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Oh, I know! ESL is hard! I don't want to sound discouraging. It just made things challenging when the dialog was supposed to help the player figure out what to do.

Honestly I think the weird not-quite-right sentences added to the overall atmosphere, since the whole world was clearly not-quite-right to begin with. So there's an argument to be made that it's better this way too.

I was on Windows. I'll see if I can replicate it again, but as I recall I think it came up when I started trying to push the movement buttons after dying, before the screen reset to its normal position. It seemed like that locked the camera where it was.

It was rather well put-together, save for two problems. I didn’t care for having to push a button to go into “shoot mode”, when all it really does is make you zoom in. It makes more sense to just have z shoot normally without the added step, especially since you can still walk around while zoomed. Secondly, way too short. Short isn’t inherently a problem, but a 70+ mb game that you can finish in <5 minutes feels pretty dang weird. Still, with more levels and a bit of polish this one could be really good.

I’m all for level builders in theory. They can be all kinds of awesome, and I think it inspires creativity in others and that’s great.But this one just feels really lacking. I can’t get the screen to scroll, or even get the character to jump, so all I can really make is a flat line or the level appears impossible. Also, some kind of instructions would have been good - took me a while to figure out how to get to the different objects using the F keys.
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very clearly incomplete. Settings button says “click here first” but then the settings page itself is blank. Clicking play button just gives me a gray screen. So if there's no settings, why do you have to click it? What is it doing? After that, tried to play level 1 - was unable to complete first jump of first level, character just barely would not jump high enough. Screen auto-scrolled past me, but level kept going even though I was “dead”.

I don't want to be discouraging, but this definitely needs some more polish.

This was an interesting idea, although I can’t really see myself playing it any more than I already have. It’s fun to mess around with, although I admit I was a bit confused if Online mode actually worked. Either way, it’s a nice quick bit of amusement, just not something with much long-term engagement. But hey, a solid core is definitely important especially for a game jam! Good job.

So this is a game I really really WANT to like. I’m intrigued by the concept, it’s probably the most interesting game to me conceptually. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get anywhere with it. I die so fast that I never get to try upgrading anything, and after several times, I accept defeat.

One bug I did notice was sometimes the camera doesn’t zoom back down from the stat screen after you select to return. That led to some unfortunate deaths, as I was unable to see anything.

Still, I definitely want to emphasize, this is absolutely a concept I would pay money for if it was a bit more polished.

Honestly i can’t play this game. I’m terrible at shooters, so I can’t get anywhere useful. Made it to level 2. Having said that, the difficulties didn’t seem to do much as far as I can tell (maybe meant to be used later?), and more importantly, there were so many shots even my desktop was struggling to handle it. If anything it felt like setting it easier actually made the game harder. At multiple points I ran into literal nonstop series of shots coming from turrets, making essentially an impassible laser wall. The game's Parodius references are obvious, I think you even carbon-copied the powerup bar.

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This was REALLY good. Easily my favorite in the jam. I thought the blood splatters were unnecessary but the game itself was really fun. It was well-made and I definitely think it deserves an award. The levels had good variety and introduced new concepts naturally. I had a bit of trouble getting the dash to trigger sometimes, but that might be user error. Beyond that, it was great. Well done.

I like this one! Jetpacks are underutilized in games in general, I think. This has a lot of potential. I do have a couple of comments. Why have the arm at all? You can shoot all the switches, do we need the ‘arm’ option? The gun feels really weak, in terms of having to stand there a while and defeat the random spiders thanks to the small damage per shot and the lengthy invincibility frames. Also, I would have liked the ability to walk without the jetpack, or at least not always launch forward after I hit the ground. I found controlling it to be a bit of a challenge. Maybe that was the point, but if so I failed to realize it was the point and it wound up a bit frustrating instead.

On the other hand, there’s a lot of content here for a jam game, and I like that you even had a story going on. The spider boss was a lot more challenging than I expected at first! Good job.

Hi, just wanted to share the notes I took while I was playing the game for judging with you!

Had trouble at the “press space” screen. Dialogue is full of Engrish - makes it hard to understand, but in a way it also helps with the ominous and unsettling feel of it. Mostly a problem when it comes to the directions and such. Dialogue goes all the way out - no matter how far away you get the speech keeps happening. (Minor issue) Very short - which is fine. Dark parts remind me of Silent Hill or some other horror game - very nice vaguely ominous feeling.

Overall game would be much better if English was improved. It’s very hard to tell what the people are saying, figured out what I was supposed to do just by luck.

The game could use more polish. For one, if you alt-tab out the mouse never locks into the game again. Also, are there only two levels? That’s fine, I have no issue with it being short, but as far as I could tell level 2 just loops again without any notice. As for playing the game, I noticed a couple of quirks that should be easy to fix up. If an enemy is right on top of you you can’t hit them, because your gun sticks through them so the bullet actually appears on the other side of the enemy. Also, if you stand in the acid, you’re immune to getting hit by the enemies. I assume taking damage from one source is overriding the ability to take damage from another somewhere in your code.

One detail I did really like was you had a click sound effect for when the gun was empty, it was a nice touch.

If you take nothing else from this, though, please reconsider the blurring effect when you move. I found it very disorienting, and I’m not one who usually gets headaches from games.

Was honestly hoping for an idle clicker, would have been all over that. Instead it’s Flappy Bird but without being hatched. Not really a fan at all - and I find the controls confusing since A makes it go right and D makes it go left instead of vice-versa?

Interesting game. At first I thought it was an endless runner but they have different levels. I liked this more than I expected. I could see myself playing this as like an iPhone game. Could use a bit of an introduction to the various concepts - green cubes being okay, or hitting walls that are the same color as the floor also okay, for example. Surprise shop was a neat touch, and removed my prior criticism of not having a reason for the points. I also liked how it used physics - how your cube spun going off ramps and that would change your orientation. Neat. Negatives - no way to quit game that I could find, had to alt-tab and terminate program.

Definitely intrigued by this one! There seemed like quite a bit of content, which is awesome, and I’m curious where you’re going with this! Definitely expecting some spooks with the Lovecraft quote at the start, although since we’re in chapter 3 apparently, it’s hard to say what happened before.

As for specific feedback, the gravity seems to be wonky. I was able to launch myself so high into the air that I died on landing just from a jump. Also the camera sometimes seemed to get stuck behind a wall or door.

Minor technical details aside though, I’m definitely intrigued and would love to see more.

I tried to play this for the FTRjam, but unfortunately I neither have a second player nor the controllers for this game. It seems like an interesting concept but I can't go much beyond that. Good luck!