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Those are very kind words, thank you! Glad you had a good time. I'm working hard to release a demo for the sequel within the coming months.

Hi, thanks for the detailed feedback! Yes, there's certainly a bunch of stuff that needs improving. The next game will take on the form of a more traditional JRPG to solve the issue of boring random maps. I assume you mean the reserve character? That mechanic will also be removed, instead you'll just have your whole party with you. You'll still get a Game Over if one of them dies, but you can save anywhere and have revival items to retry fights. And I guess I need to include a blocking tutorial. Thanks for playing!

Thank you! Doing my best!

For those who are interested, Beatdown Dungeon now has a sequel in the works!

Thank you! Sometimes it's worth it to explore weird little indie games.

Looks like you found her hidden super! Activate her Overdrive (down + mana button), get your opponent's life into the red and do the down super again. Instead of the Overdrive, Queen will perform an unblockable full-screen insta-kill. Have fun!

Thank you very much! I'm working on a sequel right now, which will hopefully look even better.

Good to know, thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I didn't take this stuff too seriously xD

Hi, this is a known issue, sorry about that. It seems to be triggered by the stick of XBOX 360 controllers. I suggest using other pads because of that.

Wow, these are crazy, especially the second combo! Shirley is probably the most technical character in the game, I modelled her after Venom and Zato from Guilty Gear.  Awesome to see the character's potential being used!

It's a sequel to Beatdown Dungeon. I felt there is a lot to improve, plus I want to add more characters. If you're interested, you can check out my Twitter profile, since I document the development process there:

Great to hear you like it! Unfortunately I don't have the resources or knowledge to create an online mode, at least right now. I'm not saying it's never gonna happen, but not likely :/

That's actually a very good point. Probably should have handled player death like this. My next game will allow you to simply carry your whole party into a dungeon, so the reserve mechanic kinda gets removed. Instead there will be an item which allows you to retry fights, instead of getting a Game Over.

Cool, hope you have a good time!

For the curious: I uploaded Beatdown Dungeon's soundtrack on YouTube:

I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but I certainly had fun making it.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the game. Queen had a pretty lengthy design process, since I wanted a comedic villain that can also be threatening when she has to. A couple of people have asked me for the soundtrack, I might upload it to YouTube soon.

Great to hear that, It's always cool to see people create videos of the game. Pro-tip: if you press S (or down) you can crouch, which changes your moves. Kinda like in Smash Bros. Don't think I saw you try it in the video ;)

Hi, I recommend plugging in controllers before starting the game. But there seems to be a glitch with xbox pads, thanks for reporting it!

OH MY GOD, 53 HIT COMBO!!! I doubt even I can compete with that xD Thank you so much for putting the time in, I rarely see high level play in my game, so these videos are really useful for me.

You're absolutely right! Not gonna lie, I made the training mode really early in development and never  got around to improving it. I can't promise a full feature set like most modern FGs, but the basics like dummy settings shouldn't be an an issue. Thanks for all the feedback, even months after the game's release!

It's amazing how in-depth you go with the  combat system, I feel honored :D Cool to see you summoning all 3 ghosts in Shirley's combo, I don't think anyone had figured this out. In general, not many people seem to use assists properly, maybe I need to make them more prominent in tutorials etc. And you're right , I should include a function to restore the assist meter in training.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm still figuring out the details of dungeon design, but I will try to make it more than just a bunch of hallways xD The plan is also to have enemies visibly run around the overworld. A hub-world is planned as one of the major features: it will replace the boring main menu and provides access to the dungeons, stores, NPCs etc. Think Toad Town or Rogueport from Paper Mario.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it, thanks! The Custom Demon turned out to be a popular feature, I will consider giving them more (selectable) personalities next time. They actually came about because I had already done all the sprites and moves for enemy demons and figured, I might as well make them playable. Most of the story kinda got cut during production and it’s something I wanna put more focus on. The Alisa/Satoshi bit is a reference to an old game of mine, where Alisa was the main character and Satoshi the antagonist. I’m quite surprised there are people enjoying the soundtrack (by no means universally though xD), since I have very little experience composing and used this project as a learning exercise, so thanks! And I agree, Shirley is best.

Do you mean story-wise?  At one point I was going to include character backstories but cut the feature to save time.  I still have some of the rough drafts, so I might include more info on the game's world next time. Here's a bit of trivia: Nitro and Satoshi were roommates at one point, which is why they're the starting characters. Satoshi got his fire powers from Queen but had to pay an absurd amount of money for it. Alisa is the daughter of a crime boss, but ran away from home and became a hero. When Queen was younger, she was called "Princess", since demonic royalty discard their names for their titles.

Yes, she most definitely was.  The whole gravity gimmick alongside moves with various angles was designed to give you a lot of freedom with your combo game. Her down super basically gives you free infinites for a short period of time. Alisa, Satoshi and Queen were designed for long, elaborate combos.

Very kind of you, thanks! Yes, the move is taken straight from Iori, because he's the best! I was actually motivated by indie fighters myself, specifically Yatagarasu, since it came out at a point when I almost cancelled the project. Good luck for your own project! Thanks for reporting the bits on Nitro and Alisa, that stuff is always very useful.

Thank you very much for the suggestions! I absolutely agree with the empty rooms and treasure chests. I put in the !-mark  so players wouldn't get jump-scared by the battle intro, but I see how it reduces the tension. I probably won't include multiple enemies at the same time, since that would  basically require a whole different combat system . My current plan is to design actual non-random dungeons next time and maybe keep the random ones as optional sidequests. Improving the dungeons is very high on my priority list and I'm glad your criticisms overlap with my assessments, what needs to improve.

Wow, I'm happy you had such a good time with the game! And yes, the ArcSys influence is quite strong xD You can freeze an enemy once during a combo, but you can't freeze them a second time. Would result in freeze-loops otherwise ;) Thanks for reporting the mana bug, I'll look into it!

Thanks for the kind words! You're right, Custom Demon could be fleshed out, maybe I'll give them a selectable personality for win quotes or something like that ;)

Huh, I thought I patched that out, but I guess it still works in the corner. Thanks for discovering the infinite! Satoshi was designed to be a mid-range beast with long, elaborate combos, but weak individual hits. I'm glad to hear this seems to be working out for you. I will most likely adjust his jump heavy in general.

Sure, he could use some adjustments ;)

You're right, Alisa's first gravity icon recovers a bit too quickly. Thanks for pointing this out!

The run button will be in the final version (it's not in the beta). Press k or whatever button you set to Back (in menus) to run. Can also be combined with the speed-up badge .

Fun fact: the dungeon floors actually used to be larger, but I already reduced their size. I get what you mean, though. For now, I added a run button  to make exploration faster.

I actively encourage play like this, so don't worry about it being patched out. If you're good enough at the game to pull off a combo like this, you deserve it. The only thing I patch are boring infinites (like normals linking into themselves), which make them game less fun.

Geez, that's awesome! I was worried the final boss might be too difficult, but apparently it's still doable under these circumstances xD

Don't worry, those are still in the game ;) I removed the infinites on them, but tha'ts about it. In general, I fixed one or two infinites and gave Satoshi a new combo, but otherwise your tech should still work.

Always makes me happy seeing players discover combos like this. Thanks for the video feedback! I will definitely adjust the cr. Medium, it’s a bit busted xD I will also take another look at the input buffer.

Thanks for the feedback! The game was actually developed on a 6 year old laptop, to make sure it runs well on low-end machines xD

The game has a pretty lenient input buffer, but not for directional inputs. You shouldn’t get stuck in walking/crouching, that sounds like a bug. Thanks a lot for pointing this out, I’ll try to fix it!

I will take a closer look at the forward attack, thanks for the notice! I probably won’t change the input this close to the game’s release (could result in a bunch of glitches/infinites) but might change the input priority. Have you tried using crouching light attacks instead? They usually have the same range, but don’t trigger the auto combo.

Glad you’re enjoying the customization features! The idea behind assists, badges and the Custom Demon was to give you flexibility in how you fight, since the game is half-RPG.

Thanks again for playing and the detailed feedback!