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Happy to contribute ! I'm really enjoying the game and all the possible combinations. 

For the fwd attack stuff, I'm trying to delay my inputs a bit, and it works better. But still there's definitely something with directions stuck in the buffer on the custom demon female character (that's the one I've been testing stuff with).

Anyway, here is a small video with a possible combo with the cust. demon girl.

  • Style : Agressor
  • Duck special : Launch blast
  • Air special : Air fireball (works also with air slash)
  • Helper  (or assist) : Boss Wyrm (the rockstar dragon that fires 3 fireballs)

What I wanted to illustrate :

  • Crossup / not-crossup situation for the opening
  • Cr. medium long hit advantage that lets you combo for long enough, so the helper meter fills up for another use
  • Dash fwd between 2 cr. medium is a valid link in the combo
  • No meter use

I love those cr. medium links, still you can easily do an infinite with them as they are now. But I insist on the fact that they allow something interesting. Maybe the pushback on the could depend on the cust. demon playstyle (walk speed), so you can link only 2 cr. mediums or 3, depending on the playstyle... Like the TANK playstyle can link a bunch of cr.mediums (7 or 8), but not an inifinite.

I'm confident that you'll find the solution for this one too.

Regards from France !

Always makes me happy seeing players discover combos like this. Thanks for the video feedback! I will definitely adjust the cr. Medium, it’s a bit busted xD I will also take another look at the input buffer.