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I might remake that visual novel someday.

I never expected this comment, but I appreciate it. The mystery shall remain unsolved, but it was my first attempt at making a spooky visual novel. I had an idea and afterwards, I didn't like it. I agree it could've been better, but I thought I shouldn't fix it because I didn't like it. Thank you for your comment. I never expected it, but I am glad you did.

No problem.


You're welcome.


Ah. I sticked to the circle movement because it seemed nicer than the other movements(wsad and mouse movement), but if you have other movement ideas you have, you can tell me. Also, thank you for liking the concept.


The game involves the paddle hitting the ball while avoiding obstacles. By hitting the ball, the score will increase until it reaches 20.


What's the title along with the link of that game?


Why I am recommending it: It is really fun to play and it is pretty unique. It deserves some plays and feedback. It also pretty challenging which is good. And I like PONG.


Nice. Dani time. 👍

I like PONG! 👍

Nice to meet ya Robbie 👍.

Hello, I am V or Ripper. I make games and the only published games I am proud of is Get the Pizza(on Unity Play only) and Altercast(my newly published game). I also make art and exist. It's nice to meet ya all.

I also recommend to find a way to make the player not go offscreen. It's not required though.

No problem!

Thanks! Are you able to beat it?

I like PONG!

It's a great game, but I got stuck.


About: Your goal is to kill the white Entity. Reasons are unclear, but you are willing to do whatever it takes to kill the Entity. You could either die from trying or succeed in your determination. 




How many endings are there

I have a problem where Pylons won't open, saying "This app can't run on your pc". How do I fix it?

Thank you Pylon man 👍

I love this game and I love pylon man.

I love it and the true ending made me cry.

Good job.

Nice game!👍

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A job survey for a store called 0.

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Oh, I shall upload a windows version 

Yes. Why?

I made this game as a demo. It's not full yet, but I really want people to review it. Maybe get a bit popular. I don't know. It's not good anyway.  I also thank you guys for trying to support me. I really glad to that you can view my game, even though it's short and might be boring.


You are Jon Sike. You are supposed to investigate the scene, but then something happened.............. 

Oh. I just got worried

I am gonna publish a visual novel, but it’s short. Should I publish it, even though you don’t recommend me to?