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The photo of the interior includes some details that should hopefully give you the gist. For more detail about what it's like in play I'll refer you to the AP Party of One did (which I've been meaning to add to this page but haven't):

My R&D department is working on this feature, but they say it’s unlikely to happen this year. 

Oh, oops! Thanks for catching that. I believe that was a very early title from when the collection was smaller.

I’ve corrected it in my live copy, but I probably won’t push that until I put out a new version with some changes and some additional games.

Hi! Most of my games are small zines or rulebooklets that are meant to be printed out. I also assemble them by hand on nice paper and mail them out to people.

It took me a while to find the Rewards system, but currently that’s the best thing on itch for selling separate things. (See for an example of how I’m doing it.)

A few small changes to how that system works would make me really happy.

1.) When I get an email telling me I made a sale, let me know when there’s a reward associated with it! There’s surprisingly little messaging for “hey, you have to physically prepare a booklet and mail it out”

2.) I have a cache of about 5-20 of each of my games assembled and ready for mailing, but mostly I just have a giant stack of different kinds of paper, and I print and assemble booklets by hand when necessary. This is to say, an option for unlimited quantity rewards would be nice.

3.) A page somewhere where I can see all my currently unfulfilled rewards across all my projects. Maybe even with some kind of button to tell the purchaser that the thing is in the mail?

Let me know if you'd like to submit this to AramJam and I can send you a submission link!

On the embed page, I got stuck on a passage that begins with "You walk up to the door to find eyes staring at you through the slot. They look human and true." since the embed doesn't scroll and there aren't any links out of that passage.

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It's theory rather than fiction, but "Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity" by José Esteban Muñoz might be of interest to some folks.

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Please ping me (@mrfb / matthew at balousek dot net) if you missed the submission deadline!