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I'm glad you enjoyed it, and love the music selection! More malls should be playing smooth jazz at all times. 

Hey J! I add community copies for full-priced sales, but you can get the sale price and I’ll add one on your behalf for being awesome and asking. Thanks! 

I just released the free Ho-Ho-Holiday Expansion for Mall Kids as a "thank you" to everyone who has supported Mall Kids this year. I am so thankful for everyone who has purchased, played, talked about, shouted out, streamed, and watched Mall Kids. Happy holidays!

Mall Kids: Ho-Ho-Holiday Expansion includes holiday-themed options for your malls, teens, and scenarios, along with new rules for playing Secret Santa and swapping out your dice for dreidels. All these options can be used in place of or in combination with all existing options. 

Thank you! There are a lot of folks in the indie TTRPG scene doing it that I learned it from. I think it's an amazing way to help those experiencing economic hardship enjoy games too. 

But seriously, what is your favorite internet food show. Have you ever thought about why you like it?

As an exercise, think about why this is your favorite show. Do you relate to the personalities on that show? Are they like you or how you wish you could be? Do you like the show because of the tone? Is the show confident in the information presented or is it silly and fun? Or both? Is the show more focused on the food or is the primary draw the people in it?

What helped me with my design is to think about why I liked the show and then tried to focus my design around emulating or highlighting these aspects. For example, in my game Who's Better Than Us?! I am focusing the design on the tension and interplay between an on-camera personality who does all the talking and an off-camera producer who can only can only control the outcome of the show through snippets of direction and judicious editing. After thinking about why I liked It's Alive with Brad, I was able to pinpoint that the relationship between these two people was the kernel at the center of what made it enjoyable for me. This helped focus my design, spending the most time on elements that contributed to this goal.

Hopefully this exercise can help you capture the essence of your favorite internet food shows and distill them into a playable experience.