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On the jam page, the discord link is actually linking to instead of Pixel Game Jam Discord.

Wow! That score should be hard to beat!

Simple yet fun! Good sound. Music and Effects fit the vibe of the game. I wish there was a   'game over screen'. It seemed like once the board was mostly filled, it was real slow in filling the resulting spaces. And i waited for a while, but board never completely filled up.

Thank you!

Thanks for playing! I thought I had finally squashed that weird animation bug on the buttons. Makes no sense why they don't animate when you return to the main menu. If we had more time, I would have looked more into it, but the bug stopped happening for me.

I also live streamed the development on my youtube.

I had more plans, but I wanted to stay as close to the 3 hr mark as possible.

THanks for catching that! I have reuploaded!

Thanks for checking it out! Yeah, i suck at picking out music. I'll just have to spend some more time looking.
I started working on as the speed ramps up, I also need to ramp up the turn angle.

I do plan on doing a VR version. I just need to find an interior cockpit that goes with it.

All the art I'll be keeping. Its just going to be a super simple game that I'm trying to finish off as much as possible.

I want leaderboard, login system, store, everything.

And I'll even do ads for mobile. I just want to finish a game. LOL.

LootLocker is a plug and play, cross-platform, game back end.

Features of LootLocker include:

  • Achievements
  • Collectables
  • Crafting (Coming Soon)
  • Energy
  • Heroes & Classes
  • Leaderboards
  • Mission
  • Progression
  • Triggers

This asset you are purchasing is a Playmaker integration. It doesn't yet include an entire implementation of the LootLocker API. The key features of this asset implement the following "white label" (signing up or logging in with email address or username) LootLocker Features:

  • Player Signup Sign in (to save player data in the cloud)
  • Leaderboards (with or without metadata)
  • XP and Progression
  • Key/Value Pair Cloud Storage (create your own player attributes you want to save)

Here is a list of every Playmaker action included in this asset:


  • CheckWhiteLabelSession
  • End Session
  • StartGuestSession
  • StartGuestSessionWithStringIdentifier


  • CheckActiveSession
  • InitNewConfig


  • GetMemberRank
  • GetScoreList
  • SubmitScore
  • SubmitScoreWithMetaData


  • GetPlayerName
  • GetXpAndLevel
  • SetPlayerName
  • SubmitXp

Player Storage:

  • GetSingleKeyPersistentStorage
  • UpdateOrCreateKeyValue


  • WhiteLabelLogin
  • WhiteLabelPasswordReset
  • WhiteLabelSendVerificationEmail
  • WhiteLabelSignUp

LootLocker has many features not implemented yet in this Playmaker Integration. If there is something missing that you want, comment on this page, or reach out to me in the lootlocker-playmaker channel in my discord:

Console error is [UnityCache] '' successfully downloaded but not stored in the indexedDB cache due to the error: NotFoundError: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': One of the specified object stores was not found.

I couldn't download because it was a .rar file. If it was a .zip I would have played it!

I finally got a quick test on it. Should work as long as you don't hit 'ready' until both players in chat room.

I researched more. Looks like one person submits, and the other team members can be added as contributors.

Its been a while since I've done a Jam. And I've only done a handful with teams.

What is the process for a team of people to join a jam together?

Do they all join the jam? How do they join as a team?

Congratulations on 1st Place on Philip's Birthday Game Jam. Please reach out to me on Discord! mrphilipjoel#0074

Congratulations on 2nd Place on Philip's Birthday Game Jam. Please reach out to me on Discord. mrphilipjoel#0074

Congratulations on Third Place for Philip's Birthday Game Jam! Please reach out to me via Discord mrphilipjoel#0074

That's a great question. i have the three winners selected. Its just been a crazy couple months. I have to finish the video and post it. Then I will notify the winners. Sorry for the delay.

Greetings! I was hoping you could help me out. I use Unity, and I built out the webXR sample. It plays just fine on itch with my oculus quest, but if I try loading with iOS, the unity plugin gets stuck. Any tips? Thanks!

Not sure of anything specific, but my favorite N64 game was GoldenEye.

You could always try installing 2020 and see how it goes. 2019 will still be there if you need to fall back on it.

a vertical slice is basically a proof of concept. If you have a game idea, a vertical slice should highlight what the project is all about. 

But you can do whatever as long as it doesn’t violate the rules. 

what errors are you getting?

I used your sprite for a video game I made for my wife's birthday. I tried making my own, BUT IT'S SO HARD! I was so happy to find your sprite, because its a great 2d pixel representation of my wife.

where is the theme poll to vote on game jam topic?

Hats off to the amazing sprite work by SebasRez.

I'm glad you liked it! My hat goes off to SebasRez. He did all the art, and made all the sprites for the animations. He even made it to where I could go further by animating the body of the monster as well, but just ran out of time. Definitely going to revisit this project. I was originally going to make it multiplayer too.

SebasRez did an awesome job with the art. The reason you couldn't aim with the weapon, is we wanted to make it feel a bit like old school 'space invaders'. Being able to aim the weapon might have made it too easy as well.

Good idea!

It was not intended. Just ran out of time. Glad you enjoyed the concept. It was really awesome to team up with someone on this jam.

I can't wait to play your finished version of this game. Its already really fun. My favorite part was after I destroyed all the enemies, their weapons were still spawning and shoooting me. LOL

Nice cheat! I'll be sure to add that to the entry for my game. LOL (remember those days?)

I like the idea of pointing the direction. Thanks. 

I feel like I'd love this game. But, it showed up just too small on my screen. I even downloaded the game to see if there was some full screen option, but alas, I could not find one. I had a really hard time seeing which direction my ship was facing. 

Felt a bit easy starting out (but 3 hours isn't much time to really dial in difficulty so no big deal). I got to the level where the background was two colors, and then a two-headed giraffe was in the ark. All the gas cans were spawning below that, but it seems I couldn't move to the bottom of the screen to get them.