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Hi! Glad you enjoyed the game 😊

You can reach me at:

Thanks for the feedback, and glad you enjoyed it! I'll make sure to easy up the attack rate and accuracy of the boss. I defintely got carried away with the second phase ramp-up😅 

Hi, you're free to use whatever you like to make your game 🙂

Just make sure there is a working web build if you want to see your game played live during the game jam stream.

Yay I beat it! The checkpoints help so much, thanks for adding them! 😄
Really impressive for a first game jam! Looking forward to seeing what you making i future

Hey, don't forget to add a web build if you want Curdle to play your entry on stream. Thanks for submitting! 😊

Hey, this game looks cool and I love the interpretation of the theme!

Please note that Curdle needs a web build in order to play on stream, so add one if you can ☺

I'll be sure to check out your game in a bit even if you can't.

No worries, and sorry the game didn't compile in time.

I'll be sure to check out your game when it's ready 😊

Hi Stickmaniart, you are free to make whatever you like as long as it follows the main theme 'Cutting Loose' by some interpretation. The optional theme challenge is there to encourage people to think outside of the box, but it's not compulsary. If you have an idea that will make for a better game, go for it 😄

Looking forward to playing your entry!

Also love the little Curdle chicken XD

This is great! I really love the sprite work and animations.

I'd recommend adding a mouse cursor (or keeping the default mouse pointer which seems to be hidden) as it's hard to tell where I'm aiming. And as I have multiple monitors, in full screen mode it's easy to accidentally move the mouse off the game entirely without realising and start clicking stuff on my other screens.

Fantastic jam entry though! Keep making more games :D

Top-notch! Very fun to speedrun :D

Really great game! I love all the crossfading and layering effects you did with the music :D

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing what you make :)

Nice game! It was fun :D

Amazing, loved it XD

Hi, please make and submit a web build if you want Curdle to play the game on stream. Thanks!

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To use the bounce platforms you just hold jump/dive (so no timing involved). They use your downward momentum to bounce you up, so a bigger jump = a bigger bounce.

I Appreciate the feedback! I should add more text hints to explain it better in-game

Thanks a lot! We worked really hard on it. Glad you enjoyed! Let me know your best score, or if it was too hard to beat :)

Post Doc:!AksePr6s8eZokc4pJfx1i-0vIeXp5w?e=V2TijJ

Prelimenary Doc:!AksePr6s8eZokc4mlbw3CyAdcUXEug?e=YNwx14

Thanks a lot, it helps motivate me knowing people enjoy my games. I always have so much more to learn, but really enjoyed making this jam game.

Thankyou so much! Really glad you enjoyed and I appreciate the kind words :)

Fantastic game, I loved all aspects of it! The gameplay is smooth and intense, the visual effects for the rain and blood are great, and I love the sound effects. It feels great every time you pull off the parry.

Only thing I can think to suggest is to consider having the first enemy be easier to parry to help teach the mechanic. I think the visual language is perfect and easy to pick up, but I imagine some players might have trouble at first if they're not used to games like this, so a more forgiving window to parry the first enemy could help introduce how parrying is supposed to feel.

Not that the game needs it, I'm just reaching for anything to suggest. Great job!

Thankyou for your comment. Glad you enjoyed! :)

Fantastic presentation. You guys really nailed the atmosphere for a horror game!

I love the art! The combination of puzzle and action is really neat, had a lot of fun playing through all the levels

Nice game, and impressive as always! Especially for a solo game.
I love the enemy pixel art and the effects like camera shake.

I second what Stoff said, frantically clicking the mouse gets tiring pretty quickly considering how many enemies spawn in. Also there was no way to recover health (that I could find), although perhaps adding some warning/indication enemies are about to shoot could offset this, as my poor attempts at dodging felt down to luck XD

Fantastic presentation though!

Great time! Would love to see more people post their times :D

The level aesthetics and enemy variety are really awesome. And the use of different camera angles and styles is cool. This game really challenged me, and was really satisfying to beat! I enjoyed the change in music in different sections.

I found the camera during the boss fight to be completely broken though, which became frustrating and made it hard to really appreciate the cool attack patterns. To be specific, it kept zooming right in so I couldn't see anything (I think it was clipping on walls and the boss itself?)  I'm also not sure if I made it to the very end? I got to the room after the boss, and the text which ended in 3..2..1.. implying something would happen, but I waited several minutes and pressed every button, so assumed that was how it ended.

Cool game though! I'd recommend significantly toning down the difficulty in future jams (or adding an easy mode at least). I really enjoyed the challenge, but people of a wide variety of skill levels like to participate in jams, and it'll be hard to get a lot of people to play and appreciate your entries if they can't progress far. 

Superb game, especially for a solo entry!

Great interpretation of the theme! And interesting combination of vehicle handling and fuel use strategy. I wasn't able to beat the 3rd level, and based on the giant arrow spinning around erratically and then disappearing, I figure the ambulance rolled away out of the world or something?

Feedback for improvement. The engine audio is really cool. You could improve it further by shifting the pitch as the car accelerates. The car also topples over seemingly at random (could just be because it's hard to see the terrain sometimes). The terrain visuals are also identical between the 3 levels I played. You could explore hue-shifting the colours somewhat to add a bit of variety (either the terrain, or the sky, or both), would make it look super pretty! I love the minimalistic art style though.

Vehicle physics are super hard to get right, so I'm super impressed with this entry! Great work :)

I'm a little confused with this one - perhaps I missed something in the tutorial as it cut off the edge of the screen (my screen is 1200p so I think there is an aspect ratio issue).

The assets are really nicely implemented though, a very cool concept! A creative way to go about bomb defusal, however I can't figure out how to make turns without the car completely stalling and losing all speed. Also the Bomb interface is very tricky to navigate. I think if you placed the UI to the side, and used mouse input on it, one could multitask the driving and bomb defusal. It's currently very hard to see what UI elements are selected.

A really neat jam game though! Would love to play again if you decide to expand on the idea.

This is a masterpiece for sure XD

I really had no idea what was going on, or if I was even progressing at first. But man, what a wild ride! The very end made me actually laugh out loud with it's sudden reference to the theme XD

Only feedback for improvement I can give is to implement audio. I Suppose some indication of whatever sinister stuff is going on, based on the other comments I think most people gave up before discovering the actual game under the surface.

20/20 (excluding audio rating)

Nooo! Why didn't I get paid? XD

I really love the music and level design in this game. Pushing the ores around is fun, and frustrating in just the right way. Feels like you put a lot of thought into the level layouts to push the player to be creative with navigating the ores around.

Feedback for improvement: There is possibly some export issue with the game not going fullscreen correctly? Didn't impact my enjoyment though. Only thing I can really think of is adding more levels, although I think the current length is already perfect for a jam game.

Really enjoyed the style and humour, great job!

This is a really interesting use of perspective and movement! Would definitely love to see it expanded on with collision and different levels, as it would make for a cool puzzle game.

Feedback for improvement: Excluding the obvious, like adding collision and more levels (which would be really cool), I think the controls are pretty unintuitive. That's not necessarily a bad thing though, as  could be a part of the game if the levels are designed around teaching and expanding on the controls. Perhaps having some automation on the camera, to follow the player would smooth out the gameplay a bit.

Really cool demo though!

I love all the attack animations and varieties. The Level has a nice open space to explore, and the audio compliments everything very nicely. A nice variety in enemy AI too!

Feedback for improvement: I Think the biggest improvement would be to implement feedback on dealing and taking damage. It's hard to tell exactly when I'm being hit and when I'm landing hits on the enemies. Something as simple as having characters flash red or white or some damage particle effect, combined with an audio cue can be enough to do an effective job.

Great entry though! I enjoyed smashing up the enemy robots, and a lot of fun to self-destruct at the end XD

Godot's RichTextLabels support BBCode with a few built in effects:

Really good implementation of enemy AI! The level variety and addition of power ups is awesome too.

Feedback for improvement: The level variety is really neat, but visually all look very similar. I think doing some simple palette swaps for the terrain on later levels could make it feel more varied and add a better sense of progress without too much work. There are also some visual issues, such as the player health overlapping the level (and where you start quite often) as well as the timers on the bombs being very hard to see (I didn't even notice they had timers until around level 9). Fixing the collision issues sliding along the level walls would really make it feel a lot more polished too.

All in all, a really cool game though. Had a blast playing it! XD

A very intense and well put together game! The music and sfx are very well suited to the gameplay also. You really feel the damage being taken which is awesome.

Feedback for improvement: The pixel art is nice, although the walls and floor are the same colour, so could be slightly improved by shifting the colours to contrast them a little better. I like the tactical element between moving and shooting, although I think the gameplay could also be improved by allowing the player to move slowly while shooting.

This is a really great entry, and all the more impressive for being a solo one, and your first! Great job :D

The movement feels so good! I really love the hue shifts in the scenery as you explore, it kept my attention perfectly without even having any obstacles or collectables! The music gives it a lovely chill vibe too. Very enjoyable :)

Feedback for improvement: Obstacles or collectables could be added to expand on the gameplay. Either enemies/hazards to dodge, or doors opened by a switch/key. Nothing fancy really as it's already a joy to movement around, so it just needs a means to utilise deliberate movement more. Perhaps even hidden pizza toppings to collect for true ending :D

Great job!

Thanks for bringing the browser issue to my attention! Not had issues with Godot export before so didn't even check Firefox this time around. Will definitely look into this.