our mouse buddies cheese!

Very well done, an extremely nice change of pace from a lot of the other games submitted. I enjoyed myself all the way through

Great job, I enjoyed this greatly! 

Absolutely spot on with the atmosphere and should design. It was a bit railroading to only have one viable path, which gave it more of an interactive experience for me. Getting through this may very well have been more of your intervention. Great job!

Didn't realize it was the ghost of the body until the end of the first level :) great job!

Really loved this, SUPER aesthetic

Thanks so much for playing!

Very well done, extremely polished and enjoyable!

Checking it out now!

Very nicely put together, thanks for sharing!

Great job, monster definitely spooked me the first time!

Great game, I LOVE the freed turtles helping to grab trash

Glad you enjoyed :P

Great job, aesthetic and sound had me very nostalgic

Very nice work, always into a co-op game in game jams

I really love the art aesthetic, great job!

Great job, atmosphere is stellar!

Good job, always like co-op games!

This looks amazing! great work

Great job, I really love the companions/powerup machanic

Great work, would love to see more after the jam is finished!

Great work, a little more guidance in the game itself would probably be all it needs to bring it to the next level.