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I work with more ambient, experimental, field recordings and accousmatic sound. I would love to join a team of people working on something interesting and a little weird. I know you are out there.


Okay. I've just spent all morning falling into your world website. What is your email? It would be a joy to work with you

Please feel free to get in touch

HI there,

I'm looking to collaborate on some interesting, experimental and weird games. Think early PS1/Macintosh/Dreamcast kind of games. My portfolio is a little slim right now but I'm hoping to jump on board some projects and expand a little.

Here is my soundcloud link

Please feel free to get in touch,


Done :)

Ah thank you for pointing that out. I've had to readjust a few things but it will be back up and running any moment now

What's the offensive theme?

Thank you!

It was fun to make the music

These enviroments are wicked

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Hello from England (to establish time zone),

I'm looking to partner up with someone for this game jam. I've just taken part in my first game jam which was a lot of fun and so it only feels natural to keep going. 

Here's a link so some of my more acidic and dreamidic (?) composition work

And some of my other projects and collaborations here

LSD Dream Emulator, along with many other PS1 and Dreamcast games, still hold a dear place in my heart and it would be a pleasure to contribute to this event. 

Please feel free to get in touch


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Hi there,

Myself (composer and sound designer) and programmer Rattley Cooper are looking for a pixel artist to join our team for the upcoming Spooktober Jam.  Submissions for the jam start in 3 days (October 24th and ends on 31st October) which only gives us a short window to get some ideas together.  Rattley uses Nim Lang and Nico game engine. If you are interested please let me know so we can link up on Discord. 

Obviously given the time frame we are not expecting incredible detail and scope but we do believe that something simple can be very effective.


Your drawings are so cool!

Hi there

As the title suggest I am a musician and sound designer (with my own little studio). I build my own instruments and noise objects, produce and mix, collect field recordings and compose arrangements.

I would love to help or join in on a game jam as I have been recommended to do so a few times now.

My interests are in horror and anything strange or experimental or something with a lot of atmosphere and texture (which covers a wide scope I think)

My Youtube channel

Please feel free to get in touch! Cam