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the last 3 seconds before you hit the groung is so scary lol you just gotta wait and see if  his head is going to blow up, nice job!

the look and feel of the game is so inviting with satisfying sounds, tho i couldn't figure out the first puzzle, it's a bit tricky lol

Really nice art and vibes! i wonder how to achieve this kind of scene transition? also i didn't need a key to finish the puzzle hehe, what i did is i clicked on the random object on the top of scene where there is the hut, and then switched to the middle scene and dragged down a couple of times lol 

Thanks a bunch for taking time to play the game, i didn't know this information,  lesson learned 😉

How to change the keyboard controls from wasd to something else please? I don't have a qwerty keyboard and i'm really confused. it would be great if you add a settings for this :)

Of course! I'm in. you're welcome :)

Nice puzzle man! that was really innovative. good job

That was really cool man! good job. the art, animation and controls are just perfect, i just feel like the game should start with few enemies at a time to make the player more comfortable at the beginning. What i like most about it is the way of collecting lives, very innovative.

The game is really fun, I had to put like dozens of turrets to kill those mice xd controls are good and i love the thrill, you should work on the game balace tho. good job

The game is really fun! I didn't think that it would be hard to solve the puzzles but some really took me some time! that was inspiring as well since i'm planning to make my first 3d game. So here's what i think you should fix or improve, maybe you already know  about this but anyways :

- The play and reset button should be really just one button which is Space, like when you press space the level just resets but you have to press twice to reset and play.

- I think you should point arrows to what you want to explain with hints, idk it was a LITTLE bit confusing.

- Now this one is really important , I was so confused! idk why there are three slots to put the desired arrow, i was trying all of the three to see what's the difference, i'm  sure they are made for advanced levels but I think it should be just one at the beginning. 

- There's this little bug of engine sound when you press Space.

- Another bug is  when I let the car reach the edge before actually turning the tile, when it reaches the edge it stops, then when i turn the tile it just stay still.

-When you hover over a tile, all green slots show up which make it hard to see.

-The game is Isometric which really  makes it hard to choose which arrow to use to turn the tile left or right lol i'm sure you know what i'm talking about.

It was really inspiring, looking forward to see how it turns up. also i loved the UI and winning feedback ;)

Really fun little game! it's a lot similiar to my first game as well, you can check it out in my page ( Space Blasts). I used the same assets and I admit, yours is more fun than mine ! nice work. What you can change maybe the resolution of the game, i hade to Ctrl- it first, and definitely give more health, now the game ends really fast since the difficulty increases fast. So maybe more green pills will do it. nice work

Hello everyone , so I participated lately in a game jam that was hosted by some cool guys in a Discord server, it was a three days jam and theme was one of these two (Shelter, the more the less) so i've come up with this little game that I'm still working on it, you can check it out on browser or just download it for window here : . it's basically a City Builder game but i'm not sure what's missing, a lot of people said that it was a bit boring to wait when building the houses so i added that button to generete some money and the player should keep clicking on it, wha you guys think? any ideas are really appreaciated ! thank you so much

Hello everyone , so I participated lately in a game jam that was hosted by some cool guys in a Discord server, it was a three days jam and theme was one of these two (Shelter, the more the less) so i've come up with this little gamethat you can play onn browser or just download it for window, it's a fun game not gonna lie :D can't wait to see your feedback ! thank you so muck. PLAY here :

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Yeah haha, it's not really a bug, it would be nice to have some company huh ( also it's more more fun now..)

Man that's so cool! really nice work

Nice job! It was really fun trying to beat my time every attempt, with a cool character and visuals. Took me while to find out about the double jump lol, but then just  kept playing it. good work :D

That was a really cool puzzle game! even if there was no clue what to do I felt like moving and discovering new places and when came across the first puzzle i just couldn't stop until i solve everything, really nice job. the rain is so relaxing and I got inspired by it and did the same thing for my game lol.

Unfortunately I couldn't climb again when descended here:

So glad you liked it ! well it's a city builder with drag and drop mechanics :)

Thank you so much for playing @beskor. Man I don't know about that, I checked it and there is no issues! are you sure about 6.5gb ? and did you do something extraoridinary in the game lol ? thanks

It was really fun playing your game! I like the building process, the nature sounds ae so relaxing and it was cool seeing my city grow

That was really fun, I couldn't pass the third level to be honest but had a lot of fun since there are some tricks that you can do to reach the final point, so not all the players will do the same thing, sometimes i just run and try to avoid the arrows but some should be blocked by a shield. nice work, also the music is dope.

What I recommend is to set the objects' layers based on the Y axis, it's very helpful, go to Edit>project Settings>Graphics.

Thank you so much 😀 😀

Thank you thank you 😀

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Good game! I love the art and menu is cool, reminds me of "Watch your steps" did you lake it? 

Oh i see, thanks for your feedback :) 

Thank you so much! I've already played yours and really loved it. 

Thank you so much 😀 your game is also cool🎮 

Thanks a lot :) i loved yours too.

Unfortunately it didn't work for me. but looks interesting from the screenshots, better luck next time!

That's unfortunate, the game is not available to play! better luck next time :)

Yeah it becomes a bit hard :3 but i'll work on it! i love your submission too .

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Really amazing game! cute lol with good controls, i got used to it after two attempts, the only thing i would suggest you to change is when i'm when aiming the slime to throw it, sometimes there is like a delai! the slime won't jump until the aiming line gets to its place, which can be annoying sometimes to players! nevetheless i like the concept and i wish you continue working on it after the rating period. it's cool :) good work.

ps : 5stars on Music.

oh that is pretty HARD lol

I did well playing this game :D reminds me a lot of Celeste !  yeah i died a lot ( three digits number :3) but the more you play it the more you get used to it. really well polished and easy to controle. good job, thanks for posting!

That is pretty fun !  i played for a long time but was puzzled a bit on how to uprade to the next level, kept playing then reached level 2 lol  it takes too long ! i suggest you decrease the amount of time to upgrade. and maybe some new sound effects when eating :)  this is my score : 

I really loved this game! when i got the portal ability, it was a bit vague how to use it to climb! when i used it, my jump became higher for some reason. I like the animations and sound effects are awesome kinda robotic, the music switch is cool. i faced one bug, i got stuck like this :

when i tried to open the portal a bit down the platformer. really cool game tho ! good job :)

Very addicting game! Even though the jumping process isn't that polished but always wanted to play again. Maybe you should show the character behind walls too, and as you've seen in the stream there are some unnecessary things like taking some gems. Nice work thou. 

Thank you so much! Playing yours next :) 

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Starts in 5mins..

Hey,  I'm going to stream your game now if you want to watch, and of course if you're okay with that !