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Without any time controls like pause or simulation speed, I believe this game forces itself into a real-time corner where the expectations are much higher, including in terms of readily available information and ease of control.

For example, efficiently building a contiguous wall is extremely difficult because of the manual orientation of the wall and the absence of drag movements. Beyond that, the wall orientation sometimes changes on its own, reverting a manual command, and I found this incredibly frustrating because it is real-time. Such a quirk would be less of an issue if you could pause.

I liked the theme and the clean art style, both inside and outside the game, but the real-time element made it anxiety inducing and the awkward controls made it frustrating to play, because I was never really in "Control".

Still a pretty good submission!


Thanks for playing!

I'm sorry for your gameplay had to be so frustrating... We didn't had much time to develop cause of studying and work. 

This build style was only a prototype to make the game a little playable, but the original idea was to just click on the border and build it.

We're working on and we adjusted the virus to have a cure rate, also calculated a more reasonable values for lethality and spreading. As computational engineering students, we want to make it more realistic and playable as possible. 

Indeed, we couldn't make the effective "control" to control it, but we are still working on project (maybe make it 3D to better visualization also with different styles of civilization, like city or village), more actions for the player, to have a better control of the situation.

If you enjoyed the game, please feel free to follow us. As soon we have an update we will upload it! We will be very happy to have your feedback.

Thanks once again


You're welcome, thank you for your work, both technical and design, it shows and it is pleasing. This game made me feel strong emotions because I'm the kind of person who hates losing a single unit in war games, not because it's bad.