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thank you Jupi, it's always a pleasure to see you shuffle jam games for us :) Hope you liked the game,

Cheers !


thank you for playing and review, I'm sorry about the "too easy" difficulty that is absolutely not working as expected. I wanted to fix this for the next release, that will come along with a bunch of new stuff and some more polished works. I hope you enjoyed it through the other difficulty settings anyway; still hard, I must admit, but certified beatable ;)

I'm glad that you could notice references to Parodius, and yes, powerups, enemies patterns, even some level design are ripped off directly from Gradius games ; not very original, I know, but it helped me a lot to determine a scope on this project in terms of content.

Hopefully i'll upload a fixed and up to date version of the game by the end of the week, please let me know if you ever give it another try :)

Cheers !

Hahahaha good drummer's game :]

Hahaha that was fnu :] pretty nightmarish situation :D

Cool :] Poor flies... I guess beer was required to make this game idea :)

Cool music and animations :] I liked the main character design.

The best score I had was 15 but i think i did not understood what I was doing :]

Hey super nice game :]Difficulty is nicely levelled The end was a bit hard but it's beatable and very pleasant to go through !

I loved the story (even if i'm not sure i understood everything) and how the insane idea was used to tell it:)

Very few collision issue (one that helped me with at a hard jar :) but super cool game.

That's nice especially for a first game :)


Nice art !!!

Thanks a lot :)