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Phil, could you please have a glance at Satoshi's fwd+Special attack pushback in the corner ? Actually, one can link it into st.Light or cr.Light, and then it allows a loop (L-M-H- fwd+Sp > L-M-H … ). Theorically it is an infinite, but it's quite tough to pull out consistently. Just a slice of corner pushback could seal the deal IMO.

Also I really like how Satoshi has many options when in the reach of his standing Special : nice reach on his slide cr.Med, instant airdash Heavy gives a quick overhead, and his 3 specials cover many opponents options.  Also I love that his standing Special can be canceled into a jump as soon as it hits the opponent. 

What I feel he could need is a consistent crossup attack. Maybe his jump Heavy could reach some pixels further behind his center axis ? 

Out of that, I enjoy playing with him, a solid neutral character IMO ! I just feel that his outfit could let you think he has a fancy fighting style. But actually, he excels in midscreen and neutral.

Huh, I thought I patched that out, but I guess it still works in the corner. Thanks for discovering the infinite! Satoshi was designed to be a mid-range beast with long, elaborate combos, but weak individual hits. I'm glad to hear this seems to be working out for you. I will most likely adjust his jump heavy in general.