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Great update, thanks for sharing! As someone who wanted a longer play experience, I'm really excited to check out the modules and expanded tables. 

Glad it’s working out for you! 

Here we are, indeed!

Absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing this! 

Sounds good! How can I get them to you? If you want you can DM me on Twitter (@mrmatthew) or email me (

Thank you, I really appreciate that! While I was waiting—and due to an abundance of obsessive energy—I did a quick layout for B&W that can be printed booklet style. I have absolutely no intention of redistributing your work, but if you'd like me to share the files with you, I'd be happy to send them over for you to check out. 

The game looks amazing! Is there any chance I could get the full version PDF in black and white? I love the art and examples, but plan to print it on my B&W printer. Thank you!

I finished my first playthrough and put the report into a G Doc. I've included character creation, full entries, and also some feedback at the end. The short story is that I love this game and would like it to last longer, possibly through an alteration of the entry/total score mechanic. I also felt like the substitution choice during character creation didn't have a lot of impact on the story nor did it give me a feeling of any greater control or agency. Otherwise, I loved it! Looking forward to playing again and watching the game evolve. Good luck with the campaign! 

A Greeblin's Journey: Play Report #1

Wanted to collect some feedback from my initial read-through of the book:

  • The Greeblin creation options (pg. 6) are sparse at the moment. I'm assuming the plan is to create more as the game funds, but only having 3 options for each section feels light. I would also love to see 6 options in each section so I can just roll it and move on quickly. 
  • The Before Starting section (pg. 9) feels like it's in the same vein as the other Greeblin creation topics. I'd love to see a premade/rollable list of reasons to leave included too, especially in the spirit of quick character creation. 
  • For the game terms (mostly pg. 10), I was confused about "journal" and "chronicle". I thought "journal" was the whole thing I was writing, "chronicles" were large subsections, and then "sections" were the actual entries. I'm still not 100%, but I think "journal" and "chronicle" are interchangeable, or at least "journal" is used to describe the action of writing in the physical artifact that is the "chronicle". I also think calling them "entries" instead of "sections" would help, as "entry" feels more intuitive to me. I think of "sections" as parts of the rules I'm reading. 
  • I like the Passage of Time section (pg. 13), especially as I think of trying to randomize as much of my game as possible. I could see listing an optional 3rd six-sided die in the setup in case players wanted to roll all 3 for each entry: impetus, topic, and time.
  • In the Pond sections (pgs. 14 & 15), it says "Whenever an item from the [...] Die list is rolled, it is replaced by one picked by the player...". Is this supposed to say whenever an item is rolled "that the player doesn't like or doesn't want to interact with" then pick one of these? Or is this talking about if I roll a repeated entry that I should pick one from below? The former seems like it's connected to the safety info on page 3. The latter here seems like an interesting way to keep things fresh throughout my chronicle. 

I don't think I'm confused by the rules, or at the very least I feel like I can play some version of this game successfully. I'll be doing my actual playthrough later today; parental duties are calling me at the moment. Very much looking forward to meeting my first Greeblin! 

Great, thank you! Looking forward to my first play-through this weekend. 

Just printed out the booklet and looking forward to starting my Greeblin's journey! I saw the word "playtest" a couple times, but didn't see any specific calls for feedback. What types of feedback (if any) are you looking for from players at this stage and where can I provide it to you? Thanks!

Check again! ;)

I was a bit confused why this was a jam. Wouldn't a Collection be a better place to collect a list of games rather than a jam, which is typically used for creating new content during the run?

Loving this little book, and really appreciate the addition of the Cavern of the Worm, especially the teeny map. 

There are now!

Not sure if you wanted resources to be actually submitted to the jam, but I just put out some isometric sketchbooks (w/ single page assets) that might be useful to zine creators. Would be happy to submit them to the jam, otherwise folks can go check them out on my page (PWYW). 

Is this jam limited to games where you play as the dinosaur, or does it also include playing with dinosaurs? 

Are previously made games eligible for submission?


I was also thinking of having one game that had multiple zines involved. 

Love this method, but I'm confused as I only see an 8-page version. Is there a page/file I'm missing?

What a great game! It's concise and beautiful to look at, but packs a LOT of content, including some very cool mechanic interactions between stats, resolution, and statuses. Well done, Kazumi!

Glad to help!

I was curious where I could get physical bookmarks printed, in case I wanted to share my bookmarks with people or mail them out. I found a few sites that offer that service and they don't seem completely unreasonable for the type of quality printing they're advertising. Thought I'd share these with the jam in case anyone else was curious.

  • UPrinting - 100 bookmarks, 2.5" x 8.5", 16 pt. matte cardstock (many options), front and back color, $39.74 + S&H
  • PrintRunner - 100 bookmarks, 2.5" x 8.5", 16 pt. matte cardstock (many options), color front, B&W back, $49.49 + S&H
  • VistaPrint - 100 bookmarks, 2" x 6", 16pt. UV gloss cardstock, front and back color, $35.00 (sale) + S&H

Hi! i just added a few more community copies. Thanks!

Hey all! Getting to this thread a bit late for it, but I'm just putting out my Mars-based W&A game today. I have a few other random ideas kicking around, but nothing has sprung up as "a project" yet. The only thing I had put any thought into was creating a game for both the Wretched Jam as well as the Fucked Up Guy Jam. Not sure what that looks like yet, but I feel like the two jams go hand-in-hand. 

Hi there! I'm new to W&A games, so I apologize if this was discussed elsewhere, but I wanted to clarify this tool. I'm assuming each roll/store is a stand-in for a block pull, is that correct? 

I also wanted to ask why the roll & store were separate buttons. Would you ever roll and not store? I know I would appreciate the tool a lot more if it was a single button press.

Also, I feel like the reset button should have a confirmation prompt so you don't accidentally reset.

Thanks for sharing this! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Have you ever had the desire to write your initials in wet cement? Sure, never done it though.
You ever gone mountain biking?
Not on a real mountain, but some off-road, backwoods stuff.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
What's the right tip?
10-20% depending on what service.
Have you called a plumber to your home lately?
Not lately, but I should...
How superstitious are you?
A little. I knock on wood and try not to jinx myself.
How much money would it take to make you spend a night in a cemetery?
Not a lot, honestly.
Would you display this as a trophy?
Do you have a pet?
Do you have a sweet tooth?
God yes. 
Do you believe in the power of a curse?
I could be convinced of one, yes.
Have you had your hearing tested lately?
Planning a trip soon?
Not any more...
Can you remember the tallest man you've ever seen?
I... can't. It's like my brain doesn't want to conjure up his image. I see his shape, his walk, even the edges of his clothing, but my mind's eye won't focus on him. My gaze dances off of him like I'm staring at the sun. Like he is dangerous. I'm scared he might be looking at me. 
Do you love to go a wanderin' beneanth the clear blue sky?
Have you noticed what big stars real estate agents have become?
Yeah, big market around here.
Are you careful with your personal records?
Does your computer ever seem to have a mind of its own?
Have you ever visited a Chinatown section of a major city?
Have you ever visited a flea market?
Heck yes.
Have you ever visited a truck stop?
Have you ever had a job as a waiter?
Have you noticed how many successful restaurants are theme based these days?
Not until just now, no. 

Anyone else started on their game yet? I spent 2 hours on it today and I'm actually loving it as a game. So far I have a cosmic struggle between unseen entities on a horrific scale where the players are agents of these entities angling to sway earth and its people to their cause. I'm using a Belonging Outside Belonging framework with 4 character roles (The Experience, The Mundane, The Weird, and The Curious) and 4 setting elements (Beyond, Belief, Fact, and Fiction). In place of moves are the questions from the Frakes videos. These are the only method the Agents have for interacting with humans. 

This game is going to be wild. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and love the music selection! More malls should be playing smooth jazz at all times. 

Hey J! I add community copies for full-priced sales, but you can get the sale price and I’ll add one on your behalf for being awesome and asking. Thanks! 

I just released the free Ho-Ho-Holiday Expansion for Mall Kids as a "thank you" to everyone who has supported Mall Kids this year. I am so thankful for everyone who has purchased, played, talked about, shouted out, streamed, and watched Mall Kids. Happy holidays!

Mall Kids: Ho-Ho-Holiday Expansion includes holiday-themed options for your malls, teens, and scenarios, along with new rules for playing Secret Santa and swapping out your dice for dreidels. All these options can be used in place of or in combination with all existing options. 

Thank you! There are a lot of folks in the indie TTRPG scene doing it that I learned it from. I think it's an amazing way to help those experiencing economic hardship enjoy games too. 

But seriously, what is your favorite internet food show. Have you ever thought about why you like it?

As an exercise, think about why this is your favorite show. Do you relate to the personalities on that show? Are they like you or how you wish you could be? Do you like the show because of the tone? Is the show confident in the information presented or is it silly and fun? Or both? Is the show more focused on the food or is the primary draw the people in it?

What helped me with my design is to think about why I liked the show and then tried to focus my design around emulating or highlighting these aspects. For example, in my game Who's Better Than Us?! I am focusing the design on the tension and interplay between an on-camera personality who does all the talking and an off-camera producer who can only can only control the outcome of the show through snippets of direction and judicious editing. After thinking about why I liked It's Alive with Brad, I was able to pinpoint that the relationship between these two people was the kernel at the center of what made it enjoyable for me. This helped focus my design, spending the most time on elements that contributed to this goal.

Hopefully this exercise can help you capture the essence of your favorite internet food shows and distill them into a playable experience.