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Honestly i can’t play this game. I’m terrible at shooters, so I can’t get anywhere useful. Made it to level 2. Having said that, the difficulties didn’t seem to do much as far as I can tell (maybe meant to be used later?), and more importantly, there were so many shots even my desktop was struggling to handle it. If anything it felt like setting it easier actually made the game harder. At multiple points I ran into literal nonstop series of shots coming from turrets, making essentially an impassible laser wall. The game's Parodius references are obvious, I think you even carbon-copied the powerup bar.


thank you for playing and review, I'm sorry about the "too easy" difficulty that is absolutely not working as expected. I wanted to fix this for the next release, that will come along with a bunch of new stuff and some more polished works. I hope you enjoyed it through the other difficulty settings anyway; still hard, I must admit, but certified beatable ;)

I'm glad that you could notice references to Parodius, and yes, powerups, enemies patterns, even some level design are ripped off directly from Gradius games ; not very original, I know, but it helped me a lot to determine a scope on this project in terms of content.

Hopefully i'll upload a fixed and up to date version of the game by the end of the week, please let me know if you ever give it another try :)

Cheers !