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re: Antistar [FTR jam demo]View game page

A Fantasy Adventure - Chapter 3, Finished & ReMade
Submitted by Eelstork — 12 hours, 42 minutes before the deadline

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Core Value#92.5304.000

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Jam Judge

Definitely intrigued by this one! There seemed like quite a bit of content, which is awesome, and I’m curious where you’re going with this! Definitely expecting some spooks with the Lovecraft quote at the start, although since we’re in chapter 3 apparently, it’s hard to say what happened before.

As for specific feedback, the gravity seems to be wonky. I was able to launch myself so high into the air that I died on landing just from a jump. Also the camera sometimes seemed to get stuck behind a wall or door.

Minor technical details aside though, I’m definitely intrigued and would love to see more.


Thank you! I'll be pushing until Chapter VII in alpha/early access mode ( at which point I'll look into Gear VR/Apple TV ports as I'm hoping to get this out around December. If you're interested in any of these I'll be happy to get you a copy!

Gravity's alright but the jump action itself is a bit of a placeholder and it's been like that for a while

> __ <

Frankly I've had it with my character controller so I might try something else (also, gamepad support and a less constrained camera are on the roadmap).

Jam Judge(+1)

Really nice world! I included it in my compilation video of all of the games in this jam, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thank you! If you are interested in the game I'll get you a season pass (I realise you are swamped with jam games!!!)


Since no one posted anything here, I thought I would drop a comment.

First of all, bloody hell I love that cat.


Okay, so I really loved this, but I would like to control the camera :P


This comment is fair. The camera system is more flexible in the Birdman series (that you played over at GJ) but this does not satisfy everybody (some players just don't want to handle the camera at all) so I'm planning to improve on that (though probably not until chapter 6). Well did you manage to find the stag, or just the cat? Also, there are 2 completely separate environments in this chapter!


Got to the stag, but then I jumped ahead and the camera faded out.

I guess this was intentional?


Jumping ahead of the stag... ? If that means jumping into nothingness, that will kill you.

As a little tip, there's a golden looking platform halfway between the stag and cat (well closer to the cat actually); after talking to the stag and befriending the cat, a flying machine lands there and you can get a lift.

This game has a bunch of stuff for you to enjoy ; )


Nah I landed onto a platform, the character did stand, but the game screen faded and the game restarted.


Okay there's a bug and a half here as a hard landing will kill the character (which is not a bug, but the speed threshold is too low) and, when this happens, I should make sure the KO animation plays normally. I'll fix that.