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Here, a small display bug that doesn't brake the game. It just makes the image flicker a bit, but gameplay-wise, it doesn't bother too much (it even gives free corner carry).

It happens if you dash forward right after her air-special (you still need to be airborne).

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st.H has many advantage frames (on hit) and opens up for variety in combos and that's cool. But actually, it needs at least to keep its pushback even in the corner, or else we'll keep this infinite loop :

Also, below, another one with  st.L>cr.L 

I believe that the small slide on the st.L fills the pushback gap.

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I'm digging into Alisa right now … and HELL SHE'S FUN !!!

Below, a little corner carry loop : 

L-M-H > (fwd) jump > a.M - a.M > (land) L-M-H ...

Once in the corner, there is too much pushback on the air.M, so it won't make an infinite loop. 

As I'm writing this, I realize I didn't try this in the corner :  air. Med - air. Heavy > (land) L - M - H  …  [edit : tested and it doesn't work --> no problem]

The video :

Phil, could you please have a glance at Satoshi's fwd+Special attack pushback in the corner ? Actually, one can link it into st.Light or cr.Light, and then it allows a loop (L-M-H- fwd+Sp > L-M-H … ). Theorically it is an infinite, but it's quite tough to pull out consistently. Just a slice of corner pushback could seal the deal IMO.

Also I really like how Satoshi has many options when in the reach of his standing Special : nice reach on his slide cr.Med, instant airdash Heavy gives a quick overhead, and his 3 specials cover many opponents options.  Also I love that his standing Special can be canceled into a jump as soon as it hits the opponent. 

What I feel he could need is a consistent crossup attack. Maybe his jump Heavy could reach some pixels further behind his center axis ? 

Out of that, I enjoy playing with him, a solid neutral character IMO ! I just feel that his outfit could let you think he has a fancy fighting style. But actually, he excels in midscreen and neutral.

I love how beating the noob dungeon unlocks the custom demon now in V1.0 ! Only then I've been able to test how you managed to get rid of the cr.medium infinite ! :)  Good job overall !! Still very fun to play !

Happy to contribute ! I'm really enjoying the game and all the possible combinations. 

For the fwd attack stuff, I'm trying to delay my inputs a bit, and it works better. But still there's definitely something with directions stuck in the buffer on the custom demon female character (that's the one I've been testing stuff with).

Anyway, here is a small video with a possible combo with the cust. demon girl.

  • Style : Agressor
  • Duck special : Launch blast
  • Air special : Air fireball (works also with air slash)
  • Helper  (or assist) : Boss Wyrm (the rockstar dragon that fires 3 fireballs)

What I wanted to illustrate :

  • Crossup / not-crossup situation for the opening
  • Cr. medium long hit advantage that lets you combo for long enough, so the helper meter fills up for another use
  • Dash fwd between 2 cr. medium is a valid link in the combo
  • No meter use

I love those cr. medium links, still you can easily do an infinite with them as they are now. But I insist on the fact that they allow something interesting. Maybe the pushback on the could depend on the cust. demon playstyle (walk speed), so you can link only 2 cr. mediums or 3, depending on the playstyle... Like the TANK playstyle can link a bunch of cr.mediums (7 or 8), but not an inifinite.

I'm confident that you'll find the solution for this one too.

Regards from France !

Had some blast trying out the game.

I must admit that I've spent more time playing with a custom demon. I'll definitely give all other chars a try too.

The game did never crash or even slow down (i'm playin on a 8 year old laptop with a geforce 525M) , and that is really appreciable for a beta game ! 10/10 for stability !

Characters look cool and ARE UNIQUE ! A blast!  Jokes here and there keep the fun atmosphere without getting too bold or smthg. Many things going unnoticed meaning they all run as intended  ;)

The only really small things i've run into are about specific stuff in the controls. 

1. Sometimes, it seems like if the engine keeps some "ghost" inputs in the buffer. It happens sometimes when there are many quick inputs (attack + some directions or like for instant airdash etc). When the move is finished (and I'm not holding any button anymore) the character is stuck in walking/crouching. As soon as I press a direction button, everything goes back to normal. Does not happen very often.

2. "Forward attack" stuff (fwd+light attack input)

Looking for an opening with the light attack in a footsie situation can lead into having the "forward attack" coming out instead. And the latter is much slower.

Also, during an air combo, as my character lands, I want to make a lil step forward then Light attack (and continue the combo) , or even instant forward jump + light attack to continue with an air juggle combo. But 8/10 times the "forward attack" comes out, as if it had priority over the other inputs. 

As the autocombo comes out also with the Light attack button (when mashed), that makes a lot of controls on that light attack button. Could it be possible to change the "forward attack" input ? Like with [fwd]+heavy ?  It could still make sense gameplay-wise IMO.

And as I said above, outside of those specific subjects, there are so many things that go unnoticed, meaning they're OK, and that's HUGE !

Like, there are some tiny differences in assist cooldown timing which completely make sense when looking at their respective strengths and usefullness. ex.: the Jelly guy and the rockstar dragon. I'm still not convinced which assist I prefer. Both give combo extension, let you setup mixup situations etc., with some tiny differences in timings-cooldown-etc. And that shows there was a lot of work behind the curtains ! BRAVO !

Music is cool, different soundtracks depending on the dungeons. All of it is cohesive. Sounds effects are ok even they're not AAA. All of the sound stuff runs smoothly for me.

Well that will be enough.  Keep it up !!!