This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-10-24 18:30:00 to 2021-10-31 19:30:00. View results

Spooktober Jam 2021



It's spooky month. Spooky month means... spooky jam! This Spooktober, join us in making a Halloween themed game! The theme will be announced on the 24th October, and last a week in time for Halloween. Don't miss it!

This 7 day long jam requires you to make a Halloween themed game, with an added theme, announced on the 24th!


After the jam ends, you guys can play the other games, and rate them based on gameplaygraphicsaudio, how well the game follows the theme, and how good it is overall


📚 Premade assets are allowed and credit the creator if you found assets online. Make sure most of the game is still made in the jam.

📅 You have one week to finish your games from the 24th right up till Halloween. You don't have to use all the time given!

😱 The games can be any genre, NOT just horror. We want to see different kinds of games, be creative!

💝 The jam can be solo or done in a team. If you're working as a team, one person submits. Make sure they credit their teammates!

🔞 Avoid NSFW content, if your game has anything disturbing, or 18+, put a warning at the start.


The Winner of the Jam will get a SPECIAL ROLE on our Discord Server, as well as being able to plug an account that you want to get recognition in our jam winners channel!


Remember, the game can be anything from puzzle to bullet hell, and it doesn't have to be horror. If you want to participate with others, and get progress updates from other creators while sharing your own:

 join our discord server


These Youtubers, Streamers and Creators will be streaming/uploading some spooky content for you all to enjoy! If you want to apply to become a Featured Content Creator, then just sign up with this link:

Kale [YouTube] : Playing and Rating games when the Jam is over + Creating a Devlog for their Game

Kingjaw Dev [YouTube]: Creating a Devlog for their game

- Coozy [YouTube]: Creating a Devlog for their game

- Damakuno [Twitch]: Streaming Game Development during the Jam

- Meep [YouTube]: Streaming Game Jam Development and Progress, as well as making a Devlog for the Jam Game

NinjaPig [YouTube]: Streaming Game Dev and Creating a Devlog for the Jam Game

- Welldone the Dev [YouTube]: Creating a Devlog for the Jam Game

- fredyDev [YouTube]: Creating a Devlog for the Jam Game

- Terranbyte [YouTube]: Creating a Devlog for the Jam Game

- Mycah [Twitch]: Streaming Game Dev and Playing and Rating games after the Jam Ends

- ivanvids [YouTube]: Playing and Rating games once the Jams ended and creating a devlog

- Tufayl [YouTube]: Creating a Devlog on the Game Jam Game

- z3z0m [Twitch]: Playing/Rating Games once the Jam has Ended as well as Streaming Game Development during the Game Jam

- ChronoTheDev [YouTube]: Creating a Devlog on the Game Jam Game

- Explodz [Twitch]: Streaming Game Development during the Game Jam

- drfox80 [Twitch]:

- Wallnutscouty [YouTube]:

- Underdog [YouTube]:

- Arcadiac [YouTube]:

- Varundevstuff [YouTube]:

- VinDAY [YouTube]:

- Wow Games [YouTube]:

- oLefipe [Twitch]:

- Luker [YouTube]:

- Lunactic [Twitch]:

DevFireGrasp [YouTube]:

- Fadrik [YouTube]:

- ShinyJustyZ [YouTube]:

- PhilDev [YouTube]:

I highly recommend you check all of these cool people out!