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Hypolite Petovan

A member registered Dec 08, 2018

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Virtual windows managers are a soft spot of mine, instructions were clear, balancing numbers was fun and easy, writing is quirky without being cryptic, music bops with not one nor two but three tracks!

I completely understand your priority choice given the jam constraints!

An awesome submission! Playing with gravity is always fun and this game isn't an exception to the rule. Graphics are NICE! The lighting from the sun looks perfect on the planets' bumpy landscapes. Only regret is that the enemy planet doesn't shoot back (even at random) in Single Player but it still is fun for a little while.

You're welcome, thank you for your work! I completely get the time constraints, I was wondering if mineral gave a weapon edge while food gave a population boost for example, and it wasn't entirely clear just from the frantic gameplay.

You're welcome, thank you for your work, both technical and design, it shows and it is pleasing. This game made me feel strong emotions because I'm the kind of person who hates losing a single unit in war games, not because it's bad.

Complete game with nice graphics, fun theme. It's interesting that a quick calculation based on 4 availables plants and exactly 3 different in a brew gives only 4 possible cases. Adding just one more plant would  have made 10 possible cases, allowing the same plant multiple times would have allowed 20 possible cases, and both would have yielded 35 possible cases!

This game is definitely easy to extend to offer more varied (and difficult!) play.

Overall, an impressive submission even if I'm not sure why it triggered my Windows firewall dialog?

Without any time controls like pause or simulation speed, I believe this game forces itself into a real-time corner where the expectations are much higher, including in terms of readily available information and ease of control.

For example, efficiently building a contiguous wall is extremely difficult because of the manual orientation of the wall and the absence of drag movements. Beyond that, the wall orientation sometimes changes on its own, reverting a manual command, and I found this incredibly frustrating because it is real-time. Such a quirk would be less of an issue if you could pause.

I liked the theme and the clean art style, both inside and outside the game, but the real-time element made it anxiety inducing and the awkward controls made it frustrating to play, because I was never really in "Control".

Still a pretty good submission!

Excellent submission, perfectly fitting both the jam and its theme, I got a little nervous at the start because I thought i was only controlling one side, but then I realized that I could grab both and that no side would wipe the other, which makes it even better in my eyes.

Is there a difference between both resources?

Ooooh, neat, I've been trying that but I kept over-shooting or undershooting.

No, it isn't as bad. The pace feels fast because the clock numbers fly, but also the sun cycle admirably rendered in shadows and colors does seem to race across the sky. Just a pause feature would be welcome. Quarter-pace, half-pace, double-pace and quad-pace features would be awesome, just to either enjoy the scenery in motion or to speed up the simulation.

Of course, thank you for your work!

Thank you for your work, it's an awesome little game!

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This is a very good game on its own, but I don't feel like it fits this jam, and this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm desperately bad at it.

I was afraid the little information about this game on would make it unplayable, but the in-game help was detailed enough to get me started. Graphics are cute even though it is a little cumbersome to have to manually check every single crank to figure out if they are used because they are animated even if not producing power.

I subtracted one star because I realized after 3 failed attempts to make money that power lines cut power in half with each tile traversed! This isn't explained anywhere and pretty much rules out any dispersed layout to optimize profit, and makes capacitors irrelevant.

Button voice over is well done and a funny surprise but does get a little repetitive after a while.

In the end, a solid submission.

Virtual windows managers are a soft spot of mine, instructions were clear, balancing numbers was fun and easy, writing is quirky without being cryptic, music bops with not one nor two but three tracks! An awesome submission.

The visuals are impressive, but the absence of time controls made the experience confusing as I was scrambling through the UI to figure out what was going on. Also it started the game with -15 humans? Since the time was still going at a visibly frenetic pace, I panicked and quit the game.

I spent an inordinate amount of time in this game despite its lack of interaction, but aside the "walk without carrying anything" awkward animation where feet go over each other, it is a complete experience with a bunch of nice details, like the non-monotonous pathfinding, the real time shadows, the animated grass and fire, and the background objects.

The action is frantic and confusing, it is hard to know when an attack has been successful or not, and suddenly we're flying in the air, eliminated contestants stay up but can't be interacted with anymore. Beyond that I question the submission to a simulation jam, but maybe it is my own narrow definition of simulation.

It still impresses me that it was made in such a short time.

Complete and colorful, this is a cute gem of a video game.

Distinctive art, promises of depth, surprise point and click, I liked it.

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Works flawlessly on Windows 10, simple idea, perfect execution, snuggly fits the jam theme. 👍

Very cool idea, a sim/skill mashup game!