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Thank you so much!!

Pop.  ;)

You're very welcome! I've spent a lot of time formatting these, figured I'd write it all down and share it.

Awesome, I'm glad you had fun with it! How did the story end??

Like I said, I missed some things converting this from the ashcan version (with stuff intentionally left blank) to the finished version. I don't have time to update it right now, but I will get to it when I can.

Haha, that it was left blank in the ashcan and I missed it when making the final version. I'll try to update it sometime soon. Feel free to make up your own in the meantime! 

More have been added! 

Came here to ask about this, thank you! Looking forward to digging in

I'm starting to rack up a number of sales I'm running or have run, some of which are short sales (holidays, launches, etc.) and some are bundles I run all the time. I would love a way to sort or filter this page to find the things I'm looking for. Here are a few examples:

  • A way to filter or hide sales & bundles that are active vs. not active
  • A way to show only sales or bundles
  • A way to sort by start and end date

I'd love to hear from other folks who run a lot of sales and bundles what you think about these feature ideas. Thanks! 

So, this section was a little more complex, given that you can change the values. There are 4 charts: the top two charts are damage dealt, with dice results on the left and chance on the right, and damage taken is on the bottom, also with raw numbers on the left and chance on the right. Not sure if you're viewing it on a smaller screen, but it should all be there. Have another look and let me know if that makes sense.

I would love to do an exchange of skill for folks if possible. I can offer proofreading (grammar, spelling, tone, etc.) and editing (rules, flow, etc.) as well as general design feedback. I would love to have some do a quick sketch of an idea I had for the cover of my game: a character dressed in a sort of science fantasy look (Star Wars or Dune meets wild west or something like that). A literal sketch is fine here. 

Alternatively, if you're an artist who can help me out here, I can just pay you for your time. Either way, let me know! 

Absolutely, happy to share my math addiction! 

I didn't see this sort of resource shared elsewhere (and this is how I process new dice systems) so I wanted to share my findings on the dice pool math for Caltrop Core. This sheet includes the basic resolution rules up to 5d4, as well as math for the example combat rolls found in the SRD (again up to 5d4). The combat tab also has a legend at the top that you can edit for damage dealt and taken for each result. The link below is for comment-only access, so if you want to play around with it, save a copy to your own drive (File > Make a copy). 

If you have any questions or feedback, or I screwed up the math, please let me know! Thanks! 

Caltrop Core Dice Math (Google Sheets)

Thank you for letting me know! Did you or the player have any ideas about what the shard of glass might show? I'd love to incorporate that into the background as a sort of thank you. 

Thank you so much, and especially for all your input and support! 

Thank you for the amazing review!!

This is SO good! I can definitely see using this in upcoming projects. Is there a way to export the sigils that I'm missing? Would love to get them as transparent background PNGs.

This one is real, real fun.

Done and done!

Are these submissions games, or are they resources for making digital games? 

The game sounds amazing and I'm really looking forward to reading it. Unfortunately I have no idea what a ".7z" file is or what to do with it. I assumed it was some kind of .zip file, but my computer is not giving me an option to extract the files. Can you help me? 

It's so many pages!!

Thank you so much! I'm really happy with how it turned out. These artists are amazing! 

Thank you, this is fixed now! 

Thanks for the heads up! Looks like I must have created the new zip file and then just not uploaded it. Should be good to go now!

Great update, thanks for sharing! As someone who wanted a longer play experience, I'm really excited to check out the modules and expanded tables. 

Glad it’s working out for you! 

Here we are, indeed!

Absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing this! 

Sounds good! How can I get them to you? If you want you can DM me on Twitter (@mrmatthew) or email me (

Thank you, I really appreciate that! While I was waiting—and due to an abundance of obsessive energy—I did a quick layout for B&W that can be printed booklet style. I have absolutely no intention of redistributing your work, but if you'd like me to share the files with you, I'd be happy to send them over for you to check out. 

The game looks amazing! Is there any chance I could get the full version PDF in black and white? I love the art and examples, but plan to print it on my B&W printer. Thank you!

I finished my first playthrough and put the report into a G Doc. I've included character creation, full entries, and also some feedback at the end. The short story is that I love this game and would like it to last longer, possibly through an alteration of the entry/total score mechanic. I also felt like the substitution choice during character creation didn't have a lot of impact on the story nor did it give me a feeling of any greater control or agency. Otherwise, I loved it! Looking forward to playing again and watching the game evolve. Good luck with the campaign! 

A Greeblin's Journey: Play Report #1

Wanted to collect some feedback from my initial read-through of the book:

  • The Greeblin creation options (pg. 6) are sparse at the moment. I'm assuming the plan is to create more as the game funds, but only having 3 options for each section feels light. I would also love to see 6 options in each section so I can just roll it and move on quickly. 
  • The Before Starting section (pg. 9) feels like it's in the same vein as the other Greeblin creation topics. I'd love to see a premade/rollable list of reasons to leave included too, especially in the spirit of quick character creation. 
  • For the game terms (mostly pg. 10), I was confused about "journal" and "chronicle". I thought "journal" was the whole thing I was writing, "chronicles" were large subsections, and then "sections" were the actual entries. I'm still not 100%, but I think "journal" and "chronicle" are interchangeable, or at least "journal" is used to describe the action of writing in the physical artifact that is the "chronicle". I also think calling them "entries" instead of "sections" would help, as "entry" feels more intuitive to me. I think of "sections" as parts of the rules I'm reading. 
  • I like the Passage of Time section (pg. 13), especially as I think of trying to randomize as much of my game as possible. I could see listing an optional 3rd six-sided die in the setup in case players wanted to roll all 3 for each entry: impetus, topic, and time.
  • In the Pond sections (pgs. 14 & 15), it says "Whenever an item from the [...] Die list is rolled, it is replaced by one picked by the player...". Is this supposed to say whenever an item is rolled "that the player doesn't like or doesn't want to interact with" then pick one of these? Or is this talking about if I roll a repeated entry that I should pick one from below? The former seems like it's connected to the safety info on page 3. The latter here seems like an interesting way to keep things fresh throughout my chronicle. 

I don't think I'm confused by the rules, or at the very least I feel like I can play some version of this game successfully. I'll be doing my actual playthrough later today; parental duties are calling me at the moment. Very much looking forward to meeting my first Greeblin! 

Great, thank you! Looking forward to my first play-through this weekend. 

Just printed out the booklet and looking forward to starting my Greeblin's journey! I saw the word "playtest" a couple times, but didn't see any specific calls for feedback. What types of feedback (if any) are you looking for from players at this stage and where can I provide it to you? Thanks!

Check again! ;)

I was a bit confused why this was a jam. Wouldn't a Collection be a better place to collect a list of games rather than a jam, which is typically used for creating new content during the run?

Loving this little book, and really appreciate the addition of the Cavern of the Worm, especially the teeny map.