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I'm digging into Alisa right now … and HELL SHE'S FUN !!!

Below, a little corner carry loop : 

L-M-H > (fwd) jump > a.M - a.M > (land) L-M-H ...

Once in the corner, there is too much pushback on the air.M, so it won't make an infinite loop. 

As I'm writing this, I realize I didn't try this in the corner :  air. Med - air. Heavy > (land) L - M - H  …  [edit : tested and it doesn't work --> no problem]

The video :

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st.H has many advantage frames (on hit) and opens up for variety in combos and that's cool. But actually, it needs at least to keep its pushback even in the corner, or else we'll keep this infinite loop :

Also, below, another one with  st.L>cr.L 

I believe that the small slide on the st.L fills the pushback gap.

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Here, a small display bug that doesn't brake the game. It just makes the image flicker a bit, but gameplay-wise, it doesn't bother too much (it even gives free corner carry).

It happens if you dash forward right after her air-special (you still need to be airborne).

I've been maining her for awhile, I'm glad to see someone agrees with me.


Infinite abuse for me now

Yay, new infinite to abuse, lel