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The visuals are impressive, but the absence of time controls made the experience confusing as I was scrambling through the UI to figure out what was going on. Also it started the game with -15 humans? Since the time was still going at a visibly frenetic pace, I panicked and quit the game.


A panic quit isn’t quite as bad as a rage quite, right?

The pace is slow, so no need to panic, there is plenty of time. But you make a very good point. With no tutorial and no obvious “settling in” period this can be unsettling.

Obviously starting with -15 humans is not the intention. We’ve not seen that in any of our (minimal) testing, but we did notice that the graph has a glitch resulting in it starting in the negatives. That may be what you saw. We’ll take a look at this in more detail.

Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback.


No, it isn't as bad. The pace feels fast because the clock numbers fly, but also the sun cycle admirably rendered in shadows and colors does seem to race across the sky. Just a pause feature would be welcome. Quarter-pace, half-pace, double-pace and quad-pace features would be awesome, just to either enjoy the scenery in motion or to speed up the simulation.