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Super well polished for a game jam game, looking forward to see if this gets expanded upon. Occasionally a mob would get stuck somewhere I couldn't see them at all, this was honestly the only nitpicky part besides there being no abilities (for obvious reasons) but seriously up there in terms of game jam.

Just want to feel more control over my bird, the camera movement is disorienting but otherwise actually fun.

It's a fun little silly game, glad you could change the controls automatic inverted was very weird for me. Would be really cool as an endless runner idea!

I loved the music and the gameplay was shockingly smooth. Great game!

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I really want to enjoy playing this, but it is way too hard. Way too many ways to die, it should be the only way to die is to be caught by the snake. There needs to be more ways to dodge the thing because if you get cornered there's literally nothing you can do.

I think it'd be much more satisfying to be able to click on the blocks and move them one space aka "throwing". All the same things could be there but the player would get more freedom, as it can be hard to navigate with the current keybinds.

This is really good! No notes.

Game just gets too hard, the other two troops don't unlock and there wasn't any way to upgrade my troops. Might consider giving some time in between rounds so that troops can catch up. Really isn't anyway to progress even if you spam them.

Everything about this game is freaking awesome, super fun idea. No way I'm gonna remember those colors though. Also left click would be nice to use and scroll wheel for changing weapons.

The gameplay in this is great, the cutting is not good. Very hard to manage and it's like frame perfect to the point where it's just frustrating. Super cool game though nice job!

Well the game is definitely a player using a grappling gun. Needs like any gameplay really something. Unfortunately, once I got to the cave and it got dark I'm like what do I do with this grappling gun I can't even see what I'm shooting at. Great beginning to a game though, there is a concept/idea to build from.

This is great, at some point it gets impossible. Would be cool if there was a shield system

The combo system should align a little more with the music in such that if you are making combo you should continue to play the song but it's more vibrant. The current sound that comes out just plays a little longer before the next note needs to be hit which made it very hard to stay on beat, I basically had to mute the sound in order to get it.

I can see the potential here, but the game really does not work. No clear direction, you can't see when your dragging your mouse. The rats walk over everything, the AI doesn't seem bothered by you. The game would be great but it seems the bugs outweigh the gameplay here. Fix the bugs :)

I'm not sure, but it feels like it's full RNG, it'd be nice to increase your chances at least slightly if you take 4 of your troops against 1 of theirs. Super fun, though, just lowkey tedious. Hoping for more strategy, different troops etc if game is further developed.

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Once I picked my pack leader it didn't let me click Start :(

Game is a little difficult, there isn't much to know what is exactly too much garbage. Maybe a bar or some type of indicator other than graying out. The pickup system is funky it doesn't totally react with the cone how I would expect. However, I really love this concept and idea.

This game is super fun, I'd play with the UI a little bit but it works. One TINY suggestion would feel more satisfying if it saved the last robot you selected. Trying to run the code without a robot selected just feels dissatisfying.

Fun game honestly, definitely giving Buckshot Roulette, I'm not sure if I'm in love with the way the card game is played exactly. But I LOVED watching the fire progress as you kept playing. I only won because my AI opponent didn't use any items. Also when you get the crowbar, you can just take all the crowbars from your opponent and then still take another item.

The art is awesome, the water animations need work. Additionally would be cool if you could aim anything. The 4 spinning objects are very distracting and only make it difficult to play. Once you get it down though the game loop is fun.

I love the mapping, and the assets. I think the goo or whatever might need to be retextured, and obviously the animation. I think it'd be really cool to see it progress as well, maybe even if you got to see the eyes spawn when you entered the room.

Fun concept, but completely unplayable for me personally. Text went out of screen, model is t-posing and non-reactive. Could not "Refill Fire" or click or do anything.